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    [!] To the supply lines of the Firewatch and its allies, letters are stowed among the rations, addressed to no particular man or woman. It bears the royal insignia of Aegrothond and its whole. Further contextual reading allows the reader to grasp the purpose of the letter – an address to the common man, to those at the front, and those who prepare for war. To You, I write to inform you that the naval front gathers and proceeds as planned. I shall not elaborate on the details, but know that I am thankful. Without the help of you, this would not be so. What is a city, my friend? Perhaps it is a flame, and a leader is its keeper. To tend to the flames is to offer light and hope to kith and kin. By the fire may a candle be rekindled, and the cold be warmed. Fire perhaps is one of our greatest gifts. I write to you to tell you of the False Flame. These Inferi are forever doomed to a cycle of treachery. They live with meat-sweet hunger, craving all that they are denied, and readily betray each other for a grasp at power. All that they are is stolen from another, and so they can hold no power, and never truly create anything. They do not truly understand how to keep fire, for they cannot learn to keep anything - only take. I have been to their realm, and I have fought against them before. To the many, Aegrothond and its lands are known as a place of Sea Elves. Our mastery hails from the shipwright Eleron Sylvaeri - the last true High Prince of Malinor, and my ancestor. It is a legacy few grasp: the legacy of The Firstborn. Now it is a legacy of far many more Elves. It is a great Flame, to which many lives seek respite, and it is known not as Aegrothond, nor as Siramenor. It is now and forever only Elvenesse - and much as the Flame, Elvenesse prevails. Once I was a child of Light and Soulflame. Once I was a soldier, Praetor, Annilir, Prince - but in this moment now I am a keeper of fire. I have learned to forge the fallen star. I have uncovered the meaning of our soul’s flame, and the secret was never in its taking. Ride to the shores of Almenor, to the Elven South, for the woodlands will welcome your steeds. Sail to the bay, for your vessels are welcome. Take up your blade and flint. Champion not the flame of the Beast, but the flame in your soul. As for those who seek me - call me Flameborne. -Before the Gods of Wood and Stone: Fëanor Sylvaeri [!] A simpler notice, attached, but not addressed to any Descendant, distributed only to Korvassa. Judging by its contents, it is suited not to any prince or leader, but to any Inferi. You who bear False Flame, I tell you now. You know not the meaning of Fire, nor the Sword, yet you chase both. I know the secret of the Hammer, and I know the secret of the First Blade, and so I say that you are doomed to serpentine consumption: an ouroboros, the self devouring serpent, for you cannot understand anything but internal strife. I know that many of you were once Descendants, and I say you cannot fool anyone. Wear as many trinkets as you like. Every single ‘prince’ which rises from your ranks is doomed to be usurped, for that is the logic by which you live. Not a single prince among you was original, and every single one is similarly doomed to be felled. Send as many chained things as you wish. I will break them all. Long live the Free. Long live the Descendants of Man. Sea Prince of Caras Aegrothond, Prince of the Crown of Elvenesse. Bearer of the Crown of Storms, Keeper of the Arm of Aeriel. Descendant of the Firstborn Son of Malin. Flameborne.
  2. “Those fools just told the Dwedmar where the Hammer is,” the Sea Prince mused, arranging for a copy of the missive to be relayed to the Grand King, before moving off to pen his own missive. @DixieDemolisher
  3. Sir please, we don’t allow animals inside our establishment.

  4. I feel this is fully necessary.


  5. White sand stirs, and breaks. The anomaly had torn the firmament and sundered the land. In the echoes of their wakes, the bay’s soil shifts, rises, the sea breeze tainted with ozone and brimstone. Years would pass. The Korvassa dunes and its dwellers would be beset, occupied with the Inferi. Pearl colored sands clotted with ichor and debris. A place west in the bay rose into a mound. It endured despite the many tides, propped up by the wreckage of a sunken vessel. Here, stone and soil gained purchase. - The Mali’laurir came upon the mound above the waves. In his grasp, an inch-deep seed, its sheen metallic. ’The soil must be rich,’ he thought. His eyes avert from the small strip of land to the distant storm. Beyond the archipelago, rolling clouds rumbled days off, heralded by earlier bouts of sparse rain. From the sloop, the sea-faring man began to shift his cargo. Wrapped in spare sail-cloth and canvas, the innards of a slain whale, dried flesh from a basilisk would be exposed, then burnt and buried within the earthen mound. He had seen this once before. The corpse of a beast was broken apart. Within days, its remains became the seedbed for a twisted tree, cultivated by druidic hands into root-form. It would shatter the foundation of the ancient tower. Its branches unfolded and stretched, yet were absent of leaves. And still the tree lasted for years without decay. The seed was planted near the apex of the mound. The elf departed at full mast. A day had passed, and the sky above was dark. The seven stars of the Mariner shone above. - The storm arrived days later. Within the bay, branches of silver lightning cut jagged fissures through the dark sky. The peaceable Isles were shaken by the thunder, yet not frightened. The torrent of rain from the east fell thick against the Elvish homes and the walls of the citadel. In a breath, the charged air above the mound heralded the bolt. It struck down into the copper-tainted soil. Swiftly, this natural act was mirrored in one less natural – the mound shifted and was broken. The rock of the mound was shattered, giving way to deep roots, the gnarled wood coiling and building. The curled trunk knotted and split. The many branches blossomed from the wood, mimicking the shape of the bolt in frightening exactness. From the branches and twigs bloomed the stems, petioles. Further did the leaves unfold, the blades peeling back from the gnarled veins. The moment passed. The storm passed hours later, and the Isles were none wiser. - The Mali’laurir returned after the skies cleared, and he beheld the tree of copper leaves.
