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Rebrand of The White Bear Tavern


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Rebrand of the White Bear Tavern

(Year Sixty of The Second Age)


"L'eau fait pleurer, le vin fait chanter"

"Water makes one cry, wine makes one sing"



[!] A local Elysian’s rendition of the warm and inviting interior of the newly-titled Drunken Bokolo Tavern.



To the Citizens of Elysium and all hungry wanderers,


In this time of universal uncertainty and growth within our great Kingdom, we at The White Bear have decided to belatedly accentuate such shifts in unison with a change of our own. 


As of today, The White Bear Tavern will henceforth be rebranded and recognized under a newly selected title, The Drunken Bokolo. This alteration is intended to complement the freshly forming cultures and atmosphere of Elysium, while maintaining the roots that still define us. However, in addition to the new name, this reinvention comes in pair with a brand new menu - stocked full to the brim with a versatile and diverse assortment of locally sourced beverages, meals, and sweets, all carefully crafted to correlate and represent the way of life in our city.



Furthermore, in celebration of this news, upon this upcoming Malin’s Welcome - only two  Saint’s Days from now, The Drunken Bokolo will be holding a special tavern night to highlight all of the varying new items in stock. In addition, there will be an intense drinking contest - in which the winner will be allowed to create and submit their very own drink to the tavern’s circulation and new menu. 


Any and all are invited to come out and try the initial implementation of our new menu, and enjoy themselves in a night of revelry and celebration of both our community, and our home.


[OOC: Thursday, January 27th at 5PM EST.]






[Items visible within the menu are not representative of their descriptions, and are merely extremely summarized variants of them to accommodate for the limited formatting.]




Duke Eugeo de Astrea


Lady Aylin de Astrea, Heir Regent
Minister of Interior & Foreign 


Penned by,

Lord Esmond Reede, Department of Culture Chancellor,

High Council Member, Co-Owner of The Drunken Bokolo


Dr. Esmeralda Mariana Guenevere, High Council Member,

Elysian Post and Postal Founder, Head Event Collaborator, &

Protector of the Hyspians

Dr. Lotte Dolorem, Department of Health Chancellor




[OOC Note: Huge thanks and appreciation to @marslol for the immense help with this, as well as the writing and credit for over half of the menu items. In addition, credit to @Charbi and @captain delta for coming up with the new name.]


"Hehe im so cool"


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PuppyCat dancing in Bee's dream - from Bee and PuppyCat on Cartoon Hangover  | Bee and puppycat, Pokemon steven, Bravest warriors


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Alona the self proclaim wine aunt smiles in new wine options.

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