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fighting evil by moonlight

Frost Witch Guide

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Frost Witch Guide


Important Posts:

Cursed Ice and Altar Information

Base Lore / Origin Information

Addition: Mirroring and Thralls

Recruitment Post


Summary of the Lore


The Fjarriauga are a group of cursed women; those who have been condemned to an immortal life of hunting men to sustain themselves.  After being cursed by a Frost Mother, Frost Witches will find that their flesh cools to the temperature of a corpse, which makes them extremely weak to heat but grants them the ability to manipulate and create ice.  To prevent themselves from being constantly hunted, Frost Witches gain the ability to disguise themselves.  Their new bodies can reflect any descendant race, but must be realistic.  Groups of Witches can work together to perform sabbaths at Witch’s altars, which must be grown from a seed of cursed ice in a sacrifice.


The curse is spread by Frost Mothers, Witches who have served their coven long enough to learn how to provide for their own.  Frost Mothers have increased abilities with ice and snow, can maintain a greater number of disguises, and feel an insatiable urge to curse worthy candidates, ensuring that Fjarriauga never die out.  


Any woman can be cursed, but only heartbroken or otherwise depressed women will find the curse consuming their mortality, leaving them but an icy shell of what they once were.  Anyone connected to a deity, including druids, clerics, paladins and ascended are not able to be cursed.  Any female can resist the curse as well, and will simply feel an overwhelming depression for several days before the curse fades away and she returns to normal life.


Description of abilities with emote examples


Ice Conjuration

The art of evoking ice is one that comes naturally to a Frost Witch, and has incredibly useful applications.  This is done by condensing existing moisture in the air and then lowering the temperature past the point of freezing.  At first, a witch is only able to conjure small flurries but with practice, an experienced Witch is able to pull respectable amounts of ice and snow from thin air.  Ice Conjuration is affected heavily by the environment.  Any environment considered dry or hot would be incredibly hard to conjure within without assistance from an outside source, such as an enchantment or another witch.



[!]  Her eyes narrowed as she eyed the space in front of her.

[!]  The air would begin to feel colder, and small flurries would begin to flutter around the room.

[!]  The flurries would grow greatly in size, to that of large snowflakes.

[!]  The snowflakes would seem to condense.  Now, large chunks of snow fall from the ceiling, filling the air and making it difficult to see.


Ice Manipulation

Witches are able to manipulate existing ice with ease, as if it is an extension of themselves.  Of course, this doesn’t exempt them from tiring after extended use.  Most Witches are taught how to forge daggers from ice which, while brittle and able to be melted, is better than being unarmed.  Other uses for ice manipulation include immobilizing opponents, throwing chunks of ice or icicles in combat, and, of course, making ice sculptures.



[!]  The Witch releases a sigh, clutching the chunk of snow in her hand.

[!]  Slowly, the snow would begin to condense into ice, then begin to shift in her palm.  The chunk of snow appeared to be sharpening at the end.

[!]  After a few more moments of movement, the Witch gripped the end of the newly made icicle.



At the core of Frost Witch life lies their innate ability to disguise themselves as any descendant race. The aesthetic act of disguising oneself is mostly up to the player: some rp it as appearing as if their skin was cracking, giving way to a new visage beneath.  Others say it looks more like shimmering snow.  No matter how you choose to RP it, disguising is arguably the most important skill for a Witch to master.



[!]  Her form would begin to shimmer, eyes fading to a pale blue, skin morphing into a light gray and hair bleaching to a stark white.  



The Witch’s curse has multiple uses; the most widely used one being Mirroring.  In the event that a Witch runs her hand along the back of someone’s neck with intentions of malice, male or female, they will begin to feel the effects of a newly made Witch.  Their skin will begin to feel cold, their teeth will feel as if they’re constantly being ripped out, and insatiable hunger will grow within their stomach.  Unfortunately, this hunger is only satiated with the flesh of a man, but that is not to say that normal food will not keep them alive.  Mirroring is more of an illusion than an actual curse; the inflicted will feel as if their teeth are being ripped out, but nothing will actually happen to them.  These effects grow, peaking on the middle day before tapering off towards the end.  After 3 days, or one week if cursed by a mother, the curse disperses and the victim returns to normal.



[!]  Gently, the woman ran her fingers along the back of the man’s neck.

/msg (man)  [!] A chill would run down his spine, immediately alerting him that something horrible has happened.





Altars and Cursed Ice


A chunk of cursed ice placed in the body of a recently killed man will begin to grow, forming after a few days what the Witches refer to as an Altar.  At this altar, Witches can perform sabbaths, channeling their energy and often times sacrificing people in order to accomplish a collective goal.  From this altar also spawns cursed ice, an incredibly strong and heat-resistant variety of ice that can only be reliably melted with the most dramatic of means:  primarily, dragon’s fire and holy fire.  


