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  1. Student Application format: MC Name: Suxals Character's Name: Angelo de Alba Character's Age: 38 Character's Race: Ascended (Highlander) What magic(s) will you be learning?: Golemancy Teacher's MC Name: Josh3738 Teacher's RP Name: Zahrer Irongrinder Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No! Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Yes (i think it isn't under trial anyways) Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No!
  2. [Lore Submission][Creature Lore] Bryophites

    Yep, i like the lore, hopefully Opal wont be the only Bryophite anymore, though plants still need oxygen to live. +1
  3. The Green Tide

    "Welcome back" Angelo would say as he waves his hand at the ships that are approaching the docks, the symbol of the white eagle would be on his chest.
  4. MC Name: Suxals Character's Name: Angelo de Alba Character's Age: 38 years old Character's Race: Highlander Ascended Link to your accepted MA: What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Ascended Ruin Demi-Ascended Summarise the Lore of this magic(s): The Ascendeds are the agents of the Archaengul Aeriel in our realm, the first of this kin were created back in Aegis, during the second invasion of Ibless, when the Archaengul visited a group of descendants and gifted them a part of her own power. The mission of the Ascendeds is take care of the souls of the descendants and fight against the beings of corrupted souls that would attempt to spread their afflictions, with this purpose Aeriel gifted them different abilities that changed with the pass of the time and adapted to the different needs. The abilities of the ascended of the current era are directly related to the Living Flame, this one is the nexus that connects all the Ascended with Aeriel and is capable of creating Living Embers, making possible the connection of more Ascended, around four elven months after the connection, the Living Ember would turn into a Progenous Flame, being able to create more Progenous Embers and reaching the immortality. The Living Flame is currently being housed by the Master Sage and if he dies, the elder Progenous Flame would become into a Living Flame. The Ascended are currently immune to time and any kind of corruption, they regenerate passively ten times faster than a normal descendant, are able to take wounds of others into their own body and invoke soulfire, the characteristics of the last one changes with the different schools of soulfire, they are: School of Ruin: These are the conventional Ascended,soulfire would cause unbearable pain and burn the tissues of beings of dark nature with corrupted souls.their School of Rapture: The soulfire of these Ascendeds tires the beings of corrupted soul, draining their energy until they finally fall into a coma, this is very useful to capture or help them. School of Rapport or Demi-Ascended: This kind of Ascendedvoidal mages, they still have the passive abilities of an Ascended and their bodies aren't weakened by the connection with the void, but it weakens their embers and limits their use of soulfire severely. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: “You should be wondering why I asked you to come here” The Golden Sage would say to his student once she enters to the cavern where he is meditating, the words of the Ascended would make echo against the walls and top of the cavern. “Today I will teach you the art of Soulmending, it is a fair exchange where you give a part of your soul to repair the soul of your patient, but don't be afraid, the soul fortification that your ember provides you would slowly regenerate the missing and damaged parts of your soul much faster than what you think” The Sage would gesture to his student to sit in front of him, the student would mimic his posture and sit on a little carpet with the legs crossed and resting the hands on the knees. “Very well” The Sage would nod with a polite smile as he takes a little dagger that rests next to his legs with his left hand “As I have been teaching you, close your eyes and inhale deeply, hold the air within… 1… 2… 3… exhale, good, continue like that, as steady as you can, now imagine a golden flame… imagine it big and wild… imagine it... ALIVE.” The Sage would extend his right arm forward with the palm looking at his student, his golden eyes would start to glow as some sparks of the same color would be invoked in front of his palm, no more than one inch away. The student would follow the movements of her teacher and a few seconds after both of them would have a small and wild flame against their palms. “Perfect, I see that you have been working on your technique, now roll your sleeve and don't worry, this won't hurt that much” The student would roll his sleeve like her teacher said and he would extend his hand and make a long cut along her forearm “Remember to breath, embrace the pain, make it your friend” As he says this he would be moving his fingers around the flame until he finally closes his hand, pushing the fire against the his meat and making it take the shape of a glove of soulfire around his hand “Watch with attention my student” He would touch the forehead of his student, the golden soulfire would quickly connect with her soul and inspect it, after a few seconds the fire would run along his shoulder and arm to reach the wound on the forearm, starting to heal it slowly as some of the fire starts to make its way back to his hand, where the fire starts to be drained into the body of the Ascended, a few seconds after the wound would be gone and the fire would have been drained completely. “I took your wound into my own body, now is your turn to take it again, as I said it is a fair exchange, you don't need to think, just follow what I showed you and allow the aerelian part of your soul to guide you” The student would be sweating as consequence of keeping her flame the whole time, but she would close her fist around the flame, making it take the shape of a glove as her teacher did before and resting her hand on the wound once her teacher rolls his sleeve, her weak flame would connect to his soul and start to heal the wound very slowly and drain the fire into herself, once the wound is gone she would lean back and pass out for the fatigue. “Sweet dreams” He would finally say as he covers her with a blanket and continues meditating. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nah! Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: AYE sir Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app:
  5. [AT] Can I come back inside?

    Give him the pink again, he is very friendly and already has experience as AT! +1
  6. [Denied][GM] Suxals wants a blue tag

    Update: I am actually 19 (Though i am not sure if that even matters) Also i would like to thank all the people that showed me their support in this thread, some of you got me by surprise to be honest and is nice to see that i left you a good impression. (Not gonna lie, i am anxious AF to see if i can do the trial)
  7. Fury_Fire Player Report

    Ban him ASAP, such offender shouldnt be free #SaveTheFlowers, #Griefer4Prison
  8. Looking for Girlfriend

    "What the ****, poor soul, you should be very desesperated to do this, its very sad but you cant fall deeper now" A young and good looking highlander would say.
  9. [Trial]Back at it again

    Nice guy, I have known him for a few months, I would like to see how he does it if he gets accepted +1
  10. [Trial]~Round Two~

    Mhm! He is a good person, already has experience as GM and he is from Australia. +1
  11. Yeah, thats the point of the current system, if the guards want to rp fight you they can, and with the /d40 thing, are you telling me that when you kill someone in pvp you dont poop then? Because two or three magical items can worth more than a full set of diamond armor and are even harder to get.
  12. Bonus profession

    I am p sure that you need 250 hours in Axios with that persona, you have only 58.
  13. i have seen 4 players beating another group of 10, maybe you should train more, get better gear like diamond armor, potions etc etc. With the Defender Default at 10 at least they can rp fight you if they choose to do that, if they lower the amount they will need to lower the raid cap to 3, and that would be even more afwul, right?
  14. [Addition] Replicants

    Sure, i love the new possibility, it adds more interesting things to alchemy and to the deity users, also i like that an homunculi could become an Ascended and be still weak against the other two holy magics.