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    An elf, upon receiving news of the call to stand trial, recalls the various domestic disputes experienced in his own youth in Caras Eldar – and expressed sympathy for the turmoil which might affect the Syllar son. He would compose a letter and store it for later. However, upon glancing the missive one final time, his gaze fixed briefly on the signatory Avurak II. With some haste he would prepare a vessel for a later voyage to Vira’ker, to confirm this belief.
  2. Do they call their barracks Dho'jos? @LorelessPuddleMancer
  3. Situations like this are why people should either not cyber or not be in a relationship if they're going to hide or not be honest with their real romantic partner about it. It's not the concept of shame so much as communication between the parties, and often people don't know the identity of the person they are cybering with. Take out the context of a video game. You're looking at a text based platform of two people cybering as other characters. It wouldn't look that different from an actual roleplay scenario with a sexual partner now would it? Granted it's a different story with every person involved being aware, but is finding out your SO like this especially as a non gamer really something you want? These boundaries had to have been set properly a long time ago, and regardless of severity in the eyes of us average role players, this is already a breach of trust for an average couple. (Without even opening the can of worms that is anonymity and the inherent dishonesty which can come from it.)
  4. The elf held his palm over the long suffered mark of Agony's doing, which marred his left bicep. Legions of demons, undead at beck and call... seen with his own eyes years ago, and it their numbers had only increased. He hoped the information provided would be enough to begin to root out the Dark: that none may suffer the wicked malflame again. In lacking of such, his mind was filled with the plans of a holy armoury. Such was his Oath, his heritage, his purpose. The call would be put forth after his signature. "I shall make the rounds, and be certain we are prepared for the fight ahead. To combat the truly wicked and the dark - and speak of the Darkness which still lies before us."
  5. Had some great times with you as Daichi, best of luck, dude.
  6. [!] A series of penned missives were available to Arcas – as for the public, to the cities of Fenn, Urguan, Vira’ker, and peculiarly the Silver City might these parchments be found. Similar fliers were sent in private. (Above, an illustration depicting the newly wrought ships, at night.) A series of events are scheduled for the following months, listed as follows: A Celebration Fëanor Sylvaeri, having reached the age of 100 this previous year, will hold a more private celebration to commemorate the event. Friend and family of Aegrothond are welcome to attend, as well as any smith or gemcutter that may exist in Arcas. A drinking contest may ensue. To mark the event, a series of statues shall be examined in memory of the late Grand Prince Aelthir Tundrak and the High Prince Avurak Syllar. Constructed in a fashion befitting the sea-faring Almenodrim, the priests of Wyrvun and the Primarch Da’kir and his companions are welcome to attend – and offer advice to the memorial sites, as to pay respects to Wyrvun and the Ancestors respectively. To conclude the event, the boats shall be christened, to be prepared for the next month’s events. This will take place at this Elven Day (July 26, 2019 at 10PM EST). Private invitations include: The Ascended, Damien, and various others – regardless of race. A Memorial The following Elven Day, the memorial sites shall be opened to the public, and a beach-side celebration and feast shall commence. This shall also be a pre-emptive celebration for the coronation which will take place later that Elven Day – to formally crown Delmira Sylvaeri as High Princess, alongside the current High Prince. All are welcome, if they are able to keep peace. Additionally, opportunity will present itself to those seeking to make peace or otherwise politically approach Aegrothond. This will take place the following Elven Day (July 27, 2019 at 4PM EST) at -520 280 behind Aegrothond. Take the Korvassa road. Private Invitations Include: The Freeblades, The Syllar, Tundrak, Sylric, Annungilben, Starbreaker A Coronation A private ceremony, welcoming the Under-Realm, Fenn, Vira’ker and family and friends of the Almenodrim, will see Delmira Sylvaeri crowned formally. This will take place later in the month. This will take place later that Elven Day (July 27, 2019 likely past 11PM EST).
  7. §1.12 Unlocked chests may be taken from freely. Folks can indeed take from your chests if they aren’t locked, so I recommend doing so with any and all containers you own. I also recommend locking all means of entrance, such as fence gates and more. Remember to still roleplay your attempts and actions. You must have a valid reason for said actions. For example do not simply do /smash without proper roleplay leading up to said action and you do not just break windows to break windows. This still applied to the thief, especially so if you live in a settlement and your neighbors were robbed. You could always ask a moderator to ensure proper breaking and entering RP occurred as far as the locked door is concerned, but there’s otherwise nothing stopping the person from robbing your house if you’re offline. I recommend checking the Breaking & Entering section under the Server Rules to make sure you’re covered for the future. Item frames for example can’t be stolen by a random thief, but only in a heist.
  8. wan

