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    IC information Name: Elorena Race: Mali'aheral Nation: None Age: 50 Experience: Decent amount of knowledge on how to handle a sword. OOC Information IGN: Coolcod77 Timezone: GMT Discord: Coolcod77#4671
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    Eliana was born in the district of Velunor to two middle class Dark elves Sarkan and Alenia, Her father was a competent Tailor and her mother was a librarian who was extremely talented at reading and writing. She had quite a quiet childhood, she enjoyed reading, writing and playing out in the streets with her friends. When she reached the age of eight her father began teaching her how to make clothes, hoping that she would enjoy it and become a tailor or clothier when she was older. Eliana quickly gained a love for making clothes and she also became very talented at it. When she was fourteen she could create dresses and outfits all by herself, likely due to the fact she had few friends and preferred quiet private rooms instead of places with large groups of people. When she reached the age of 17 she started to become more extroverted, trying to make friends and meet new people but this was halted by the death of both of her parents caused by a fire in her family home. This crushed Eliana, she lost her parents, home and most of the things that her family owned. She had to find a way to move on and decided to sell her parents Tailor shop and move away from where they once lived.