  6. The temperate Isles of Almenor offer sanctuary from the prevailing gales. Within a corner of the sea-facing cliffs, a silver tree took refuge from them. Its crisp leaves were the color of snow under sun, gleaming just so. At the base of its aged roots lay an altar, draped in crimson fabric. Upon it, the elf laid his favored longsword and then knelt before the altar, remaining so for a day. At dusk he prayed, and at night, his thoughts drift to his departed friend and to his will. Where would his soul be bound to? A great mystery, to be certain. Many now were the faces which would await him after – divided among the many halls of the departed. Would he fade in time, and stand before the gilded gates of Aeriel? Or perhaps find solace amongst those faithful to Tahariae in His courts, as he hoped of his mother’s family. Still were the Halls of the Brathmordakin, those who had shielded him throughout his life. Of other consideration, the Eternal Forest. The options were many, and his absence in one realm may bring sorrow to another. The elf regards his gleaming blade, which was possessed of a glow akin to moonlight. Day or evening, its light did not fade. In his musings, the prince found the glow likened to the glow his one eyes once bore. In his prayer, the elf found his answer simple, and found himself beholden to a promise from long ago. ”Foolishness,” he spoke to himself of the choice. The man stowed the Evening Star back within its scabbard. Despite himself, he smiled fondly. “And yet it is the only way.” In his parting after, the scent of incense lingered for many hours. Above the Isles, the constellation of the Mariner shone upon the Descendants below, and lit the path for a few young turtles. Soon they made out to sea, the path ahead clear and bright in starlight.
  7. “Challenging a halfling to battle with a shovel is quite brave – and foolish,” an elf prince mused over a cup of Halfling Ale. “Go for their knees my stout friends.” The elf turns aside and considers drafting up a few crates of cider for the good wee folk.
  8. The Almenorean Codex of Law issued 5th of The First Seed, 1770 Foreword The following Codex of Law shall replace the former Common Law of Aegrothond. It shall be enacted on the 1st of The First Seed, 1770, as a grace period. The following statutes have been written for the Isles of Almenor, with considerations for modern populations, and as such has been expanded. As a result, certain definitions have become defunct. The Principality of Aegrothond shall be henceforth known as the Princedom of Aegrothond or Caras Sylvadrim. The Isle of Harlond is no longer a constituent state of neither Aegrothond nor the Crown of Elvenesse and is considered a defunct entity within the Isles of Almenor. It has been replaced functionally by the Village of Siramenor. Index Definitions Crimes Against the Crown Treason Slavery Dark Magics Medical Malpractice and Negligence Violence Against Military Violence Against Children Interbreeding Piracy Forgery and False Testimony Vandalism Crimes Against the Person Violence Kidnapping Theft Abuse and Neglect Adultery Crimes Against Justice Bribery Contempt Tampering of Evidence Obstruction of Justice Perjury Expectations of Conduct Domestic Conduct Right of Arms Conduct Abroad Improper Gate Use Religion Magic Civic Duties Duties to Society Protection of Environment Law of Hospitality Definitions Isles of Almenor, Almenorean Isles, Almenorean Realm These phrases and terms refer to the entirety of the southern archipelago and all of its communities residing upon them. The Realm extends as far as to the northern, bordering road, the eastern and western woodlands, and its waters reach as far south as towards the Korvassa coast south of the archipelago. Princedom of Aegrothond, Caras Sylvadrim The capital of the Isles of Almenor, ruled by the Sea Prince and his Council. It is considered the citadel of the Realm. Village of Siramenor, Matriarchy of Siramenor The village refers to the east-southeastern village which lies outside Caras Sylvadrim. It is led by the Triumvirate, founded by the Matriarch Awaiti. It is considered a constituent state of Aegrothond. Village of Brandybrook The village refers to the settlement of Brandybrook which lies to the west of Caras Sylvadrim, which is independent. Almenodrim This term refers to any citizen of the Isles of Almenor who holds or resides in property, primarily in Caras Sylvadrim. They are considered family to the Sea Prince, and are known colloquially as ‘Sea Elves’ or Free Elves. Dark Magic Dark Magic is defined as any set of abilities granted by ritual, otherworldly power, or lineage which is inherently detrimental to the natural soul or serves Daemonic powers. This includes magics which corrupt the body or soul, or rely on the harming of Descendants, particularly innocents, to progress. Such magics include: anything daemonic in nature, blood magic, the shade parasite, demoncraft such as Naztharek, necromancy, etcetera. Crimes Against the Crown Treason Any citizen who willfully assists an enemy of the Crown is guilty of treason. This includes and is not limited to: passing sensitive information, publishing private documents and health records of any