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FM Update Log - January

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Hello Everyone,


The month of Janurary has been a great one so far, we as the Forum Team have had our ups and downs but we have otherwise come up better for it. A few things to cover in this update,


Membership Changes

We began this month with 1 manager, 11 forum moderators and 1 director. Over the month, we have promoted Devvy and Mitto to Forum Team Manager; however Mitto left shortly after. Today, we are sitting at a solid 8 moderators, not including our 2 managers and director.


We say goodbye to @Sky @Zindran and @MissToni this month, if you ever have the opportunity I suggest you thank them for their hard work and dedication to the Lord of the Craft Community, as well as their time served as Forum Moderator. This is not the last you'll hear of the three of them, they all have long careers ahead of them in making Lord of the Craft a better place.


But, as for the list we have managers listed in red, and normal moderators in green. New additions as well as new promotions are marked with a +

- dogbew

- +devvy

- Fawb

- Chorale_

- Gargled

- +Hyena

- Jeiku

- Keefy

- Mitto

- MrMineLoveDude

We're at a small crew at the moment, but I couldn't be happier with our performance as of late. Keep in mind, with our reduced numbers we are currently looking for new members!




Below are listed projects from last month, and their progress so far.



Forum Warning Appeals Rework

I have tasked @devvy with writing and eventually publishing a new rework for our Forum Warning system. The system as it is today is a remnant of a previous method of moderating the forums, on in which several warnings were given out every day and then appealed later. Following in the direction of previous leaders, the Forum Team no longer follows that model. We prefer to take a more soft approach, hiding posts that violate the rules and giving out verbal warnings to people who frequently violate those rules, and only giving out warnings when it eventually becomes necessary.


That, among other things is why our plan to rework Forum Warning Appeals includes the following:

-Removal of the one-month waiting period for warnings to be appealed

-Changing appeals to be sent to the Forum Team Managers to be dealt with, rather than the person who gave the warnings.


Progress: Complete, pending review


Forum Rules Rework

This is something that Paleo tasked me with when I had just joined the Forum Team months ago, however neither he nor Veist were able to get this rework out; however completed it may be. I plan to get it published as one of the first reworks sent out in the new year.


Progress: Complete


Clubs Rework

As many of you may have seen in our "Your View" thread, I have tasked @Crinky with working on a rework for the clubs system. There has been much debate among the Forum Team Management as to what to do with the feature, if you would like to be involved in the solution I encourage you all to visit the Your View thread I'll link below to leave your thoughts.


Progress: Cancelled



Forums Rework

Something that has been majorly requested from me since I took over, and I'm sure the same goes for previous directors; is reworking specific forum sections. When it comes time to work on this, expect to see a "Your View" thread up about the subject where you can put down what you would like to see changed about how our forums are arranged, or even what new sections you would like to see on our forums.


Progress: In Progress.


Manager Hiring

With recent management changes, I'm currently down to only one out of our normal three Forum Team Managers. After we get these projects done, I'll be recruiting from among our current FM's for our new management.


Progress: Complete


Team Recruiting

After hiring new managers, I'll be getting together with them to see about recruiting new team members. It is something we could do with for right now, however with just myself and Fawb in management I feel like the pool of perspectives on potential new members is fairly short, and I would like to get a few new eyes in the process before making any decisions. As of right now, we are not currently seeking new members. However, should you put up an application it will simply be kept until we begin recruitment again later on.


Progress: In Progress


A short synopsis of the information, however. We have completed the Forum Rules rework, which you can see in the Important Information section. We have decided against doing a clubs rework, as there is now added interest in the current rollout of clubs we saw no reason to do away with the feature. The Forum Warning Points rework is something that I do have interest in, and it is complete. The only thing we're waiting on now is for me to have enough time to sit down and put it out, which will hopefully come sooner rather than later.


Going forward, we are looking for a few new projects that I will be taking up myself and will be taking a more in depth look at. Most of what we have thus far is more private reworks, such as some back-end reworks to how we deal with player information. I'll be sure to update the community should we have anything else come along.



That's all folks! Thank you for your time, and if you have any questions or concerns about things having to do with the forum team, be sure to address them here and I'll be happy to respond,

-dogbew, Forum Team Director.

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