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  1. *The following is a story, only known to those who are told in RP* Alexander sat at the table, looking blankly at it. His eyes were wide, his mouth covered by his clasped together hands as his elbows rested on the table. A few of the Rhein's guards stood in the room at attention. Alexander's voice was low and harsh. "I want them all." Ames sat next to Alexander, who sat at the head of the table. He worryingly looked over his younger brother, frowning. "Don't say that." Alexander did not move a muscle. "It is my job to make sure my people are Safe."
  2. QUICK EDIT: This is a story, it is not known in RP unless someone who already knows tells you. Self explanatory. No I am not leaving, my current troubles aside. This is the closing of a story arc, not the end of the story. Ames sat, his legs dangling off the edge of the Rhein's cliff. The sun had not yet rose, and the jacket he wore did well to shield him from the cold. The blanket he had put under himself kept the dew at bay, and the warm cup of coffee in his hands kept him awake. He smirked as he remembered a time when all he needed to wake up was a glass of whiskey. Nowadays rem
  3. Alexander sits at his uncles old desk, looking over the missive Ezekiel delivered. As he holds it back up he sighs, relaxing his posture in dissapointment. "It appears we weren't important enough to be invited." Ames, sitting in a chair across the desk, takes the letter offered before unfolding it and reading. "There will be others." His tone was both dismissive and reassuring. Alexander nods, rising from his seat. "Well, I've work to do." He heads for the door, dismissing the forgetting of the Rhein
  4. *Disclaimer: This is a Short story. I shouldn't need to explain how no one else knows this in RP unless told by me....* Elias sat up in bed, his back propped up by pillows. Breathing was difficult, at times feeling like it took all his energy. He heard the door open, his gaze rising from the papers on his lap to meet the sound. Alexander and Ezekiel had walked in, each breathing heavy and sweating. He looked over to Ames, who sat on the stool next to Elias' bed. He held the same grim expression he had held since Elias fell ill. Alexander stopped at the foot of th
  5. Alexander sat on a stood next to Elias' bed, the man himself laying upon it still in a coma. He read the missive again, his brow furrowed. He looked over to his uncle, raising the paper out of his line of sight. Ezekiel, standing behind him, took it from his hand. "Eastcliffe?" Ezekiel skimmed the paper, nodding. He looked to Alexander, who had yet to look away from Elias. Ames and he had both decided Alexander was to hold the position of Baron temporarily while Elias was bedridden. Decisions had fallen to him to make. Alexander finally nodded. "Have the first Battalion
  6. It's a story, there is no formal telling...
  7. No one knows about this? And we get you are salty about being told no, stop being a jerk about it xD
  8. Elias stepped through the gatehouse of the Rhein's fortress, holding his hand over a gash on his left forearm. Ames was the first to reach him, covering the ground with surprising speed for someone as old as he and sporting a cane. Without a word Ames started looking him over, finding some minor bruising on his arm and side from the scuffle at Sutica's meeting. Alexander and Ezekiel burst into the clearing next, Alexander sprinting with the same surprising speed as his brother. "What happened?!" Alexander held Elias' arm up, tearing off part of his tabbard with a quick grunt before
  9. Elias read the letter slowly as he sat in his office. Ames stood beside him, reading over his shoulder. The man began to cough, Ames patting his back as he tried to catch his breath in between coughs. Thoughts, Ames? Ames looked at the letter a moment more before using his cane to straighten his stance, retrieving a cloth from his pocket for Elias to wipe his mouth with. We should listen to both decides before making a decision. Elias gave a chuckle as he wiped his mouth, wincing as the blood stained the cloth. Ever the judge huh? This will be an interesting meeting for
  10. Elias stepped into the clearing, taking a deep breathe. The Somme, the fortress for the Barony’s guards, lay around him. Finished at last, the men of the Barony had moved in temporarily. Now to find Alexander. Frowning for a moment, Elias thought back to last week. Alexander had been in a hurry, right after the Pontiff called a Crusade. This wasn’t like Alexander, usually the boy was focused. This was different, it was as if he had a hundred thoughts and couldn’t make sense of them. Alexander burst into the clearing, dawning a new set of armor with a tabard Elias did not recognize.
  11. Elias' brow raised as he watched his nephew Alexander come bursting from his tent. As the man made a b-line for the armory Elias stood and called to him. Alexander looked over, his eyes holding an emotion Elias couldn't quite pin down. "The Song has been sung, Uncle." Elias stood for a moment, confused. Then blood ran cold as the meaning dawned on him. Alexander, although having left the church's Holy Knights, still believed in GOD and protecting the flock. Alexander started walking again for the armory, adjusting his shirt. "What will you do?" Elias called out "Serve, one way or a
  12. Elias stood, wiping a thin film of sweat from his brow. Setting down his mallet, he looked around the clearing. His two nephews, Alexander and Ezekiel, worked tirelessly. Alexander currently sat on top of a roof, setting tiles. Ezekiel stood on the cliff, carving more rock out. Elias frowned slightly, reminded of a task yet to be completed. He unbuckled the belt he wore that sported pouches he used to store nails and tools, akin to the ones his other family members wore. As he turned he heard a rather rash curse from the former Holy Knight on the roof, springing forth a chuckle from Elias' own
  13. SURNAME: du Casse FIRST NAME: Alexander ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Rupert's Row 1, C1 DATE OF BIRTH: 1771 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Holy Orenian Empire? Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1763)? Yes If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Ye
  14. https://docs.google.com/document/d/11otUrx5rb3DwFigkFowX2s05qq227Obp1GZg3s-3b7g/edit?usp=sharing It has been an absolute blast to play Ames, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Alas, all good things must come to an end. While I had hoped to see Ames do some truly great things, I will settle for a normal life with some meaning over a mediocre one with none at all. If I was better at this site I’d ping everyone I’ve played with and thank you all for the time spent with me growing this character. I honestly couldn’t have had such a good time without all of you. From my first steps in He
  15. Setsuko_


    Ames was born in New Riza, to a highlander couple. His father was a merchant, who owned two ships he used to move cargo. Instead of gaining any conventional learning, Ames followed his father wherever he went, including long voyages to deliver goods. It was on the seas that he learned his basic studies as well as naval studies. By the time he was ten years old he served as his father’s second mate, joining the family trade early. Ames served on the seas for his father for another ten years after, gaining a reputation as a ‘reveler’ along the way. By the time he was twenty years old he had sail
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