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  1. || SPLUTTERTONGUE || ||PUKHLAAM|| “Their voices were as guttural as the chuntering of their machines. . .they were not mere orks. . .some say animii in orkish skin.” THE WORD “ORK” IN YELLER SCRIPT. CONTENTS: FOREWORD GRUNTGLYPHS & YELLER SCRIPT SYNTAX & GRAMMAR PHRASEBOOK MECHANIST PRAYERS DICTIONARY || FOREWORD || [THE RAGUK FIRELANDS] With what of the Old Tongue the Yellers of Clan Raguk had accrued, they stashed away within the recesses of their minds and verbalized through prayer. In time, the tongue itself came to mould to the Raguk way of life: to mimic the chuntering of machinery, the clangour of forges and the howl of frenzied of work. For these profound qualities, those from beyond the Raguk sphere have likened to calling it Spluttertongue. . . [SPLUTTERTONGUE, ALONG WITH THE YELLER SCRIPT, IS ONLY KNOWN FLUENTLY BY THE YELLERS AND ISOLATED INSTANCES. RAGUKS MAY USE A FEW ODD WORDS IN EVERY-DAY SPEECH BUT THAT IS THE EXTENT OF IT] || GRUNTGLYPHS & YELLER SCRIPT || GRUNTGLYPHS Not all are privileged enough, nor are destined, to learn the intricate logographic Yeller Script. To convey ideas through literacy, therefore, the Raguk grunt - throughout the decades of the Redskins isolation - has developed a simplified script of glyphs that represent the words of contemporary Blah and ideas exclusive to the Raguk way of life. . .READ MORE. YELLER SCRIPT Contrary to the simplified Gruntglyphs, Yeller Script is far more intricate in its nature as to display and convey more complex ideas. In accordance with its name, only the Yellers - or the most scholarly of Wargoths (if such a word could be used to describe the theological ‘debates’ the Yellers and more theologically astute Wargoths engage in) - have the chance to learn Yeller Script. It goes as follows. . .SEE MORE. [BE MINDFUL NOT TO METAGAME THIS INFORMATION]. || SYNTAX & GRAMMAR || In line with the general notion of efficacy amid the Raguk culture, the syntaxical structure of standard Old Blah was disregarded for a far more simplistic system of structure that is more akin to common: Subject, Verb, Object. Furthermore, Spluttertongue lacks gendered pronouns and articles; and has disregarded gender in some instances entirely, along with plural and singular forms of pronouns. __________________________________ PRONOUNS: I / Me - Izk You - Lat (pl. & sing.) Them - Lattak (pl. & sing.) We - Lattuk They - Lattok *Notice a lack of His/Her pronouns. POSSESSIVE PRONOUNS: My / Mine - Îzk Your(s) - Lât Their(s) - Lâttak Our(s) - Lâttuk *Pronouns are inflected (the form of the word is changed) in order to denote possession. PLURALIZATION: To indicate more than one of something the following suffix is added to the end of the noun needing to be pluralized: -ûr. If the word has a vowel ending the following suffix is added: -hûr. ARTICLES: The - N/A A / An - Ash *Much like Old Blah, Spluttertongue lacks the article ‘the.’ Instead sentences would go as follows: “. . .Leyd, the Spirit of Power!” becomes “. . .Leyd, frûm ob durburz!” Similarly, there is no distinct word for ‘A’ or ‘An’ and so the number ‘Ash’ is used in lieu of these. PREPOSITIONS: About - Gos | gos Above - Taka | taka Across - Tärakh | tärakh After - Duk | duk Against - Käd | käd Along - Ulmakh | ulmakh Among - Naakar | naakar Around - Kûrn | kûrn At - Uk | uk Before - Ik | ik Behind - Ak | ak Below - Bekuk | bekuk Beneath - Bekik | bekik Beside - Bekak | bekak Between - Rû | rû Beyond - Dû | dû During - Uyek | uyek Except - Busad For - Brek | brek From - Breked | breked In - U | u Into - Utak | utak Of - Ob | ob Off - Tek | tek On - Tak | tak Over - Gotok | gotok Past - Ak | ak Through - Taka | taka To - Gûg | gûg Toward - Tuk | tuk Under - Lata | lata Underneath - Latakatuk | latakatuk Until - Latatak | latatak With - Dreku | dreku Without - Drekunar | drekunar CONJUNCTIONS: And - Agh | agh Or - Ne | ne But - Naak | naak So - Zatal | zatal For - Ûsik | ûsik Yet - Rûd | rûd After - Keyik | keyik Although - Naan | naan As - Gezh | gezh If - Ghûng | ghûng Because - Dhurz | dhurz Before - Ik | ik Once - Âsht | âsht Since - Ukîr | ukîr So That - Sodat | sodat Though - Bîrak | bîrak Unless - Eger | eger Until - Latakatuk | latakatuk What - Zer | zer When - Zor | zor Whenever - Zorûk | zorûk Wherever - Kûbet | kûbet Whether - Esekh | esekh While - Kharig | kharig INTERROGATIVES: Who - Amirz | amirz What - Zer | zer When - Zor | zor Where - Kû | kû Why - Amat | amat How - Amatakû | amatakû || PHRASEBOOK || Yok - Yes Nar - No Nik - Not / Do not / Don’t Brôsh - Hail Brôshan - Welcome Latatak lattuk hont u latakan! - Goodbye (Lit. Until we meet in battle! Connotes positivity) Shôrb - Bye Latalatukan - Bye (Colloquialism - contraction of Latatak lattuk hont u latakan). Naakh-za-Barash - The Pantheon of Three (Old Blah | Lit. The fists that crush all). Kashgurkh(ûr) - Yeller(s) Amatakû lât zult? - How are you? (Lit. How goes your blade?) Îzk zultûr otkir! - I am well! (Lit. My blade is sharp!) Îzk zultûr darg. . . - I am not well. . . (Lit. My blade is dull. . .) Lat srinkhsha? - Do you understand? Izk srinkhsha - I understand Izk nik srinkhsha - I do not understand Lok, zer ash taarsh! Zer ash aldatuk taarsh! - O, what a day! What a lovely day! Ang gund griish! - Forged in Iron, Stone, and in Blood! (Raguk motto - Old Blah) Achaalal - Coward Chigekil - Direction Lok! - An exclamatory word used to attract attention etc. similar to English ‘Lo’, ‘Ho’ & Old English ‘Hwaet.’ Can be alternatively used as ‘O!’ Ash - One Krul - Two Gakh - Three Zag - Four Krak - Five Rut - Six Udu - Seven Skri - Eight Krith - Nine Gal - Ten Galzun - One Hundred Galzunizun - One Thousand Galzunizunin - One Million *In the Spluttertongue counting system, any number past ten is denoted as follows: “Galash” = 11, “Galkrith” = 19 etcetera. Twenty, Thirty, Forty etc. are denoted as: “Krulgal” = 20; literally “Two-tens.” Similarly “Krulgalzunizun” = “2000” and “Krulgalzunizungahkhgalzungalskri” = 2318. Mekun - A Raguk unit of measurement meaning ‘finger’ (Equiv. 5 Centimeters) Emekun - A Raguk unit of measurement: 20 Mekuns (Equiv. 1 Meter; 100 Centimeters) Emekunik - A Raguk unit of measurement: 10 Emekuns (Equiv. 10 Meters) Emekunikun - A Raguk unit of measurement: 100 Emekuniks (Equiv. 