Cursed ice can be woven through objects to fill a variety of uses.  Many witches weave threads of ice into their clothing, allowing their clothing to shift colors with their disguises.  Unfortunately, the overall shape of the clothing will remain regardless of the disguise.  Witches will oftentimes also use cursed ice to forge weapons or trinkets, both of which can enhance their Frost magic by making the air around the objects colder, inherently making it easier for Witches to cast.


Finally, and most importantly, upon death a Witch respawns at an altar.  She spends time as a ‘banshee’ after death:  a semi-corporeal form which mindlessly hunts animals until she reforms, covered in blood and viscera, at the foot of an altar. The time spent as a banshee is not generally rp’d, and takes no time OOCly.  However, upon reviving, all witches will take on at least one negative effect from the animals that they consumed during their hunt.  For example, a witch that hunted down a deer may find herself skittish and afraid; a witch that hunted a wolf may find herself aloof.  All standard death rules apply to a witch, and she is able to be PK’d: the presence of an altar does not make her immune.  



  • Fledgling: A newly cursed witch.  This tier begins one week after the date of being cursed and lasts for two additional weeks.  Because they are newly formed, these witches lack the understanding of how to properly use the magic.  A Witch Mother or more experienced Witch is responsible for teaching them the magic, as not all frost witch spells come naturally to them.  The only spell that need not be taught is the ability to disguise as their former selves; disguising as anyone else, however, requires a lesson.  Any Witch may give lessons on frost magic, but only Mothers are able to spread the curse.  Regardless of the teacher, all fledglings will only be able to conjure ice and snow at a beginner’s level, but are able to manipulate pre-existing ice much easier.  

  • Witch:  With time, a fledgeling will find themselves able to manipulate ice and snow comfortably.  All witches at this tier are equal in ability, and would only differ by experience.  It is at this time that their abilities plateau; all Witches at this tier will remain at the same skill level for the rest of their life.  There is only one exception: ascending to Motherhood.

  • Witch Mother:  As the strongest tier, Witch Mothers are able to manipulate ice and snow with ease.  All Witches are able to recognize a Witch Mother on sight: they exude a natural aura of power and grace.  Witch Mothers only arise when there is a need, unless the witch herself deems herself worthy of the ascension.  However, they are compelled to spread the curse and would find it incredibly difficult to leave a worthy candidate uncursed.  They are the only Witches able to spread the curse.  Witch Mothers will remain as Mothers until they die, or until they become an Ivojur.  Although they have more prowess with ice and snow than the lower tiers, conjuring and controlling ice and snow takes the same amount of emotes, they are simply able to do it to a larger extent.


Red lines

  • A Witch cannot become pregnant.

  • The ice created by witches is non-voidal, completely normal ice.  This means that it will remain after the Witch is finished casting and will melt over time unless maintained.

  • Frost Witches are extremely weakened in hot or arid environments.

  • They are incredibly weak to heat, thus fire is extremely effective against them.

  • Only characters born female can be made into Witches.

  • In order to live, they must consume the meat of men.

  • Any witch that goes several days without feeding will enter a state of feralness.

  • After being killed, Witches respawn at an altar. This, however, does not mean that they are immune to being PKed.  Any Witch may PK, for any reason.

  • They may only disguise as the four descendant races, and their disguises must remain realistic in terms of size (ie, no 4 foot orcs, no 8 foot humans).

  • The curse cannot be removed entirely through any means.

  • Witches may disguise themselves to appear masculine, but cannot change their anatomy.



FAQ / Common misconceptions


  • Are Frost Witches made of ice?

    • Nope!  Think of a Frost Witch as a hunk of chilly meat rather than a block of ice.  Thus, they don’t melt, they just feel weak around heat.  This is why their skin is only as cold as a corpse; they aren’t actually frozen.

  • Do Witches bleed?

    • Frost Witches have blood, but this blood is no longer entirely liquid.  That means that when a witch is cut, it will sort of goop out rather than run like a river.  All of her bodily fluids are like this, including tears and saliva.

  • Can any race become a Witch?

    • Any descendant race can theoretically be cursed.

  • Can Witch’s blood be used in magic?

    • Yes.  Although it is slushy, it is still blood.

  • Are Frost Witches immortal?

    • They are no more immortal than any other non-aging race.  Becoming a Frost Witch does not prevent a character from PKing, it simply stops the aging process.  Any Witch may still PK, for any reason.  They respawn at altars simply as a replacement for the monk revival other characters experience.  It is NOT an excuse to RP your Witch as being immune to death.

  • Can touching a Frost Witch give you frostbite?

    • Nope.  Frost Witches are only as cold as a corpse.  However, a Witch could evoke ice around themselves, making their body seem colder.


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frost witches vs everyone else

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If it made any difference to anyones decision, but we working on it :’) 

Frost witches come back

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On 11/1/2017 at 2:26 AM, fighting evil by moonlight said:

A Witch cannot become pregnant.

This being the first one sums it all up.

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