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  1. Lockezi

    [Magic Lore] - Virailum of Tahariae

    atleast your holy magic lore doesn’t say you saved the world, i’ll read it all later then edit the comment.
  2. Lockezi


    lowkey sounds like shes in need of a snickers yo
  3. Lockezi


    I was being unironic! Genuinely keep writing, sorry if it came off the wrong way.
  4. Lockezi


    Keep it up boss, writing gets you places. 🙂
  5. Lockezi

    Moderation Update Log - March

    also hell yeah
  6. Lockezi

    Moderation Update Log - March

    hell yeah
  7. heathen is just an anagram for veist

    1. KiausT


      bruh I don’t think u know what an anagram is

    2. Lockezi


      @KiausTback off bucko

  8. Lockezi

    [PK] A Twisted End

  9. Lockezi

    [PK] A Twisted End

    god i love you so much don’t ever leave me mistah it’ll be there in one day
  10. Lockezi

    [PK] A Twisted End

  11. Lockezi

    [PK] A Twisted End

    🚀 sadly yeet chaps Idk
  12. Lockezi

    [PK] A Twisted End

    sorry the real one is tomorrow radical idk I’m a failure to be honest Mood I didn’t forget to quote you. ill consider if you HMU on discord dude
  13. Lockezi

    almost 4 year AMA

  14. Lockezi

    Doom's Holy Nation of Art

    that looks spicy