1 Kilometer) Klik - An unofficial Raguk unit of measurement meaning step. Wûrst - Magic or boons gained through means of the occult, or otherwise, with both positive and negative connotations. Human - Shara Ork - Ork Elf - Korkak (Can be used as a synonym for coward) Dwarf - Nardurshara Halfling - Balak Kha, Hou-Zi, Non-Descendants - Andarshara Bakër - Copper Urm - Gold Khar - Lead Hekur - Iron Buubhekur - Pig Iron Gan - Steel Grishgan - Bloodsteel Nüürs - Coal Gund - Stone Drû - Wood Zev - Rust Zult - Sword Zukh - Axe Zariuhl - Club Keldek - Warhammer Hark - Bow, Crossbow Thik - Knife Harkûr - Arrows, Bolts || MECHANIST PRAYERS || Spirituality is as much a part of Raguk life as toil and warfare. One of the most effective ways of worshipping the pantheon, so the Yellers say, is through sacrifice. Accompanying sacrifice must be words of common prayer, or else the ritual is incomplete: [THIS CAN BE USED, AND IS KNOWN, IN CHARACTER] __________________________________ LEYD’S CANTICLE __________________________________ “Lok Leyd! Hont lâttuk aldatuk; grish lattuk asgarakh u lât ner! Lok Leyd! Hont dhurburz lattuk egek taka azugh lât ishûr! Lok Leyd! Lok Leyd! Udirk lâttuk zultûr agh largrûz lattok nik ukh darg!” === “O Leyd! See our glory; the blood we have spilt in your name! O Leyd! See the power we give through vanquishing your enemies! O Leyd! O Leyd! Guide our blades and ensure they never dull!” __________________________________ GAZIGASH’S CANTICLE __________________________________ “Gazigash, lat amirz tolbok lâttuk riipuk râg; Gazigash, lat amirz larg lâttuk zultûr khüchtag; Lat breked dâr ob yahk agh grish; Lat ob Leyd iok; Khlaar lâttuk düdlaakish; Ghashkrum lâttuk zalbirok!” === “Gazigash, you who stain our skin red; Gazigash, you who make our blades strong; You of the Hall of Blood and Bone; You of Leyd’s yoke; Hear our call; Answer our prayer!” __________________________________ GENTHARUZ’ CANTICLE __________________________________ “Lok! Khlaar khlaarum ob draagh kadak aanghum; Gentharuz, udirk lâttuk draaghûr; Brek Gentharuz äkaav ob bügd daarkhangazumûr; Durub ob draaghûr agh daarkhangazumig!” === “Lo! Hear the sound of hammer striking forge; Gentharuz, guides our hammers; For Gentharuz is the father of all blacksmiths; Leader of hammers and smithing!” || DICTIONARY || [ISOLATED LIST FOR EASY SEARCHING. CTRL+F TO SEARCH FOR A WORD] Achaalal - Coward Agh - And Ash - One Ak - Behind, Past Âsht - Once Amat - Why Amatakû - How Azugh - Vanquish, Kill Asgarakh - Spill Amirz - Who Aanghum - Forge Aldatak - Glory, Glorious Äkaav - Father Äkuuv - Mother Äka - Son Äku - Daughter Agaar - Air Akalak - Journey Akr - Drink Alai - Animal Aldagal - Loss Ana - Edge Aylak - Harbor Äser - Effect Akropolik - Citadel Ariunsüm - Temple, Place of Worship Az - Little Brôsh - Hail Brôshan - Welcome Bîrak - Though Breked - From Bekak - Beside Bekik - Beneath Bekuk - Below Brek - For Busad - Except Bügd - All Baikh - Be Baikhbek - Become Bastav - Start Bilderedi - Mean Bolsig - Let Bruz - Have Bakër - Copper Bandok - Group Bandë - Company Barzuga - History Batlakh - Approval Borxh - Debt Brûf - Insect Buk - Bread Burzak - Balance Butrakh - Crush Butsakh - Back Badrakad - Low Bluv - Blue Bolomok - Able Buurz - Black Bütenukh - Whole Draagh - Hammer Daarkhangazum - Blacksmith, Smith Düdlaakish - Call, Summons Dâr - Home, House Dhurburz - Strength, Strong Darg - Blunt, Dull Dhurz - Because Dreku - With Drekunar - Without Dû - Beyond Duk - After Durub - Leader Dakka - War Duslaakh - Tear Darbarikhag - Building Debshil - Growth Diisum - Attack Dog - Day Dëfrim - Amusement Dëm - Damage Drû - Wood, Tree Drûkarig - Forest, Woods Disak - Certain Egek - Give Eger - Unless Esekh - Whether Eka - Come Ekhlekh - Begin Erenekh - Orange Fakrom - Make Faïkh - Would Fedek - Live Fegredik - May Fendog - Will Fund - End Fiimûrz - Young Ghashkrum - Prayer Gahk - Three Gal - Ten Galzun - One Hundred Galzunizun - One Thousand Galzunizunin - One Million Gri(i)sh - Blood Ghûng - If Gezh - As Gotok - Over Gûg - To Gos - About Gund - Stone Gadnaz - Could Gorgulb - Use Gaam - Disease Gargakh - Decision Gariktar - Crack Gazaar - Government Glat - Invention Glatunkh - Discovery Glatëk - Machine Grimë - Bit Grog - Alcohol Gurkaghkt - Friend Guulin - Brass Gâmzhurm - Cough Gan - Steel Ganak - New Ganaknar - Old Gol - Major Gukatakatunkahkhurgoenushulyukh - Long Guk’yukh - Long (Abbreviation) Glott - Money, Currency, Coinage Hont - See, Watch, Look Hon - Eye Hakrug - Move Hedekh - Know Hederukog - Need Hekrok - Might Hekur - Iron Hemkhee - Amount Hov - Burst Hosh - Good Hazurk - Inquisitive, Honourable Hoshbolom - Best, Great Hoshbolomshûmerighukh - Better Hwûd - Fat Iok - Yoke (Loose common loanword) Ik - Before Îzk - Mine, My Izk - I, Me Idekh - Eat Ioksigohk - Village Kantina - Canteen, Tavern, Pub, Inn, Swillhouse, Winesink Khlaar - To Hear Khlaarum - Sound Khüchtag - Strong, Hard Krul - Two Krak - Five Krith - Nine Kashgurkh - Yeller (Raguk priest) Kû - Where Kharig - While Kûbet - Wherever Keyik - After Käd - Against Kûrn - Around Kaikh - Find Ket - Leave Khadgal - Keep Khelekh - Tell Khelev - Say Khosel - Talk Kramp - Do Kthesë - Turn Körinedi - Seem Kaal - Light Kagsaalt - List Kashiktik - Distance Kenepteg - Canvas Khar - Lead Khashga - Knowledge Khelber - Form Khuarug - Crime Khyanalt - Control Khyazgaarlalt - Limit Khüch - Fold Klohp - Food Kompany - Business Kopje - Copy Kranklûk - Brother Kraur - Body Kurbë - Curve Kus - Force Kuzhinik - Cook, Chef Küldi - Laugh Khot - City Kafsog - Important Keshikpayukh - Late Kharak - Powerful Kharakhim - Plague, Disease Khereff - Sure Khuhl - Purple Khyalbarakh - Easy Kurekh - Right Kartë - Clear Lok - Lo!, Ho!, O! Lat - You Lattak - Them Lattuk - We Lattok - Them Lât - Your(s) Lâttak - Their(s) Lâttuk - Our(s) Lata - Under Latakatuk - Underneath Latatak - Until Larg - Make Luk - Son (Old Blah) Laam - Language Lagûrz - Destruction Largtum - Birth Led - Ice Lëngëzor - Liquid Lûmp - Fall Luhbikh - Yellow Medrekh - Feel Mukmin - Can Makh - Meat Marrë - Meeting Marrëvek - Agreement Matum - Death Mirzim - Hate Mümkindik - Chance Mashikh - Very Mashikhosh - Grand, Large, Huge Mad’h - Large Malgûnûz - Victor Malgûnûznikh - Victory Mundshuminikh - Possible Ner - Name Nar - No