citizen, sedition, and slander. Punishment for this crime will result in banishment from the Isles of Almenor and its constituent states. Slavery Slavery and its practice is foul -- be it the sale, purchase, hiring or other condonement of usage of Descendants as slaves. Imprisoning another in such an unlawful manner shall result in the death of the slaver and others who condone such behavior, and the slave be set free. Dark Magics Those who practice dark magic are forbidden wholly from the Isles of Almenor. Descendants who disguise their true abilities and are found shall be expelled and banished permanently from the Isles, lest they submit themselves to the purging of their magics, to which a member of the Council must be present. Additionally, the Crown reserves the right to seize the mage’s property to ensure no trace is left of their magic within the Isles. Military and citizenry reserve the right to use any necessary force to remove dark mages from the borders. Dark creatures must be similarly removed or put to the sword, and may not be kept as ‘pets’ or servants of any kind. Medical Malpractice and Negligence The willful neglect or mistreatment of innocent wounded within the Isles of Almenor to cause harm to the wounded party shall result in banishment, and the offender shall be forbidden to practice medicine within the Isles. Should such willful malpractice result in the permanent injury to the victim, the offender shall be charged with Violence; if death, the price is execution. Unwitting damages shall result in the forbiddance of medical practice within the Realm. Violence Against Military Any form of violence against the Honorguard shall be likened to violence against the Sea Prince himself. Murder of a military officer or Honorguard shall be punished with execution. Violence Against Children Any form of violence against Almenodrim children, especially Elven, is foul, signifying an individual is irrational and holds contempt for Elvish society. Should a child of the Almenodrim or any Elf in the Realm be murdered, the punishment for such is execution. Interbreeding Any coupling with intent to produce offspring with a member of another Descendant or lesser race than that of one’s own shall be considered interbreeding. The punishment for such is banishment, especially should the coupling bear a mixed child -- for they have brought into this world unnecessary burden upon the offspring, who must contend with more than one Curse. Knowingly coupling with those who possess Dark Magics shall also be treated as a crime equal to that of interbreeding. Such coupling may decree abuse or neglect on behalf of the parents. Piracy Unlawful acts committed at sea, be it on board or involving a sea-worthy vessel shall be known as piracy. This shall include: destruction of goods or cargo of trade vessels; unlawful seizure of goods or vessels to pirates; willful tampering of a vessel to disrupt or delay its course or commit bodily harm to its crew. The punishment for this crime is banishment from the Isles. Forgery and False Testimony Willfully forging documents or providing false information to bypass security or attain property or standing within the Isles of Almenor shall result in banishment, as well as the seizure of property. Such information includes: identity for citizenry, enrollment into guilds or organizations, letters of consent or testimony, admissions of entry, etcetera. Vandalism Individuals who vandalize any public or private property within the Isles of Almenor without criminal intent shall be warned, and must make reparations for the damages. Willful damage of property to harm citizenry or the structural security and integrity of the Isles, to cause general destruction or dampen beauty shall be banished and properties seized. The construction of structures or fortifications within the Isles without permission of any steward (barring cultural exceptions) such as the creation of tunnels or complex underground rooms is also considered vandalism and may result in banishment, fining, and eviction, at the discretion of the Head Steward. Forts and castles with large fortifications are forbidden beyond Caras Sylvadirm and may be considered treasonous. Crimes Against the Person Violence Any and all forms of violence within the Isles of Almenor are not to be tolerated. The murder of any member of the Almenodrim or guest within the Isles will result in banishment and execution of the criminal. Other forms of violence such as sparring or honor duels are exception to this rule. Should these two exceptions result in death, the conviction instead shall be manslaughter. It is frowned upon and punishable to willfully duel an individual without relatively fair terms. Kidnapping The unlawful detainment of any member of the Almenodrim or a guest without their consent, with fraudulent evidence, or with consent obtained through threat or other duress is punishable by banishment, being viewed similarly to the act of slavery. Theft Theft or stealing is an act of dishonestly claiming the right to another’s property with intent to keep, sell, or otherwise deprive the original owner of it. Such property includes livestock, personal effects, trade secrets or goods