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Community Team Monthly Update Log- March

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Hello Everyone!
I hope everyone had a great month and is ready for another. Ivory and I are back for another monthly update. This month has been quite a busy one for the team as we’ve begun to get into and start testing out some of the projects we have lined up. In addition, the team has grown quite a bit in the last month and we’ve currently reached a healthy number of members. As we’ve added members we have been able to analyze our training systems and have begun to work on improving some aspects regarding our training processes. Coming up in April we have a number of projects we are continuing to work on and some new projects in the beginning stages of being

set up. An update on the projects worked on this month will be highlighted later on in this post!


If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what the community team is, you can read more info about the Community Team’s policies [Here]

NOTICE: Community Team is currently not reviewing applications. Applications that are up will remain open until further notice.



Community Team Roster





Monthly Application Data


Hello, Ivory here!

This month we saw 454 new applications to LOTC. 435 New Player apps, and 19 alternate accounts.

This is a huge, huge increase from last month, with an increase of 308 apps. This is attributed to the map change, with a lot of new players joining us for the start of Arcas!


Our overall acceptance rate was 71.5%, including both pending-accepted and accepted. This is slightly lower than last month (by about 4%), but can be expected with such a stark increase in the number of apps handled.








67.8% of accepted players were from an American timezone, which is 6% more than last month. 27.7% were European, a decrease of 7% from last month. And finally, 4.5% were oceanic, an increase of 1.5%!






Now, onto some finer details about our applications this month

As per usual, almost half (48.5%) of all accepted players applied with a human character (A decrease, actually, with 1.4% less than last month). Elves followed behind with 36.7% (Decrease by 1.7%), Dwarves with 9.2% (Increase of 1.1%), Halflings with 3.8% (An increase of 1.8%) and finally Orcs with 1.6% (Decrease of 0.4%). As you can see, we’ve had a small increase in applicants applying with the lesser-populated races!







Monthly Team Data


This month has been full of lots of behind-the-scenes work in further establishing the community team. We’ve grown in members substantially, so a large focus has been put into creating our training policies. Our new members have been working extremely hard, and the team has handled the massive amount of applications this month in a fantastic and timely manner.


Please keep in mind that some members may have not made quota due to hiatus’, being added to the team later in the month, or are a lovely Community Content Creator and therefore not required to. (Jenny_Bobbs, Bluee, z3mos, TheIchorDruid & Reko)






This Month we have a Quota King!


I’d like to congratulate @Rave_Cave_marb for making King of Quota for March!



Followed somewhat closely behind by Mamabearjade, Aquaquean & Roseways



Member Alterations


+Shy_French_Fry  accepted to the Community Team+

+SoulReapingWolf accepted to the Community Team+

+Jungle_Asian accepted to the Community Team+

+Marb121 accepted to the Community Team+

+Chaosgamer_ accepted to the Community Team+

+Zachslayer accepted to the Community Team+



+TheIchorDruid accepted to the Community Team as a Content Creator!+

+z3mos  accepted to the Community Team as a Content Creator!+



-GildedDuke stepped down from the Community Team-

-Hex stepped down from the Community Team-

- Cornivore removed from the Community Team-



Projects of March:


New Player Guide: The new player guide has been worked on for quite some time. It is packed full of information that will help new players understand roleplay, commands, the chat system a more. Check it out here.


Application Guide: This month we updated the application guide that can be seen before someone applies. It can be seen here .


Pots and Pandits: This month we kicked off the start of this Project. Pots and Pandits is a project designed to help members of the community learn how to Combat Roleplay (CRP) and introduce villainy roleplay to the newer members of the server. The Community Members dress up as halflings who raid or bandit new players depending on the event for their pots. It’s a fun and lighthearted event and shown to be helpful to our newer players in learning how to roleplay combat. As a couple of these have been conducted we have seen where the team needs work. Currently, these projects have placed on hold until the proper training systems have been created to make sure the team is ready to perform the events well.

Player Intervention: Player Intervention is a project designed to help new and old players with their understanding of the rules. Currently this month we have only been focusing on creating the system surrounding the newer players. Instead of having these newer players get in trouble for things right off the bat, the moderation team sends them to a member of the community team in which they are tasked with helping that player understand our rules and how to do things properly on the server depending on the scenario. This system is still just getting on its feet and the team has a lot of training and work to do in the upcoming month before it is put into full swing!

Tailor’s Guild: This project has been ongoing for quite some time but has been put on the back burner as we focus on other things. The project is to help provide newer members with appropriate skins for roleplay. It is a hard task to find skins or get people to make them. Therefore we are thinking of ways in which we can continue to grow the archive and get more people involved. This project is something we wish to dive into more in the upcoming month or so.



Special Thank You!

Thanks to @Lukariatias for his work on the new player guide and application guide.
Thanks to @MamaBearJade for her hard work taking a large number of interviews and side work for training.

Thank you to @rwko  for all their hard work on art and graphics for our upcoming projects.


Thank you and see you next month!





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when is wiki gonna get reworked

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10 minutes ago, NoZaku said:

when is wiki gonna get reworked

Thats not our job, and its in work atm. I recommend asking the Story team if anyone : )

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3 hours ago, Themeatrics said:

Thats not our job, and its in work atm. I recommend asking the Story team if anyone : )

Story Team Wiki*

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5 hours ago, NoZaku said:

when is wiki gonna get reworked


When is anything going to get reworked on LotC?




But in all seriousness, yes, soon.

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Well, there’s officially more new Halflings than Orcs.


I don’t know whether I should feel happy for the Halflings or sad for the Orcs.

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