Nik - Don’t, Not, Do not Naan - Although Naak - But Ne - Or Naakar - Among Nargzab - Desire, Want Narik - Error Narmarrëvek - Argument Nartum - Doubt Negdekh - Join Ngjirë - Colour Nivel - Level Nüürs - Coal Narhosh - Bad Naga - Different, Other Narulken - Small Nink - White Örtog - Fire Ob - Of Otkir - Sharp Oghormi - Rip Orodlogo - Attempt Ômir - Existence Öner - Art Önerkäsip - Industry Örtogikhag - Burn Öshiglökh - Kick Ösölt - Increase Özgert - Change Ogayikh - Early Öndûr - High Provok - Show Pukh - Work Puvrasak - Chew Përdor - Take Pluhur - Dust Pukhlaam - Spluttertongue (Lit. Work Tongue) Pravdak - Real Rexulks - Rexdom, Kingdom, Domain, Land (Similar to German Reich) Rex - Leader of the War Nation of Krugmar / elevated orkish domains. Riipuk - Skin, Hide Râg - Red Rut - Six Rûd - Yet Rulum - Danger Rupa - Hole Rink - Left Srinkhsha - Understand Skri - Eight Shôrb - Bye Sodat - So That Shkatoj - Give Shkoj - Get Sikur - Like Skugga - Run Suranik - Ask Savkhin - Leather Sebenek - Cause Sekir - Jump Sezim - Feeling Shara - Man Shembull - Example Shikim - Look Shkallë - Measure Shkrimi - Ink Shokhoi - Chalk Shtim - Interest Smehshnog - Humor Staklok - Glass Stof - Cloth Sukht - Hour Su’urig - Base Sûm - Breath Sayakhan - Recent Tolbok - Stain Taarsh - Day Tuk - Toward Tärakh - Across Taka - Above Tavisan - Put Toglokh - Play Tuuslakh - Help Talbar - Field Tamak - Meal Tark - Attraction Teshahk - Linen Tigin - Cork Travag - Grass Trog - Market Tsokhilt - Blow Tsötsgiin - Butter Tulk - Lift Tum - Belief Tumez - Mass Tömen - Low Tankhim - Hall Teginûyukh - Free Tekanagh - Only Tolikûk - Full Turkûrz - Special, Valuable Turkûzim - Value Udirk - Guide Ukh - Never Udu - Seven Ukîr - Since Ûsik - For Utak - Into U - In Uyek - During Uk - At Ulmakh - Along Uzum - Want Ûs - Think Üzeerei - Try Ulks - Country Ulks - Land Urd - Front Urgamal - Plant Urm - Gold Urrokog - Disgust Ûsum - Idea Üilchilgee - Care Ushtrik - Military Ülken - Big Vras - Stab Vrasahkaar - Behead Vrasak - Cut Vokak - Fruit Vruchohk - Heat Vëmend - Attention Vertetekh - True Yok - Yes Yahk - Bone Yavakh - Go Yostok - Should Yemdeg - Mark Zult - Sword Zalbirok - Prayer Zag - Four Zer - What Zor - When Zorûk - Whenever Zatal - So Zaa - Grip Zanbaidal - Behavior Zgyerim - Expansion Zhitok - Grain Zugrûm - Discussion Züüd - Fear, Nightmare, Apparition Zelen - Green Zev - Rust Zyd - Hulphonite || OOC || Spluttertongue is a mainly clerical and spiritual language used by the Yellers, perhaps particularly theological Elders & Wargoths, and ordinary Raguk anomalies (though through the proper IN-GAME RP mediums). Gruntglyphs are known in roleplay to most Raguk. The Yeller Script is not, apart from to the Yellers and the above mentioned people. To submit a new word using the following format: WORD: [New Word] @grubgoth_wud @williamtanner DEFINITION: [Definition] Alternatively, borrow a word from any Slavic language / Kazakh / Albanian / Mongol and make it orkish sounding or borrow directly from Black Speech.
  2. “These dub am probabli the hoshest klompa'z in da entire Empire, zhame they nub klomp ash on ash. “ Wargoth Garrdum’Raguk says.