and creative property (books, art, etc.). First offenses may receive warnings. Theft committed on a grand scale or repetition beyond this warning shall result in banishment from the Isles of Almenor. Abuse and Neglect The willful physical, emotional, or verbal abuse or neglect of children and the sick or physically or otherwise incapacitated shall result in banishment of the individual. Should such be committed as a result of extreme duress, the individual will be separated from the victim and given an order of restraint. Should the perpetrator fail to show significant remorse and reform they shall be removed from society, branded with the Mark of the Serpent. Adultery Coupling and covetousness of another’s partner or spouse while themselves married shall be frowned upon, for the damages such an act causes to society and especially one’s children. Dishonesty in marriage and engagement without intent to seek resolution is frowned upon, for it is likely to result in abuse or neglect to the family. In event of dispute, both parties must part amicably. Crimes Against Justice Contempt Contempt for the Crown and its agents is considered a crime in the Isles of Almenor. While individuals are free to make logical arguments in defense of themselves, they must keep a level voice and be respectful throughout the proceedings. Contempt shall also include failure to heed warnings or banishments from a member of the Council or the Sea Prince himself - this shall result in banishment of the perpetrator from the Isles of Almenor, and may include immediate removal from the Isles of Almenor. Obstruction of Justice Attempts to interfere with the Honorguard or Council in matters of criminals with the goal to free the perpetrator or prevent punishment is considered an obstruction of justice. This includes: the destruction, alteration or otherwise interference with evidence used in an investigation or proceeding; interference during an arrest; interference during an execution; threatening or assault of officials or Council involved. Perjury Dishonesty is frowned upon in Almenodrim culture, and as such lying under oath is considered a crime within the society. Providing false testimony to obstruct justice may result in banishment. If the individual was of high standing within society, an additional punishment shall be Name Cleaving, in which any titles, names, or ceremonial grants gained within the Almenodrim are stripped from the individual. Conduct within the Almenorean Realm Domestic Conduct When within the Princedom of Aegrothond and its Isles, one must treat their fellow citizen and guests with respect. The peaceable nature of the Isles is highly valued in the Elvish society, and citizens ought take responsibility to allow such to persist. This includes the upkeep of the city’s aesthetic and the structural integrity of the Isles. Underground structures beyond simple basements and expansions to one’s property should be brought before a steward. Right of Arms Within the Isles of Almenor, citizens are permitted and indeed encouraged to carry weapons and armor to defend themselves, so that they may rise to defense of their homelands and kin in dire events. Citizens may settle grievances independently from the Crown in non-lethal combat, so long as the crime is classified only as a Crime Against the Person. Should a duel of honor with fatal consequence be agreed upon, the Sea Prince must stand as witness. Conduct Abroad Beyond the halls of Aegrothond and its Isles of Almenor, Elves are apt to wander in pursuit of knowledge and adventure. Almenodrim who find themselves abroad are considered representatives of the culture and one’s fellow citizens. It is frowned upon to commit crimes in another realm, especially against those weaker, for such an act can endanger the society. Should an individual be found convicted of a crime listed in the Almenorean Codex of Law in another nation, they are liable to face a form of punishment. Improper Use of Gate or Doors Every citizen and member of the Almenodrim is responsible to keep their fellow citizens safe. The closed-gate policy is for the protection of those within Caras Sylvadrim. Wittingly admitting non-citizens who are not allies is dangerous and may result in punishment from a member of the Honorguard or Council with removal of keys or access to the gates. Admitting enemies of the state is considered treason and shall result in banishment. Exceptions are provided to the wounded or children. Religion The Almenodrim are a society of mixed Elves, and as such no single religion is the official faith of Aegrothond. Shrines and mosaics to various faiths may be found all throughout the Isles of Almenor, as all citizens may freely practice their faith so long as it does not harm or disrupt the lives of the Almenodrim. In the Village of Siramenor, the Aspectist faith is prominent, and blasphemy against the Aspects within the aforementioned region may result in a form of punishment. Similarly, this may apply to temples or private properties constructed for other faiths. Xionism and other faiths revolving around Dark Magics or the persecution of deity-bound servants are outright prohibited and will result in banishment following