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Under the Waves [PK]


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Not public knowledge, don't comment unless you know through proper rp with one of the direct line members of Iduna Anne O’Rourke






Iduna Anne Anastasia Eavan Manya Julia Lucia Catherine of Rourke
1804 - 1849


And that was the thing about her,
She kept on surviving.
With bullet holes in her lungs,
And knife marks itched in her back.
She never let anything get in her way,
A fighter,
Not by choice.
But a warrior at heart.



It was all so..






I'm going to leave, Nora, finally rid myself of ridicule and humiliation.” Iduna uttered to the concerned tenant who’d walked in amidst her packing.
How, Countess? And where to?” Nora queried back with many doubts in the O’Rourkes plan. Quickly the children came to mind and adding on the tenant snapped; “What about your daughters and son?! Iduna you’ve cast your husband to Sunbreak just as his fathers have!
I will return in six months time.. I must be gone long enough to be thought dead. Theodosia will rule fine till I return, with your help too, I should hope.” The Countess’s voice was barren, but those dulling emerald eyes were riddled with guilt and worry.

And so with Nora’s help she packed..
And packed..
And packed..

Till the entirety of that room was empty..

No one knew where this woman would go, perhaps Nora as she’d forced her way onto that boat deck as well.

It looks.. Shallow..” Iduna thought allowed, peering into the water as her things were loaded into rooms below.
Aye! It's neit, love, be careful!” Shouted one of the crewmates as he carried a few crates down.
A hand touched her shoulder as Nora grew near, the Countess frightened, flinched and smacked the woman's hand; “Ah- Nora!” She squealed, brushing the woman's hand with a nervous laugh. Peering back over and thinking aloud; “Perhaps this was a mistake..?
Dear, I’ve told you this for a month as you plotted and planned, now, our  ‘death’.” Nora was almost disappointed, not in Iduna but in herself for tagging along. “Your children will miss you.. And your husband.” She uttered as the boat shook and floated from the peer.

Too late to turn back now..

The Countess’s stomach knotted as she turned back to see the ivory walls of a decaying Providence, sighing.
I will be downstairs! Writing!” She called out for those on the ship to hear as if they even cared, going down to her designated room as she trailed the walls to stay upright. Pulling open the door and promptly closing and locking it as she entered.

Maybe Nora’s right.. I’m doing what my mother did to me and Auden..” Her guilt ridden face was hidden now behind boney hands for a moment. Fisting now, slamming to the table. “What am I saying-? My family will see me again in six months..!” She rose from dusty sheets, scanning the room until parchment and ink was found. “Aha - I knew I packed some.

One month behind them.. 


Knock knock, my runaway Countess!” Nora chirped as her fist gently hit Idunas’s bedroom door. The groggy woman at the desk flicking her wrist to unhinge the lock. “It’s open..” she called back, the tenant striding in without a second thought.
Hm.. quite the decor you have, Iduna.” A jest at the woman’s failed letters piled in the corner. The sealed and addressed lay on the table, ready to be sent off. “Shouldn’t you..” Nora’s brow furrowed as she looked between the three letters and the countess who was drifting to sleep. “Iduna! Shouldn’t you send Auden and Elias letters as well?” Her voice was.. harsh, compared to the usual touchless caress.
Iduna snapping back with the same, though riddled with exhaustion; “Elias knows I’m out at sea! Auden is probably drunk somewhere avoiding the ridicule that we’d give him for it.” She hissed, wandering towards her bed as a hand waved Nora away. “Go get some sleep..” Iduna uttered as she passed out.

The second month..
And oh how nightmares set in quick..




So the boat shook..

Captain!” Iduna shouted through a crack in the door. “Everything alright up there?
“Aye lass! Everythin’s fine, just a couple’a waves.” A man's voice returned, oh so confident. And so Iduna gave herself a reassuring nod, stepping back into the room.
Usually by this time would’ve been above deck spending time with Nora and the crew, but tonight she stayed in her room, listening to their cheerful, drunken laughs to fall asleep.