  3. MALIGNANCY IN THE UZG ⚙-⚙-⚙ Kinul, spirit of Disease, Pestilence and Failure after Orgon’s fall. The Wargoth sat in that of the palace; relaxed in his consciousness. His cracked and dry lips wrapped around the snakehead of a Hookah, volumes of smoke routing from his flaring nostrils. He was living the good life. Battles were frequent, his clan was successful - If not the most among the Federation -, and the drugs kept him to a perpetual state of peace; even if it conflicted him at heart, for ‘who is to be so wasteful and unproductive?’ Leydluk had always told him. As the ork sat, he reflected upon his turmoils. He had slain many a Krugmarian ork, the same peoples his late blood-brother, Hazurk’Raguk, the only one who respected him as a bastard amongst his family, had died a patriot to, fighting for their nation. A martyr, though he carried on with the slaughter.A sharp pain jolted through his chest, and he coughed once more. As he opened his eyes, a dark figure danced at the edges of his vision, but when he looked over it dissipated swiftly; a figment of his imagination, no doubt. Though, for a moment he could swear he saw a thin monster, that of the spirits, swinging a skull on a rope, the fume of incense lofting from its sides. *** The ork marched into the arena; rays of light splattering across his physique. Garrdum noticed he had become thinner, paler than usual. Though, this was of no mind to the Ork. He was a hearty Raguk, the toughest of the lot, after all. Surely he would persevere over a simple cold. He moved towards the top of the stadium, standing beside the Shocktrooper, Dura’Raguk and folding his arms across his chest, watching as orks went about their daily lives. Some gambled on fights between Mûrak and Aki, others sharpened blades for the war. The Wargoth’s focus was upon Froki, however, as he punished a slave for their imputence. Casual conversation commenced, queries and replies upon the War situation and Froki’s actions, when the ork felt yet another contraction in his chest, stifling a cough before another came, and then another. At first, he thought it simply the regular coughing fit he had as of recent times, though his calloused hands would redden with blood as he dropped to a singular knee; brows furrowing weakly towards his palms as the convulsions continued. Other orks rushed to aid him, and stand him afoot; notably that of Clog, Dura and Froki, though the ork brushed this off; maintaining his able-bodiedness and getting to his feet, before yet another attack would reach him. Soon, he was seated upon the throne, wiping sanguine fluid from his wrist and forearm. They insisted he had some sort of disease in his lungs, and that the spirits had thrown his sides with that of darts. “Mi’z goin’ to dis wagh, nub blah it otherwise.” He said as he turned to leave, returning to the palace; where he succumbed to slumber in his bed, the image of the figure at the edge of his vision replaying in his mind, their arms dropping due to necrosis and regrowing as if they were branches. The next morn, Garrdum tried as he could to lift his feet, but to no avail. He was dying. OOC: Going camping with my friends, so I’ll be unable to come to the Warclaim. Thought it would be fun to use this inactivity as a character plot for Garrdum. Good luck, boys. https://discord.gg/SMzuFn8 Mohk-Uruk discord “ANG GUND GRIISH.”
  4. THE SPIRIT INITIATIVE Their maws ate that of green, their eyes glossed with crimson. The Wargoth pondered their situation, that of war and slaughter. Yet, despite their numerous and recent victories, he felt hollow about it, missing his usual extreme amounts of emotion. Swiftly, he decided it was that of the Spirits, and that they were angry with him. “ Tedyn! Blah lat’s wub; help mi erekt shrines to da spirids on da walkway to our Goi, agh mi will respekt lat’s as an ork, nub a twig. Skorkon, lat’s do da same agh mi be in lat’s debt.” And so, an agreement was formed, and their mutual clans set off to work on the Spirit Walkway. “Countrykunts, Orks! Lend me lats ears! Wargoth Garrdum’Raguk orders every single one of lat to start work on a shrine leading up to the city, to a spirit of lat choosing! For tu long, wi have stood faithless, no more!” The Goblin Fizzard’Raguk decreed. [OOC GUIDE]HOW TO MAKE A PROPPA’ SHRINE: When making a shrine, one must remember that all shrines usually take the form of a bird, with their wings sprawled open to the sides. It’s a common and good design to use as a guideline that almost always looks good. Next, one must realize the nature of the spirit the shrine is dedicated to. If it is Laklul, the spirit of swamps, the shrine would be made out of swamp wood, and other fungi/swampish materials that represent said spirit. If it was Arwa, spirit of crops and fertility, one would construct the shrine near a farm or other crops; and would also be overgrown with seeds and other harvest. Typically, a shrine also has an altar for sacrifice and the name of the spirit carved into the totem. Some spirits do not gain power from shrines alone, however, such as Leyd; spirit of physical strength and dominance. Building a Leyd shrine next to an arena is a good idea, but klomping near it in the name of Leyd is a better one, and would give the spirit more power. Either way, here’s some good posts documenting the spirits and the Spiritual Mandate. CLICK HERE - SPIRITUAL MANDATE BY DIVINEJUSTICE CLICK HERE - ORCISH SPIRIT LIST BY HEDGEHUG/ ORK COMMUNITY Tl;dr Go and start making shrines to the spirits on the walkway to the city. PM Inferno_Ougi, Elite_Snipes_ or MinaGobbler for perms. https://discord.gg/gwNMbgd MOKH-URUK DISCORD “ANG GUND GRIISH.”
