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  1. Lockezi

    Soul Trees Remastered! Free DLC!

    please stop with the DLC meme
  2. Lockezi

    gab’s lm app!

    :OOOOOO +2
  3. Lockezi

    [Pending]Mordu's Lore Master Application

    please don’t deny my friend caleb
  4. Lockezi

    Dardonas's Event Team Actor application

    run, dardonas, run, run and never look back, but if you choose to walk back into the wildfire, i won’t stop you.... +1
  5. Lockezi

    Lockezi's Lore Master Application

    Minecraft Account Name(s) Lockezi Discord Lockezi#9597 How long have you played on LoTC? Mid 2016 Timezone and Availability CST, I’m around every day and usually late night as well, I have school from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm on weekdays What lore are you versed in most? Arcane/Voidal Most Evocations, Arcanism, Transfiguration, Voidal Shifting, Translocation, Telekinesis and Cognitism Dark Blood Magic, Necromancy, Mysticism and Shade. Deity Golemancy and Runesmithing. Other bits of lore. Azdrazi, Coupling/Circling, Vaseek, Seer of Vaseek, Voidal Horrors, Affliction, Kani, probably some other pieces of lore and a good amount of creatures, magical or not. Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC Game Moderator: I applied for GM on May 17th of 2018, I've been going on for almost six months and still enjoy being on the team and helping people out on LoTC, during my time on GM, I can apply many hours to the job, doing modreqs or anything else that would come up. Game Team Trainer: I help train new members of the team, pretty self-explanatory, I think I do a good job Application Team: I was on the AT for about three months I believe, during near the end of my tenure I had more stuff in life pop up and was later removed for inactivity, nonetheless, it was a great time on the team and I enjoyed working with everyone on it. Have you ever written lore for LoTC? No, but I’ve helped a bit with many rewrites being written now and the ones posted, mostly ones written by Zarsies or TheKingOfTheMoon, I wish to give ideas and to help the team finish projects because I've been feeling motivated to write and assist with such Have you ever received a blacklist or ban? No Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team? I don’t mind anyone on the team, I’d probably bump heads with someone, but as of right now, no one.
  6. Lockezi


  7. Lockezi

    Dingo looks to train small green men

    he is truly epic, might be Australian, might have to ask
  8. Lockezi

    Re-drew my old Ref Sheet.

    wtf this is bomb af
  9. Lockezi


    best of luck.
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  11. Lockezi

    this server is in shambles

    Feedback noted, I’ll shower more.
  12. Lockezi

    this server is in shambles

    But I don’t ban people often because I never need to! : ( I can’t do anything that’s not shown to me and will I take everyone’s fantastic criticism with open arms!
  13. Lockezi

    this server is in shambles

    me too