So the boat shook once again..
This time violenter. 

Captain?!” Iduna’s fear riddled voice screamed upwards. Without second thought nearly sending the door off its hinges as she pulled it open. Gliding around the floors as she made her way to the deck.
Her worst nightmare had come true. 

Captain?!” She hollered again, thrown to the deck in the beginning of a raging storm. “Nora!
Iduna!” A pleading voice called back, a melancholy caress. The Countess sprinting towards the stairs to find Nora rushing up with the letters, all opened and resealed with new letters. “We’ve been abandoned, Iduna.” The rest of the things were sealed to avoid being damaged during delivery.
No..” Burning tears mixed with the downpour, she knew it was happening but she’d made a promise
To always return..

And so..
She felt..










“To my beloved emerald, 
    Theodosia, I have set sail for what I assumed to be only six months.. The crew me and Nora have entrusted have abandoned us to die. Please do not resent your father for he will be the one to comfort you the most until we meet again. You will lead the family better than I could ever dream of, and for when you are to be wed to a worthy man and respectable Consort I leave you my wedding gown. 
We will watch you forever, and we love you. 

Signed, Iduna Anne O'Rourke,                                    
Your loving mother.
Nora James of Halstaig,
Your loving friend and caretaker.”





“To my soaring dove, 
    Eloise my daring adventurer, just as you do I have set sail for a dangerous adventure alongside Nora. Unfortunately the elements are against us and we fear we will not return as planned. 
Your heart is fragile and I love you for it, dove, be safe as you continue your excursions across Almaris. 
And make your siblings visit your father for me, We’ll be watching! Love you always and until we meet again..

Signed, Iduna Anne O'Rourke,                                    
Your loving mother.
Nora James of Halstaig,
Your loving friend and caretaker.”



“To my darling boy, 
    Nikolaus my cheeky little look-alike, your sisters may have to read this for you. You’re young, innocent, visit your father along with your sisters, he’ll miss you just as I’ll miss you. Stay safe and keep out of trouble! I love you always.     


Signed, Iduna Anne O'Rourke,                                    
Your loving mother.
Nora James of Halstaig,
Your loving friend and caretaker.”





Its my time to go..
OOCly, BIG thanks to Asutto, Bogs and Mando who gave me the character in the first place and helped me through my drag in the sand journey as the 2nd Countess of Halstaig.
It was not the best, I will admit but I had fun and made alot of friends along the way!

Theres so many people I want to thank in detail for making this character so; :)

Thank you to Asutto and Mail for letting me play the character in the first place althought her parents weren't around much

Thank you to Bloom who plays one of two brothers, Auden definatly made her journey much more enjoyable #twins

Thank you to StrongBear and Matt who were her love interest and betrothed, although Matt we didnt rp much it was still fun having Victor in the storyline
Thank you to Rogue, Rosey and most importantly Raine for accepting Iduna's son and daughters, I'm sorry shes gone early but you know how things go :(
Obviously thank you to all the O'Rourke players who put up with my shit as Countess
Thank you to MunaZaldrizoti who made her Charlottes personal seamstress for a while - not much storyline but still a fun thing
Thank you to Ncarr and Belle who made her Mistress of the Arts for a while - also short lived but still fun 


Artist; mwarsbwars



Artist; RoseyPosey532



Artist; KoriZaFerret



Artist; BasilTheBunny



Artist; BasilTheBunny



Artist; BasilTheBunny


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          "Come back t' me, ich am nicht ready t' add another ring t' my necklace"  

"I promise."



Elias's middle child, Eloise came storming into Keep within dwed lands, a crinkled letter held tightly, shoving it into her father's grasp. O'how did this young woman sob into her father's chest, asking question after question, speaking to the highlander, before he sent her off to be with her siblings. 

