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  1. I’m deprived from mineman roleplay

    1. marimbamonk


      But you’re lackless!

    2. _Lackless_


      how could you done this

  2. _Lackless_

    EternalSaturn's Game Moderator Application

    heero is crying please call heero @Taylor bro hes crying, please call him anyone, call heero, PLEASE. Anywho, Eternal seems alright, don’t talk to them much, if at all, only had experiences with them as a nation-leader when I allowed the Ascended to live at the Warhawkes, they seem kind and stuff, could probably do a good job
  3. wait joel what do you think of me..
  4. _Lackless_

    The Struggles of Moderation

  5. _Lackless_


  6. hey mr admin fireheart I’m a huge fan can u respond? u’ll rly make my day uwu

  7. _Lackless_

    Fjarriagua: The Witches of Winter

    imagine having an active creature group,,, lol,,,,,
  8. _Lackless_

    Fixed Raids, Please Read

    ******* fix the formatting how are you a gm manager corpea n??
  9. _Lackless_

    Maybe free character art???

    Lockezi, 5'11, wears a blindfold, has tattoos all over his upper body, his left arm is a ghost arm because he's a Mystic, so its all spectral and **** and he's also a shade, which you can see spooky tendrils in one of those pics. https://gyazo.com/0d04168e91f302724db66956f9193495 https://gyazo.com/df18573d7ba7a191c3f6a2a4c0425fd0 https://gyazo.com/9f8629e835aa778113984136bd69f633 https://gyazo.com/7cdea3fa15ee5960a72fe460222f76f9 https://gyazo.com/72defd4915875edc745d434166e7a248
  10. _Lackless_

    Maybe free character art???

    me me
  11. _Lackless_

    [Rewrite] The Clerics of Tahariae

    bro can you make me a cleric bro @Nekkore??? also looks the same