    Zacho AMA

    Can you sing meme town for us
  9. [!] A series of aged manuscripts packed within leather-backed tomes would begin to circulate, originating from Southern Arcas. Bereft of silvering or golden trims, the following title was embossed on the cover; elegant print would follow after. Although unsigned, denizens of the Under-Realm, Aegrothond, and Fenn might discern the manuscript’s writer more precisely. Overall, it appears as though this document is a fraction of a larger encyclopedia. II. Gemstone Glossary Chapter Introduction Following interview with the client and the commission being defined, it is wise for any silversmith or gemcutter to assess his stock of gems. No stone is alike, and keen eyes are suitable for the selection in order to proceed forward. The following is a selection of observed gems produced through natural causes1. Tables of definitions lay before this, for ease of reading. Definitions Cabochon – A polished gem lacking facets. Clarity - A gem’s presence (or lacking) of inclusions. Higher clarity equates to fewer inclusions observable by the natural eye (and magnification) Cut – Describes the placement, presence and number of facets of a gem. Facet – A flat surface of a multiple-sided gem, produced by cutting. Group – A category of gems determined by the mineral composition. Hardness – Describes a gem’s surface resistance to abrasion. Positive correlation with strength. Inclusions – A material trapped within the gem, acquired by natural formation. Inverse correlation to clarity. Luster – Describes the surface of the gem and its reflection of light. (See Lustre Terminology) Shape – The face-up outline of a gemstone. Toughness – A gem’s resistance to cracks, chips and breakage. Variety – A type of gem within a group. Lustre Terminology Adamantine – Highly refractive, translucent, and transparent. Metallic – Quality of polished metal, flat surfaces are reflective. Pearlescent – Possessing a thin layer of transparency, reflective like its namesake. Silky – Parallel, often uniform fibers. Greasy – Smooth, akin to oil, due to various inclusions. Resin – Transparent, bearing the appearance of resins such as amber. Vitreous – Similar to glass. Waxed – Soft, smooth appearance. Dull – Coarse, very little reflection of light. Gemstones Precious Gems2 Diamond The strongest of natural gemstones, known for its superior qualities. Often valued in weight. Clarity – medium or poor due to mining; high clarity is in high demand and value. Colors – white (common), yellow, brown, green, pink, blue, black, red purple Cuts – proportions often altered to maximize color and reflection of light; often associated with the ‘brilliant cut’ Hardness – May scratch Corondum Lustre – Adamantine Toughness – High; fatally, contains directions of cleavage within (difficult to break, but possible) Emerald Prominently known for its range of green color, from hues of blue to yellow. Prone to inclusions. Group – Beryl Clarity – low, featuring many inclusions; high clarity common in larger gems. Colors – green, depends on locale Cuts – corners often removed to prevent later breakage, creating the ‘emerald cut’; straight cuts are common and usual. Hardness – may scratch glass Lustre – Vitreous Toughness – poor Ruby Valued for its natural red color and fine lustre. Group – Corondum Clarity – low; inclusions valued for star-patterning, susceptible to heat for treatment Colors – red, rarely pink hues Cuts – a fine cut on a gem with few inclusions bears a fine lustre; round shapes are more rare than oval; square/emerald cuts often yield larger gems Hardness – may scratch topaz Lustre – Bright Vitreous Toughness – good, if lacking inclusions Sapphire Category of Corondum including all other colors, typically blue. A welcome gemstone choice – customers frequently associate this gem with blue (beware). Group – Corundum Clarity – low; inclusions valued for star-patterning, susceptible to heat for treatment; high clarity is extremely rare. Colors – blue (common), pink, yellow, green, purple, black Cuts – similarly to rubies, preferring oval over round shapes; Hardness – may scratch topaz Lustre – Vitreous Toughness – good, if lacking inclusions False Ruby/ Sapphire A peculiar variety of gem I mistook for a ruby or sapphire. Although similar in composition to these gems, it possesses a lower hardness, and is just as lustrous. Clarity – low, fewer inclusions than a ruby. Colors – soft red (common), deep blue, pink Cuts – suitable for pillow shapes, often in small forms Hardness – may scratch topaz Lustre – Bright Vitreous Toughness – good, if lacking inclusions [!] Rather abruptly, it seems the chapter has been cut off before the Chapter’s Appendix. Context of the latter notes suggest the section on ‘Semi-Precious’ Gems to be missing. Penned at the bottom of a page’s corner was the name Fi’Annyerir. Appendix 1. Although there exist gemstones which attain lustre through unconventional means, these gems are valued for inherent functional properties as opposed to natural beauty. Such gems are typically acquired and refined for the sake of wards, socketed into weapons, etc. A gemcutter is likely able to refine such gems through mundane means. However, the Arcane is volatile – sudden ruptures are likely to shatter a gem from within. 2. Refrain from using ‘precious’ versus ‘semi-precious’ among certain circles of gemcutters. These terms are perceived as arbitrary for the sake of their work. These terms are devised for the sake of patrons. Categorization of gems eases the simple man’s eyes.
  10. [!] A simple letter was nailed to the notice boards in the southern lands, the script slanted and neat, smelling of honey. I may answer your query. I witnessed the latter half of the battle and have an experience to offer for history's own sake. I offer this to any with an open mind and compassion for fellow Descendants. -Amber
  11. It’s been a while, dear Eris

  12. An elf fondly remembers the similar melon raids of Caras Eldar in Atlas, and makes note to expedite reforestation surrounding Brandybrook outskirts. "Perhaps the good old Weefolk might like a truffle hunt or other confectionary goods."
  13. TREATY OF AEGROTHOND, 1715 WE, the Bodies of Representatives from Our Fair Nations, do solemnly declare the following decrees as correct and true; I. The Holy Orenian Empire and The Crown of Elvenesse do solemnly declare a pact of non-aggression between both nations; II. The Holy Orenian Empire and The Crown of Elvenesse do solemnly declare a pact of alliance for the duration of the war against the Pertinaxi rebels; III. The Holy Orenian Empire and The Crown of Elvenesse do solemnly declare an establishment of embassies between each nation; IV. The Holy Orenian Empire does solemnly recognize the Elvenesse’s independence from the High Elven people; V. The Crown of Elvenesse does solemnly recognize Joseph de Marna as the rightful Emperor and denounces the Pertinaxi Dynasty; SIGNED, Joseph I, Holy Orenian Emperor Fëanor Sylvaeri, High Prince of Elvenesse
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