The Asul'onn found himself deep within the castle, looking to the painting of his wife he hung on the wall after she left on this trip, pacing back and forth within his room, violently shaking his head, "It's t' soon, vy vere supposed t' live longer t'en me."  He calls out to the emptiness, his steps pick up, back and forth, back and forth, he goes, "Iduna, vy, nein."  The Paladin chokes out, looking to his coffee mug on the edge of his desk, holding it tightly before he sent it flying into the nearest wall before dropping to his knees, tears start to stream down his visage once more, "Vhat am ich supposed t' do now? Ich am already fallin' apart, vy laid vitness, vy vere keepin' me held t'gether." He chokes out, his screams of pain and sorrow ring throughout the rather quiet Sunbreak, his voice growing hoarse. "Vy said vy vould come back, VY LIED, here ich am, alone, vithout vy, ve are never goin' t' see each other again, vy 'n t'e seven skies, ich von' be t'ere t' feel vyr embrace..."

Minutes turn to hours, that turns to days, Elias leaves his worn and growing ever more tired gaze on the horizon, another ring hanging from his necklace, "Vy made a promise, Iduna, ich made t'e same and ich alvays returned. Ve vere young vhen me met, vy vere my best friend, my only friend for t'e longest time." He pauses, "Ich never stopped lovin' vy, ich never gave up, t'rough t'e t'ick and t'in, ve had each other, odds vere against us but ve proved t'em vrong." 


A husband, a father, a brother, a son, a Paladin, he had nothing left holding him together, the slowly breaking man, had reached his breaking point. The once tall and humble man, now lays in ruins, turning his back on the world and his duties to come.










Even if I knew this was coming, everything leading up to this made me cry, and I hate and love you for it, I had a blast with Iduna and Elias, they were a power couple lol. But Cookie, thank you for letting me partake with you on this journey, it was a lot of fun, it had it's up and downs, and I can't wait to see what the future brings! Love you dude, so very much! <3


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one must be strong


Promise me, darling, you won't build up walls around 

your heart no matter how much it aches?





...Things will be better after the war.” Theodosia concluded a tactful spiel of her's; characteristic and ever ironic, she was unbeknownst. So very sure and confident in her assurances hailing a paranoia underlying as naught. Little did she know, little did she know indeed.


In the blink of an eye, one week had passed. Everything felt so quiet, solemn and isolated from what had once been shrouded in warmth from the hearth- from a family now estranged. Michael was at war, and her mother had fled alongside Nora somewhere surely. Perhaps she’d find the duo in Sunbreak. Perhaps there would be some fleeting, bittersweet rendezvous. For now, Theodosia would linger around the South; travel was dangerous after all.




Two weeks passed, and dread began to irk the back of her mind. No letters, no word from her wonderfully reckless sister Eloise. Nothing. After two weeks, Theodosia did not drift from her spot, steadfast despite her anxiety- characteristic. Things were quiet, but such was life. Waiting would bring about better times, her father had told her. 


She’d wait.




It had been a month and the O’Rourke “emerald’s” worry had only augmented. She found herself meandering to and fro, to and fro around those emptied halls of the estate. If she aimlessly walked around, then that worry could be downplayed. If she aimlessly walked around, she wouldn’t miss a knock on the door from her mother or father. 


Theodosia was alone; how it bothered her so. Her heart stung with a lump always in her throat. Cheer and mayflowers bygone, the guileless stupors expected in youth had turned few and far inbetween with her. In their stead: great fear she mostly concealed. Of course, there were brief distractions, brief “hello’s” exchanged. Even in her younger years, she'd indulged in these deviations from the bad things: travel, vice, shallow acquaintances.


Nothing did quite shake that imminent bad news, though. 'Till one day, it arrived. One day, on an unexpected afternoon, somebody passed a crumpled letter into her grip- stained with damp marks of the sea. She couldn’t shake a sensation of deja vu of the period five years ago- five years since the news of her brother's untimely death. 


For five days, Theodosia mustered the strength to ignore the letter, to treat it as little. In the back of her subconscious psyche, she was practically privy to the contents within. That was why she sought to ignore it. Because, when she read it and her gaze skimmed each line, Theodosia was left to lament. Droplets hit the page as tears freely fell, as choked weeps escaped her. She crumpled the creased page, clenching her fists and verging on toppling over against her bed. The shock was unshakeable, despite every folly hope to mentally prepare.


