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Months would pass since the Last Trial of Taynei'Hiylun


The Beacons glow had long since faded, and they began to crumble as structures do, claimed by the wilds.


The skittering and sight of excess Fae fades, but in the shadows one would swear a strange sight could be seen.




As the Order began it's familiar steps. During the night at which they might slumber. A final vision comes onto those attuned.

Taynei'hiylun standing upon a mountain in her true, Dragaar form, speaking unto people.




"To you all who suffered my ego. All has been done. The Chosen will find themselves with their tasks soon, and the chaos nature has been embroiled in will recede from the lands.


I was told to have more faith in you. In some regards, this is true. Young ones I thought to be lazy did well. Older ones played themselves as fools. Many of you went through and proved yourselves without earning a thing. And in the end I have realized a gap has formed in my slumber.


I do not understand the state of the Children anymore, so I leave emissaries on this land. To learn and grow and in return, so shall I. I may return one day, hopefully in peaceful times. But for now the gap has caused more harm than good as I pass the tools back out to those who have earned them, and I hope all learn to trust their holders.


I hope the wounds I have inflicted heal, and I pray that the process makes us all stronger in the end.


For We are the Aspects Children, and our Duties are endless."


The Vision eases from their minds, and a sense of relief would cast onto them...


For those Chosen for the Relics however...

(OOC: The only players receiving this part of the vision are TheIchorDruid, Kuila, TimberBuff, Nivndil, Junoix , iMattyz, Nightcastor, Aiden/Nano, and DrususTheDumb)



The Three Stones float into a large, abandoned city.


The Dagger joins them.


As the three stones fit together into a large circular slab, a man lays themselves down onto the tablet, and The Dagger impales them.


The blood flows out from the man, and the corpse desiccates slowly and seals the stones together. The Tablet inverts into a deep green hole in space, and the man-made structures fall apart and suck into the spacial gap. Nature ejects itself out in its place, animal life, even fae, as the city and beyond it is reverted into a deeply primal state of unerring, untamed nature..


The Relics fall apart once more, and clamber to the ground. The glow and sensation of them fades for many years, and the vision ends....



OOC: Relic Change Log


The Stones are not boulders anymore, and are chunks of a tablet they were turned into.


Each one has a unique design to them, and the weight system from before is gone.


The Stone bearers cannot track down other stones. People who have been in possession of one will not be able to find others.


Each Stone has Unique Effects to them now.


Cernunnos: Proximity to the stone causes animals to become more stalwart, or attentive.


Cerridwen: Plant life is more lush and present the longer it is around.


Nemissae: Life is wary, and if plants come in direct contact with the stone, it rapidly evolves until death.


The Dagger can be used to track the general location of the stones at the cost of draining life from the user. The directions will be very vague and must be done with the oversight of ST. Using this to metagame will see the removal of the item. Excessive use will cause effects that are in line with the lore.


The true effect of the relics require PRO consent, Manager approval, and if successfully used, all the relics become unusable for 6 months oocly.


Any other uses of the stones still work as in the past. Sizable sources of natural energy, with their unique effects on their item descriptions. Any other uses, contact A_Keefy and the ST for information/permissions.


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As the vision slowly subsided, some realization dawned on the Fox. She quickly made her way from the redwood trees to the coastal archipelago, rushing to her home in the Grove. Her hands ruffled through her pile of pillows and blankets until she got to the loose floorboard, pulling it up to gaze inside. The piece of the Owl’s staff, identical to the one she crafted for Bluejay except for the name on the back, was gone. The Fox Druid did not fret however, for she was sure it’s intended owner had come for it.


Sleep well Sister, I look forward to seeing you again. Hopefully Hileia’onn will aid you, and bring you pleasant dreams.

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The Jackdaw is awoken by the vision, in panic for a moment, before sighing.


The duties done.


No, not really.


Well, time for the long part.

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A particular bear is awoken from it's slumber by the peculiar visions, yawning as it gazes about the familiar landscape of the Archipelegrove. Out of the corner of it's eye, it notices a small, green stone radiating with druidic energy. After picking it up in it's maw, the bear wanders off into the wilds in search of it's next meal and a quieter place to slumber for the winter. The warmth of the stone would serve as a comfortable companion to sleep beside.

Welcome home.

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Brother Spore sat within his home residing in the Father Circle by his lonesome within the late night. A tea set laid out before him with a steaming pot and a cups set for two, although no one would be joining him tonight. Asger opened his eyes once the vision had ended, the cup of tea that rested within his lap still steaming as Taynei's wave washed over those attuned.  “It was a pleasure to meet you sister.” The younger Druid's hand seemed to shake for a moment as he glanced down at the cup within his lap, raising it a moment later taking a sip then releasing a drawn out sigh. “I will take the lesson you passed on to us four, to my own students one day.” He gave an affirmative nod at that as he moved to place the cup of tea back down before releasing a light exhale. “Even if I don’t smell right like Brother Jay.”

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Siruonn's head reeled back from the vision, body tensed before they exhaled sharply, they glance at their fae-ish arm that they had recently slammed against their desk repeatedly, then at the other arm, they were incomplete, abominable and that arm was the perpetual reminder of such, reminding them of who they lost, who they failed to protect.
"Prayer, huh"
Their voice was barely more than a whisper, yet it held the weight of the previous years in it
"well, if i can take anything away from you, is that if you want something done, you should do it yourself" the statement was a hiss under their breath.
"sleep well, sister."
Siruonn then asked, they did not plead, it was merely a wish, a farewell of sorts.
"Sleep well."

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A tiny redhead stood at the top of the Elder Tree, shaking a fist at the sky. "Don't think you can escape the hug you owe me that easily! I'll be waiting Taynei!"

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Coming to Avius Csarathaire in his restless sleep as it did, the tumultuous visions prompted the 'ame to toss and turn. Putting aside manifestations of the abandoned city, the bloody sacrifice therein and the fleeting fae all about, Brother Cinder wistfully muttered one thing under his slumbering breath, as though the great, departed dragon was somehow able to hear him.


"Don't go yet. I had so much more to ask you."


Avius' drowsy voice seemed to plead, as though all the unanswered questions of ancient things within his mind ached.

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"Blessed be.." a Mali'ame spoke softly into the wintry night air. A clear inky blue sky dotted with glistening stars. Her breath fogged as she spoke and then bowed her head. "Sister Transcendence." Rust-coloured brows adopt a subtle crease and she ponders upon the vision for some time, eventually disappearing into the gloom of the Grove.

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