a cease and desist. Magic Dark magics are outlawed within the Isles of Almenor. As a result of previous engagements with the Voidal Incursion, mages must be registered or otherwise documented by the Head Steward or Grandmaster. Any abilities granted by magical connections, voidal, deific or otherwise, should be used responsibly. Arcane magic must not be casted within the Village of Siramenor. Exceptions may be granted by a member of the Council if in dire defense of the Isles of Almenor. Crimes within the Almenorean Codex of Law committed with any magics will result in banishment. Visitor Conduct Visitors to the Isles of Almenor must treat residents and guests with respect at all times. Visitors may not wear masks or disguise their identity in any way, and must abide by the Almenorean Codex of Law while within the borders of the Isles of Almenor. Should a visitor enter the Isles of Almenor with intent of diplomacy, they must send a letter addressed to the Sea Prince or Prince Emeritus to be admitted for diplomatic talks. An exception to these standards are young children, the wounded, or the elderly, especially in case of emergency or threat to innocent life. Duties of Almenodrim Duties to Society Almenodrim culture allows for citizens to live tax-free nor need them provide a down payment for their private property. However, in times of need, it is expected that citizens provide financial or material contribution for the sake of upkeep or improvement of the Realm. Should the Isles of Almenor and its constituent states be threatened, citizens ought to prepare to rise to the defense of their homeland. Protection of the Realm The Isles of Almenor are viewed among the most peaceful and beautiful of Elvish Realms. As a result, citizens make a joint effort to protect its beauty for the sake of balance in nature. To protect the ecosystem, structures should be built in consideration of the Isles’ structural and natural integrity. In event the natural peace of the Isles are threatened, by magical or manmade structure, consult with a steward. In the event of fires, floods, or other natural disaster, citizenry should make a conscious effort to assist in the crisis. Law of Hospitality The harming of guests of the Crown and its Council is frowned upon in the Isles of Almenor. Hospitality and admittance into the citadel shall always be provided to Aegrothond’s allies, including Dwarves of the Grand-Kingdom of Urguan and the Village of Brandybrook. Children and the wounded may be more freely admitted into the citadel, especially under threat.
  9. The elven prince duly signed, bidding Jorvin safe passage with a fine set of scribing tools – and extra ink.
  10. Within sparse woodlands, a tired and errant healer ponders on the humble lapis sculpture in her palm. The statuette of the stag was a faint reminder of the life Eris once lived, cloistered and fearful. The faces then were but a haze, like attempting to peer through the shadow cast on dividing curtains. What was once a clear memory for her was now faint glimmers of light and regret. The scent of cocoa, the clamor of a saber on cobbled stone and hay. Tactile sensations and scents always eased recollection. Sometimes, held close to heart before the fire at night, she could almost remember the faces of these people. Now, she was too tired to remember, and perhaps that was a blessing in itself. – Elsewhere, an elf of similar fair complexion and dark hair ponders his origins. He wonders of the once Sage, and tossed a series of mad scrawlings to the fire. "We are only as good as we allow ourselves be, " he would muse to his most recent guest. OOC: Take care and keep up the artwork if you still do that for yourself. It's one of the worst things to lose love of something you enjoy doing, and painful to fall out of practice in that something. Best of luck where you go.
  11. RP Name: Fëanor Sylvaeri MC Name: wandiferous Discord: wanderous#8112 Nation/Group Affiliation: Aegrothond Purpose for Coming: Provided in detail to Epiris via sea-faring gull. Seeking the history of past lands and to uphold various oaths for family and friend. Skills for the Journey: Familiarity with military and tactical knowledge (see September War, Voidal Incursion, etc.), smithing, mundane healing, familiarity with the undead, morale* *Willing to refrain from poor jokes to maintain morale
  12. @Fury_Fire Somewhere a concerned elf considers procuring cleanliness and haircare products. Perhaps Lorealf shampoo...
  13. To take it one step further not a lot of younger folks these days understand how easily their online actions can be recorded by total strangers. It's often overlooked because cameras are everywhere, and social media celebrities, advertisers and everyday YouTubers and streamers are looking for ways to reach out to younger audiences to build trust in these young age groups. While I'm sure not every emote or message is recorded, similar things could be said of Discord. After all how many bans, warns or other punishments have been made based off out of context messages?
  14. If any roll backs are had, ensure they are done right. No one wants to end up with a corrupt map.
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