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  1. discord: enjesus#0002 ign: stardust69_ skin name: hunters calling (330 mina)
  2. Discord tag: Enjesus#0002 ign: stardust69_ skin name: lady of the mushrooms bids: 250 (buyout)
  3. [!] A feral Hagling awaits to pounce her next and fateful High Elven foe - possibly, the Sohaer himself!
  4. Discord: Enzo#0002 IGN: 9xcreator Skin(s) and Bid(s): Her Duty 300 Conversion: No
  5. Bid Format Discord: Enzo#0002 IGN: 9xcreator Skin/s and bid/s: Her Duty 100
  6. OOC ((MC Name: 9xcreator )) ((Discord: Enzo#0002 )) ((Timezone: PST)) IN-CHARACTER What is your name? Eve Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? To further my proficiency over the arcane as well as being able to help those around me in a productive environment, overall to make connections with other people that I would soon be able to call friends. What arts, if any, do you currently practice? Earth and Water Evocation. What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? I would desire to join the Artificum as an Adeptus Minor. When should you be contacted for an interview? Anytime.
  7. did u get demoted wat happen to ur forum color thingy

    1. excited


      Was on the team for 6 months and I've just found myself disillusioned with doing events for the time being. So I resigned, since new blood is on the way, and it will no longer inconvenience my team to leave. 

  8. Sunrise - 100 Minas @Khitebuilds
  9. Huntress - 70 Leather Gal - 50
  10. Eve Pernonn signs in support of her halfling brethren
  11. can the kha do a live performance of cats the musical tho
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