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  1. MadYeAd

    A Final Farewell

    “Mighty unfortunate” – Aewion murmured to himself as he shed a single tear.
  2. MadYeAd

    AMA but every time someone asks a question I answer it

    Do you have a boyfriend?
  3. MadYeAd

    Recommended Skin Editing Program(s)?

    What the person above me said. It’s quite a handy tool for new people who’d like to start skinning.
  4. MadYeAd

    Render shop! Trading processing power for minas

    how much would that cost?
  5. MadYeAd

    Render shop! Trading processing power for minas

    1920x1080? No?
  6. MadYeAd


    REE, how did I miss this???
  7. He changed his profile picture, big fat -1 jk, lovely guy all and that jazz +1
  8. MadYeAd

    The Big Dogs are Back

    Low Res pictures, smh
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    -= Sangmar Mercenary Company. =-

    Minecraft name: MadYeAd Discord: MadYeAd#6091 RP: Name: Alne Race: Humans Subrace: Heartlander Age: 20? Faith: None
  10. MadYeAd

    Farewell lotc my goodbye

  11. MadYeAd

    Interest check - LoTC History Podcast

    Sounds like a fun idea. +1
  12. Minecraft Name MadYeAd Discord MadYeAd#6091 What can you bring to the World Dev Team that is Unique? I enjoy doing a lot of terraforming, both big and small while making it as realistic as possible, though sometimes I do take my liberty to create something entirely different with the help of fauna such as trees, mushroom etc. I’ve had some level of experience when it comes to making organics, dragons(my favorites) and animals. What do you think the most important decisions are when it comes to designing a world? When making a new world it’s important to think behind the logic of for an example, how the trees came to grow over there. How the river will flow down from the mountain and eventually downstream to the ocean. But also give it a meaning behind the world you’ve created, was this place previously abandoned? Should it have ruins that reflect the people who once lived here? Some questions simpler than others. When working on smaller projects such as a village, a cave or a ruin; what is your aim? For a smaller build like a village or a cavern within a mountain, it might be harder to give it a story, give it some life. A place within the world, something it should be told with just the eyes. The story doesn’t always come in the form of text but how time, age, people, even natural phenomenon have effected this build and eventually build up a story. Questions that might arise, how did it form, why did the people decide to build over there. A build with a story is tenfold better than a build without one, but unfortunately, the hardest part to properly implement. A large part of the World Developers job is finding new ideas for environments. Give a brief synopsis of an idea that you have had in that regard. I usually excel at large mountainous areas or huge caves, or even large island landscaping where there’s a lot of options that can be played around with. Where one can use lots of fauna, such as mushrooms in all colors, flowers, trees for different types of settings etc. For an example, a good way of adding some depth to the landscape could be to add some ruins or a bit of structure. Though there’re definitely other ways to do it. The environment where the structure placed upon is equally as important will be some color and other parts somewhat dull at the same time. Making a big map interesting is hard, having a good variety of biomes with their own uniqueness is important. If you could, what would you change about Atlas and why? Atlas is quite big, it’s filled with mostly dull landscaped or “filler landscape” which occurs when the map is big. It’s hard to fill every corner with a lot of detail and without spending too much time. Freebuild was probably a big contributing factor for the lack of details and dullness that Atlas mostly consist of right now. As of now I don't think there's much one could improve on Atlas, perhaps add few landmarks here and there and more detailing which would make the landscape truly unique but that would mess up with the current freebuild system. How much time are you on average able to contribute towards being a WD? I believe I'm able to put in around two hours on average each day in a week, though the amount of time may vary depending on the amount of school work I may have during the month. The World Developers Team is a diverse group with a wide array of opinions, meaning disagreements often happen. Discuss how you handle disagreements or criticism when it comes to your designs. When it comes to my design I try to take in the feedback and criticism as best as I can and attempt to improve areas where I lack the most, it helps me get better over time. Please include any examples of your design work below! I'm just really angry that I’ve lost most of my builds somehow. But here are a few pictures of a couple of projects I’ve had for the past two months or something like that. https://imgur.com/a/2JHNlCF Other Comments (Not Required) Procrastination is probably anyone's worst enemy.
  13. MadYeAd

    [Pending]TheDragonsRoost's Lore Moderator Application

    I thought you left LoTC after you made two farewell posts?
  14. MadYeAd


    Hello there.