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  1. Lockezi

    TheKingOfTheMoon's Lore Moderator Application

  2. Lockezi


    It’s red orange yellow green blue purple..
  3. Lockezi


    can you make the formatting a lil nicer, whys it underlined
  4. Lockezi

    GM Monthly Update Log - October 2018

    lockezi was also made into a gm trainer ha ha ha ha
  5. Lockezi

    [✗] [Server] african_airlines Ban Appeal

    Hello. After an excessive search through all of your logs in the past 300+ days, I’ve seen a large amount of bad villainy, powergaming and what you’ve been banned for recently, the act of sexual roleplay on the server, not only this scenario, another, and all have been forced from what I can see. I don’t care about whatever disorder you have, bipolar or anything, If you somehow think in your head ‘I know what to do. I’m going to rape her character because I’m angry!’ then you are not wanted in any shape or form on LoTC and that this is the wrong place for you, and that you should not be blaming something you did on a disorder or disability. In your last appeal, you said everyone acts irrationally sometimes, while that may be true, no one goes far enough to do what you did, which was highly inappropriate and if you were having a bad day, you should have not been on LoTC. Just because of that, you thought it was best to do that kind of roleplay with someone, and that someone was a new player, since you’ve done that, I’ve not seen them log on once. After going through all the logs, and rereading both of your appeals, I have come to the verdict that you will be permanently banned from LoTC and all mediums associated with it. If whatever you said about being bipolar is true, I hope you have luck controlling it, and that you find a server or game that suits you. - Lockezi
  6. Lockezi

    Letter from the Flames

    “Flames can’t send letters...” Lockezi mutters to himself with a confused look
  7. Lockezi

    [Pending]Hedgehug's Lore Moderator Application

    I love you so much and ur smart +6
  8. is it worth it though,,,
  9. Lockezi

    [Pending]fastest man alive's lore master application

    He’s cute
  10. Lockezi

    Activity, The Lastest Plugin

    I can’t read.
  11. did you know that if you breath you have a chance to be depressed : also idc about pvp on or off, as long as both sides have fun imo