What was she to do? Who was she to look to? How was she to go on? Why had her mother left her too? Why? None of these questions had simple answers. The O’Rourke’s anguish settled in, as did initial denial; Iduna wasn’t dead. She couldn’t be. She’d return. The very heir to the Empire had, and so would she. 


And deep down, Theodosia knew it was a lie. The ugly truth cemented itself in her mind when she idly waited at the dock for hours on end for an unknown ship to arrive at the lakeside. 




Seconds of bliss would all pass; this had become a fact in Theodosia’s world. The seconds were sweet, but never forever even if it seemed so. To trick oneself only brought more profound pain and disappointment. If only she was aware what was soon to ensue (soon to pass,) when she had last really spoken with Iduna. 


It was a cool evening, hence the incessant downpour outside. She had broken some horrible news, and naturally Theo stormed off without bothering to reconcile thereafter. Maybe had she been different, had she been a greater daughter- a happier daughter, things would differ; maybe they’d be sweet. Alas, it was left to the philosophers to speculate someday- forever unanswered just as her gripes and questions were to her mother. Just as those promises were unfulfilled. 


She couldn’t summon any anger, nevertheless, grief squeezed her weary soul. To and fro, to and fro she strode around those empty halls like an apathetic phantom. She revelled in her grovelling, and no one could blame her merely seven days after her mother’s death. She was surprised to discern her father (usually elsewhere) around, idly in the library alongside her uncle. She was equally surprised when she found her red eyes welling with tears once more.


Soon, she melted into a deep embrace with sobs escaping her and words unexpressed hitherto. She opened her arms to a man she’d shunned from her life out of resentment and previous wrongs. Theodosia opened her arms to her remaining parent, holding on for dear life. Things were getting… 






A month later, a short missive was posted. 


It's with a heavy heart that the family announces the death of the longstanding Countess Halstaig Iduna Anne O'Rourke. Recently, she took a voyage to the ocean, wherein the ship failed her alongside tenant Nora James. Please put your hearts and prayers out for them both; may they rest in the Seven Skies as those bearing the "O'Rourke" name mourn. She was a wonderful woman, my very own mother- beloved by us, and myself. 



Lady Theodosia Illaena Anastasia Anne Clover Vasa Casia Lucia Emma O'Rourke 


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"Oh," Michael O'Rourke manages, overwhelmed by shock. He receives the news of his Aunt's death in his barracks, and it takes a good while for him to process it. "She.. can't be dead. I saw her jus' a few months ago, before me deployment.. she can't be dead," he repeats to himself. He retires to his small desk, grasping a pen in his left-most hand. He twirls it a few times, a frown on his face before he begins writing:


there was a woman, 

Strong-hearted and soft smiled

A true matriarchy of her

People, which looked up to her

In e’ery matters of state and heart


There is a woman,

Bold and kind, the true

Successor to her title.


She will carry her family forward, as

Her mother carried her family forward, not

Just a Countess, but a friend and confidant 


And her reign shall be bright and glorious

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                                  ArtStation - Cross Hatch Bugle Horn, Thomas Morgan

The man danced along by the seaside, Bugle in hand- blasting out the ears of anyone near enough to hear. 


Only once he took the long journey home along his horse's back did he notice something seemed off, everything within the county quiet. Eerily so. And yet, he went about his daily work, organizing the library as a book keeper, his most common hobby.


Then, the cries began.

Oh, how did the girl cry out for her mame, and he raced up the stairs, nearly flying off the wooden steps as he turned to see his niece, collapsed in tears at the entrance. She offered a letter, to which he read. He read it over, and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Tears began to fill his eyes.


Fury, towards himself, came first.

Second, came sorrow, for a soul he realized he'd never see again.