  5. “Ukke, ‘ere lat go.”
  6. The Wargoth of Clan Raguk stood at the city's gate, watching the three heroes return from their raid. At first, he had speculated their crimson dots had been simple raguks, crimson hues intermixed with the soot of the forge. However, he soon saw that it was not their skin, but the blood of the Vintasians upon their flesh. His eyes laid upon Aki ‘Da Red’. It was a title already called towards the Olog by the clansmates, but he figured soon he had to officialize it.
  7. Wargoth Garrdum'Raguk sits in the dread of night; still scouting ahead and surveying the Vintasian tactic. The Ork then turned, the sounds of guttural howls and growls filling the air, and for a second the goblins in his area shivered. Though, he quickly calmed their hearts. "Dat bi da Lurz, boys! Dey have arrived!”
  8. WOES AND TOES [x] The Ragukian force Their swords had grown dormant, their forges no longer bore the hearth of the flame. They were no longer the Vanguard; then Wargoth Garrdum’Raguk was ordered to lead his redskin ilk out front, surveying the vintasian hold. He and the boys knelt over the hill, Fizzard’Raguk looking through that of a spyglass and reporting to Froki’Raguk, of which wrote the message and gave it to Dura and Hedpoppa. At last, the defenses, numbers and other details came to the Wargoth’s ears. They had set up camp, preparing the ground for the rest of the Orks whilst they readied the war. However, he of Raguk descent was not satisfied by simple and mundane tasks of logistic and inspection. The Raguk called all ‘Da Boyz’, and set out onto the road. With their blades brandished; the warband cleaned off many a victim with Kalgrym at their side; retrieving trophies as they went forth. Elf, Human and Halfling alike fell to their blades, and soon they had returned to the War-camp; bearing that of a grotesque memorial. Sixty toes were handed to each ork, all wettened by Kalgrym and readied by the clansmen; enlarged as to be more noticeable. They congregrated around Vintas, tossing the trophies over the walls and into the windows of the housing, breaking pane and pot alike; and soon the sky blackened with raining toes. Thuds of fleshly meat dropped upon the city’s surface, cascading and drowning the air. This went on for some time, before a silence drew out; of which was immediately answered by the Vanguard, the Unbroken. “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!” Their Vanguardian ways had been restored, and their chance for glory had come at last. CLICK HERE TO SEE :^) @sergisala https://discord.gg/8Zejzy8 Raguk discord “ANG GUND GRIISH.”
  9. The Wargoth of Clan Raguk is pleased to hear of Drutram’s allegiance, delivering a Raguk salute! “ WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! “
  10. The Wargoth of Raguk scans through the paper. “Mi nub peep toes ‘ere.”
  11. WARGOTH GARRDUM’RAGUK calls his redskin boys, the time for war is nigh.
  12. Wargoth Garrdum’Raguk shivers as he remembers the happenings. . .
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