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  1. The elven prince duly signed, bidding Jorvin safe passage with a fine set of scribing tools – and extra ink.
  2. Within sparse woodlands, a tired and errant healer ponders on the humble lapis sculpture in her palm. The statuette of the stag was a faint reminder of the life Eris once lived, cloistered and fearful. The faces then were but a haze, like attempting to peer through the shadow cast on dividing curtains. What was once a clear memory for her was now faint glimmers of light and regret. The scent of cocoa, the clamor of a saber on cobbled stone and hay. Tactile sensations and scents always eased recollection. Sometimes, held close to heart before the fire at night, she could almost remember the faces of these people. Now, she was too tired to remember, and perhaps that was a blessing in itself. – Elsewhere, an elf of similar fair complexion and dark hair ponders his origins. He wonders of the once Sage, and tossed a series of mad scrawlings to the fire. "We are only as good as we allow ourselves be, " he would muse to his most recent guest. OOC: Take care and keep up the artwork if you still do that for yourself. It's one of the worst things to lose love of something you enjoy doing, and painful to fall out of practice in that something. Best of luck where you go.
  3. RP Name: Fëanor Sylvaeri MC Name: wandiferous Discord: wanderous#8112 Nation/Group Affiliation: Aegrothond Purpose for Coming: Provided in detail to Epiris via sea-faring gull. Seeking the history of past lands and to uphold various oaths for family and friend. Skills for the Journey: Familiarity with military and tactical knowledge (see September War, Voidal Incursion, etc.), smithing, mundane healing, familiarity with the undead, morale* *Willing to refrain from poor jokes to maintain morale
  4. @Fury_Fire Somewhere a concerned elf considers procuring cleanliness and haircare products. Perhaps Lorealf shampoo...
  5. To take it one step further not a lot of younger folks these days understand how easily their online actions can be recorded by total strangers. It's often overlooked because cameras are everywhere, and social media celebrities, advertisers and everyday YouTubers and streamers are looking for ways to reach out to younger audiences to build trust in these young age groups. While I'm sure not every emote or message is recorded, similar things could be said of Discord. After all how many bans, warns or other punishments have been made based off out of context messages?
  6. If any roll backs are had, ensure they are done right. No one wants to end up with a corrupt map.
  7. Anyone’s goal with a magic or ability regardless of aptitude, manapool, etc. could be finding the creative limits of their spells or abilities. The less utility or creative freedom people have when casting a spell, the more likely I find they are to seek out boons, artifacts or other means to raise their own raw power. Granted how starved the community seems for creativity in magic these days, perhaps Voidal magics should be written with this in mind. Otherwise, you will end up again with folks picking up magics not for the roleplay or the creative potential behind the magic but because it has spells that stack well with other magic they already possess or are aiming for.
  8. In light of the plight of the merry Weefolk, the neighborly elf prince orders casks of ales and meads for barreling, wondering if there was such a thing as too much to drink for the Halflings.
  9. The other problem currently is that paladins are the only active distinctly holy group to my knowledge. Ascended have gone inactive, Clerics are shelved. Each of these three groups were meant to have different identities – clerics being at some points largely faith based but unfortunately some groups succumbed to rampant dark-mage hunting. Each group has their bad PR. This gets into another point – it’s easy to criticize the holy man who doesn’t do just enough good whilst forgetting the soul-stealing mage in the corner. Kind of like how people relentlessly focus on Catholic priests or other figures in the Church due to the rampant issues of questionable morality. Though that’s a bit of a problem with people entirely.
  10. The Holy/Dark conflict in the past has had the problem of man-hunting and toxicity from both sides. This is how we ended up with Ascended/Clerics in the past going out to hunt spooks. It became less a need to uphold their duties and moreso ‘let’s beat up a bunch of bad guys, because that’s what good guys do’. I see no issue with having zealous holy users or more neutral ‘Dark’ magic users as long as it suits the character. There’s too many cases of both running rampant: zealotry without clearly defining what is ‘Dark’ beyond an OOC attachment or mechanic; neutrality from Dark magics who still want the best of both worlds and don’t wish their personal life be affected by sacrificial rituals or unnatural creatures. While the lore should be considerate of other Dark/Holy groups, it’s problematic for anyone to form their identity as a magic based off the identities of others first. If anything should be more strictly defined as to how to treat such beings, it should be the Aeungu-Daemons, not necessarily their followers. Not every player however might accurately define for their characters what ‘good’ or ‘holy’ even is, however, and the server’s lore can get quite tricky. Clerics for example as many think of them come from Dungeons & Dragons, which has alignments attached to them – something which while the Lore Team could tie to various Aeungu-Daemons, cannot easily do so to characters. Sure your Holy-Man could purge away any spooks seen, but the average Descendant has to worry about banditry, assault, slavery and more – which are often worse crimes to some than a skeleton doing parlor tricks over in the town square. I suppose the best question for clerics and holy mages is, what makes them different than an average man with a dislike for undead and a sword that hurts undead extra-good? And what purposes could they fulfill beyond that basic encounter? (Granted, folks going around tapping everything with aurum/slayersteel poses the same problems as people using Clerics/Paladins/Ascended to meta-scan dark mages in the past – in which case just report those folks.) Again, beyond the ‘good guys beat up bad guys, and because they’re good, they should win’ attitude I see sometimes.
  11. (( It’s under forum roleplay guidelines. Someone asked me about this earlier, and it took me a while to find. There might be specific wording in another guideline/rules section somewhere else. Rule in question refers to specifically mentioning someone’s character without their OOC consent. It’s not posted in text in this thread, but the embedded image serves the same purpose. Considering it’s MadOne’s character involved, I’m sure his pals can let him know.
  12. An elf recalls when decades ago a certain government attempted to warclaim the Fae Realm. He set the missive aside and returns to his forge halls, pondering the modified ballista designed by Azdl Starbreaker.
  13. Do they call their barracks Dho'jos? @LorelessPuddleMancer
  14. Situations like this are why people should either not cyber or not be in a relationship if they're going to hide or not be honest with their real romantic partner about it. It's not the concept of shame so much as communication between the parties, and often people don't know the identity of the person they are cybering with. Take out the context of a video game. You're looking at a text based platform of two people cybering as other characters. It wouldn't look that different from an actual roleplay scenario with a sexual partner now would it? Granted it's a different story with every person involved being aware, but is finding out your SO like this especially as a non gamer really something you want? These boundaries had to have been set properly a long time ago, and regardless of severity in the eyes of us average role players, this is already a breach of trust for an average couple. (Without even opening the can of worms that is anonymity and the inherent dishonesty which can come from it.)
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