One he'd planned to ask, to finally have that competition of archery- which of the last two siblings remaining were the better? He'd always been curious. 


Finally, that thought. That inkling of a thought, one he'd shoved so far down, he'd nearly forgotten. 

He was, dreadfully, the last one left.


Maam, Father, Maeve, Gareth, now once and finally: Iduna.

He were the last of the four siblings remaining, his mother and father long gone from his life, as his siblings had gone missing young.


How pitiful were he, as he cried out within that maelstrom of thoughts- unable to contain himself, that hateful wail; before his niece, at that, locked within her own tears, now worried.


His hands pressed against his ears, he wanted his own screams to stop, yet in disarray, the man laid there for a long time.


Screeching, sobbing, crying out for the last of his family from his youth to come back to him. His second twin.

His poor brother in law, to find him later that evening.

But he'd exist, for now- doomed to silence, consistently on the brink of tears, unable to speak, for if he may start the shrieking once again.

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The cannons resounded oncemore through the village, their boom echoing through the Hinterlands. Blanks fired in the air, the cannons adorned with a crest the man had not seen for such a long time, that of Halstaig. The teams reloaded, preparing for the final volley. Edward Thuri-Elendil stood, his eyes scanning the ocean before him. Had it always looked so... ominous?

His head turned to look over the battery crews of Cartref Mor, who all seemed to look to him. "I'm sorry" the man says under his breath, hoping, somehow, that his last apology would meet it's recipient. He gave a melancholy nod, the call for fire coming forth. 

As the cannons at the hill top gave one last roar, a final call to the departed, the man was left standing, hands clasped together behind his back. His jaw clenched as he continued looking out. For once, the hardened sailor found no comfort at the sea.

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(please ignore this one idk how to get rid of it and its  bein all weird ;;-;; im sorry)

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The Golden Gates of the Seven Skies flung open and one Countess went to greet another. Anastasia's visage said it all, a deep frown lined her face and sorrow filled her eyes. "I missed you dearly my child but I didn't think I'd be seeing you so soon." She'd reach out, pulling her daughter into her embrace. "My biggest regret was never being able to give a proper goodbye to you and your brother. I hope you were able to at least give one to your children." 



You've grown a lot as a player and as a person from when I first offered you the character. I'm really proud to see how you've changed. You brought activity in the chats of Halstaig and to Erin Hall that I never could. I'm excited to see where you go from here!


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Amicia de Astrea watched those golden gates of the Seven Skies fling open. A bright smile found its way onto the woman's countenance as she eagerly approached her friend. "Iduna! I didn't expect to see you so soon . . ." the overbearing woman huffed. "Come, come - we have much to discuss," she assured, ushering her off without another word!

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Iduna’s forever tear stained appearance shifted to a smile, she practically sprinted towards her mother. Sinking into the woman’s arms she was complete again finally. “Mama.. how I’ve longed to see you.” The Countess’s head lifted, going to speak further before she was happily dragged off with Amicia. “My love!” She called, taking the de Astrea’s hand to be led further into the seven skies. 

@Asutto @sarahbarah

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Upon hearing that Theodosia's mother passed, the youngest of the Helvets quickly loaded a basket full of candy, sweets and plushies. She added a small painting made of crayons to the mix and began making the long way up to Halstaig. The child knocked gently on the door and offered the basket of gifts to whoever opened, merely speaking:


"I am so sorry to hear about what happened. I hope these are of comfort to you and your family."

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Alone sat a man on his boat. He sat and he drank with empty bottles of rum surrounding him. Nevertheless, Calahan Antonius gripped the paper that informed him of this wretched news, so tightly, he'd ripped it. Near him on the edge of the boat a sheathed sword lied, he glanced to it, before turning down and beginning to cry silently. Now making his way to the top of his ship, he stared across the vast western seas. The sunset glistening across the water as the city of Cartref Mor stood still, he brought the glass of Rum & Lemonade to his lips "Must've been a pretty shitty captain. . ."  He muttered before leaning back and speaking something in the tone of a prayer.

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