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  1. A Fete of Prosperity 1780 With the recent appointment of Lorena Annabelle and the reforms following in her wake, inevitable prosperity is bound to surface within the confines of Kaedrin. Consequently, after perpetually waiting for years and years, the heart of the Commonwealth being Owynsberg yearns for a festivity. After heeding the advice of its beloved citizens, Superintendent of the Arts George Dubois alongside the rest of the Commonwealth deems it fit to hold a festival like no other, to revel in these times of prosperity. But to also bear in mind the Demon peril, to not forget, but to allow not the menace to topple us down, for our spirit can not and will not ever be tainted, we will always rise and remain triumphant. For the Commonwealth! All in the Empire are invited to this day of carousing, taking place on the date of 1780. In the morn: Once everybody has rallied for the event, a speech will be given by the Superintendent of the Arts. Then all in attendance will be allowed much of the day to knock a few, or many drinks back and mingle. Being mindful of such, the Commonwealth will be inviting all purveyors and entrepreneurs alike to host their own stalls in the city, vending, auctioning or even hosting games. Said stalls will be free of any charge, the only constraint being that your goods must be deemed worthy and enticing for the public. At Noon: It is expected at this point that at least everybody is marginally tipsy, with drunk souls comes young vigour and staggered talent, a spectacle for all to marvel at! A ring will be constructed on the day and when the time comes a boxing tournament shall be held, with a considerable prize of 3000 mina proffered to the gallant victor. Amongst that, the victor ludorum shall be crowned with the petty title of ‘The Kaedrini Lionheart’. Nearing Night: Everything will be coming to an end at this point, but fear not, as the excitement will only grow into the day’s end. A freshly thought out competition will be taking place in honour of the Imperial State Navy and their recently constructed port. It will consist of both archery and boating, a challenging task and the deciding factor will undoubtedly be teamwork. Two people will be assigned as a team per boat, in which they will compete against others for the fastest time in a race. Along the way posts within the water will be set up with troublesome targets, you may only proceed in the race once said target has been hit. The victors will receive a mina prize of 2000 mina and will have their portraits painted, depicting their victory, to be hung inside one of the halls inside of the Port. To conclude in all, we hope to see each and every person reading this missive in attendance on the day of the event. Bringing numbers and activity to the once forgotten province will without doubt bring further strength and glory to the Empire. So to repeat, join the Commonwealth on this day of celebration and carouse til the night gives out. Her Excellency, Lorena Annabelle Helvets, Lieutenant Governor of Kaedrin Mister, George Dubois, Superintendent of the Arts and Minister of Finance OOC: Taking place on Saturday (07/08/20), at 6PM EST in Owynsburg/Kaedrin.
  2. *: ・ ゚ ✧ *: ・ ゚ ✧ *: ・ ゚ ✧ *: ・ ゚ The HOLY union of d’Arkent + Dubois ─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ─── All within the Empire are invited to attend the wedding ceremony between the two halves Vespira d’Arkent and George Dubois, in the Basilica of the Final Revelation. They are to be joined as one in front of the eyes of their family, friends and above all the revered GOD. Following the ceremony, all in attendance will be graciously summoned to the Carrington Estate to drink and make merry until the crack of dawn. With that, be sure to find the time to witness the unification of the two and to join in the celebrations, which will be taking place on the date of 1780 ─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ─── Those of notable and venerable status, as well as those who the soon to be wed deem loved ones, also their closest of friends are specially invited, in high hopes they will be venture to the occasion: HOUSE D’ARKENT HG Peter Baldwin d‘Arkent, Duke of Sunholdt, Baron of Selm HG Tatiana d’Arkent, Duchess of Sunholdt, Baroness of Selm HL Theresa d’Arkent HL Alexander d’Arkent HL Mary Lucille d’Arkent, Baroness of Carrington HL Joseph d’Arkent, Baron-Consort of Carrington HL Philippa d’Arkent HL Emma Elaine d’Arkent HL Charles d’Arkent HL Mary Jane d’Arkent ALL OF THE O’ROURKE FAMILY..! (Pretend all of your names are here) HOUSE DUBOIS HL Nenica Dubois HOUSE HELENE HIM Peter III, Emperor of Oren HOUSE HELVETS HL Governor-General, Henry Frederick Helvets HL Lieutenant-General, Lorena Annabelle Helvets HG Robert Helvets, The Duke of Cathalon, HL Wilhelmina Beatrix Helvets RH Richard Victor Helvets, Count of Rochefort HIH the Countess of Rochefort, Princess Lorena Helvets Of Helena HL Theodora Angelica Helvets HOUSE NOVELLEN HIH The Duke of Helena, Joseph Clement HIH Princess Imperial, Anne Augusta HIH Princess Imperial, Elizabeth Anne HIH Prince Imperial, John Charles HIH Prince Imperial, Philip Augustus HIH Princess Imperial, Juliette Caroline HIH Prince Imperial, Peter Maximillian HOUSE BARCLAY HG Erwin Barclay, Duke of Reinmar HL Kamila Barclay, Duchess of Reinmar HL Manfred Barclay HL Isabella Barclay HL Brandt Barclay HL Adrianna Barclay HL Luisa Barclay HL Marcella Avern-Barclay HL Anton Barclay HL Osvald Barclay HL Viktor Barclay HL Conrad Barclay HL Alfred Barclay GALBRAITH HE Edward Galbraith Lady Katherine Galbraith HE George Galbraith Lady Ivelle Galbraith OTHER FIGURES HL Boris Var Ruthern The Haense Royal Army The Imperial State Army The Imperial State Navy (All of my Haense qts limo_man ofc subscriptshark :3 my one and only masouri) OOC: Taking place on Sunday at 5pm EST / 1opm BST
  3. George Dubois rubbed his hands together in anticipation, exerting a jovial hum upon hearing the news. ”I best go and congratulate him and.. perhaps go for a couple of drinks, in celebration of course! He has always offered his hand in help, I want to make sure he knows how grateful I am.” Upon finishing his thought, the Dubois wrapped a coat around himself, thereafter venturing outside of his manor to seek out his friend with a smile spread across his lips.
