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  1. Elsewhere, an elf jots the date down, and looks over his casks of ales and drinks. "Hrm.. pumpkin or classic apple for the cider? Maybe two barrels..."
  2. wan

    Candle's Call

    The Sword of the Shadow was sheathed - Held taut in trembling grip, the Red Lord's breath Quivered and bled his life upon the wicked blade. Again had it tasted blood of its Shurad, a Mimicry of His murder long ago by Four crowned In ensorcelled helms to fell their mighty king. Now, this reddened man had become a scabbard, And bore in his breast proof of paradox, stood Unharmed by the draining blade of the Trickster. At once, this deep blade of Shadow had met Great resilient light, and for the first time failed To drain the flesh or essence in its bite. This new Shur
  3. Conciliation of Mali’ 14th of The Sun’s Smile, 16 SA ~ Overview ~ The tumultuous political climates of Almaris have bred unrest and unease, heightening tensions across the continent. In turn with the accord struck between the Silver State of Haelun’or, and the Crown of Elvenesse, this apology and pardoning has been issued by the High Prince. ~ Principle ~ The Crown of Elvenesse formally recognizes, and apologises for the negligence of its citizens, and of its diplomatic cabinet. The hostile acti
  4. When once he saw her, the elf was younger than thirty. There outside the Lofty Woods of Caras Eldar, the Virarim came to her aid - and Sister Hurricane lived. Years later, as an officer, the elf had met her. Her name was Sister Hurricane, and she spoke with a frightening serenity in time with her Sisters Owl and Autumn. She was a fellow elf, only decades older than he, yet it was as if she had found peace. Proudly did she speak of the Emerald Way, a path which would elude him for the many years to come. The certainty of it had frightened him, who knew no such thing as peace even in slumber. T
  5. Had a charming RP with @ArgonPendragon who sat down with me to hear some stories - welcome to the server, buddy

  6. i don't even know what these are but hit me, ill ask my jojo friend what they do
  7. Important: do you still have the chair?
  8. hello ark, how is your day
  9. Finally thank you, now I don't have to poke the ST every day about vaults.
  10. Please release the vault information soon – no one wants to see the travesty that was the Atlas-Arcas vault transition. And while a month seems like a lot of time, folks will be deservedly upset if they only have a week or two to gather up all their items on multiple personas/accounts.
  11. The prince is but an ashen mirroring of his usual splendor-masked self, but he does speak through the grit and blood. To those who ask what can be gleamed from the flames, he offers a simple, serotinous cone – seeds which could only bloom once passed through fire. “You too shall pass.”
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