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OPERATION: Red Lorraine


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[!] Members of the Friedrichian Band aiding the citizens of Whitespire after the calamity



Blessing be upon you all who read this missive and we hope that GOD guides you through life, 


Not too long ago our brothers and sisters in the city of whitespire were struck with a great body of water, leaving much of the city covered in water. It is unsure if it is an act of GOD or an act of the agents of Iblees, yet one thing is certain and that is that the citizens of Whitespire need to be helped


It would be very uncanonist of one to leave their brothers and sisters suffering after such a great ordeal. They are of GOD’s flock and thus we must aid our brethren whether it be housing them, giving them food and clothes, or simply trying to reclaim their homes from the water. 


So, we, Knights of the Friedrichian Band, will temporarily refocus our efforts on aiding those who suffered at the hands of the calamity by handing out rations, and aiding the wounded alongside the retrieval of the dead so that they may be given a proper funeral. Most important of all is that we must reclaim the city from the water, to give them back their homes. We will look forward to working closely with the Aaunite state in this mission.





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