  4. George Dubois sat alone in his office, in the midst of finalising and reforming parts of the Grand Ledger of Kaedrin, when unexpectedly a thought passed through his mind. His mind had cast back to the previous two meetings he had attended, with the newly appointed Lieutenant Governor. ”Hmm,” he mused freely, setting his quill aside momentarily to finish his contemplation, contrasting her recent appointment and her latest missive ‘OUR TIME, OUR OREN’, “I do hope she prevails, quite the keen and noble mind.”
  5. George Dubois brandished a carefree smile, grinning from ear to ear upon reading the missive in full. “Well,” he thought to himself, lacing his digits together and reclining in his seat, “Now this does put a smile on my face, Boris at last going to be wed. Even though I’ve many differences with Jane, I am delighted to hear she has finally found somebody to put up with her insolent and infantile behaviour. To the soon to be wed!” With that, the young man reached for his glass, indulging in only the finest of wine, that being Dubois and Co™ Duboisian Rouge.
  6. T h e O p e n i n g o f L e C y g n e d ' E v e T a v e r n 15th of The Grand Harvest, 1776 [!] Missives are posted about the Province of Kaedrin, a few copies make their way to Helena. The Dubois Family seal has been finely printed upon the parchment at the bottom. Within recent times, the proprietorship of the tavern previously known as ‘The Verdant Scéal’ has been passed onto the family of Dubois. Visibly, the first change of many being the change in name, as the tavern is newly titled ‘Le Cygne d'Eve Tavern’, translating to The Swan of Eve in common tongue; representing some past of the Dubois. Holding onto some of its history, the tavern shan’t be changing in decoratives, not yet at least. Once the establishment has been fully implemented and staffed, it will be looking to its employees and patrons, powering the people to style the tavern however they please. So, what say you? Are you in need of a drink or cigar? Are you and your friends out carousing but don't know where to go? Perhaps you’re simply looking to meet new people, or catch up on the latest gossip? Well Le Cygne d'Eve Tavern is the place for you! It is located just out the front of Kaedrin, the first thing you see as you traverse the roads and look toward the front gate. Drinks, banter, games and rooms if you’re too drunk to make it home, we have it all! So what are you waiting for, come on down and grab yourself a pint! [!] Near the base of the missive, a gap has been left, separating it from the topside of the print. The text reads smaller, save for the title. Regarding Operations of the Tavern: Unfortunately, whilst the tavern has been passed down most generously to the Dubois, it has lost many, if not all of its key workers. Unlike before, a simple interview shall be held before any job is proffered and the pay will be handled differently. Encouraging those to work for their mina, also with the added chance to be merited much more than a regular salary. A ledger will be handed to any barkeeps upon being hired, they are expected to fill out these ledgers accordingly. At the end of each saint’s week, all ledgers of applicable workers will be scrutinised; if you sell more, you are paid more. PATRONS, PATRONS, PATRONS! In hopes of promoting business, Le Cygne d'Eve will be sacrificing some of its revenue, seeking out newly established businesses. Be it a company committed to the finer arts of life, providing entertainment. Or companies staunch on selling various other products, being alcohol, food or items of interest to be presented by the tavern keeps. If interested, a meeting will be held between said company and the Dubois. In return for selling off their product(s) and offering exposure, Le Cygne d'Eve will ask that the product of said company be sold cheaper than normal. If such a deal does not intrigue you or line up with company ideals, any propositions within reason will not be opposed. OOC: Contact me on discord if you’d like to discuss this further, or set up an IRP meeting. My discord is Louis#1234, or you can alternatively contact LionHeart #2428 or Lalosia#5523
  7. George Dubois sighed a swift breath as he skimmed over the invitation, pondering as to why Mary Lucille of all people would invite him to her wedding, “What is this? I can’t see my name any-“ He then paused in the midst of his sentence, smiling somewhat upon spotting his name which was written at the bottom. “Oh.” His brows furrowed as he spoke plainly, “Finally, a chance to resolve our differences.” The young man set to noting the date of the wedding on a piece of parchment, thereafter storing the invitation into a folder somewhere in his office.
  8. George Dubois sat alone in his study, narrowing his eyes as he carefully read through the missive. A slight smile spreading across his lips as he came toward the end, reminiscing of his youth when he once wanted to be more involved with the arts, yet it never came to be. The young man dipped his quill into a pot of ink and soon after began to write on a piece of parchment, falling short as halfway through he raised from his seat, discarding the letter aside. ”I should speak with the others at Varoche palace, see if we can offer our patronage.” He would mutter prior to make his way toward the door, wrapping a coat around himself before venturing outside.
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