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The Cleansing Flame


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Dasul- The Eternal Flame of Purity

The white flame without ash.


The cold waters in the pure land of snow, Dasul slumbered.

Reawakened by a devote Uruk to cleanse the land for the safety of the Descendants.

Their name will return to the mortal coil.

The lands will be cleansed!



              In the Realm of Spirits, the white pure arctic fields are free from the gripping darkness. The Orcess and her teacher walk through the snow. The Orcess adorned in white fur robes, resisting the bitter bite of the cold on her feet. The animals frolic through the snow, enjoying the peace of the fallen snow as they approach trees, walking through to a pond untouched by the frozen touch of the lands. As they approached, form began to manifest. A white flaming spirit now presents itself before them.


             A slumber that lasted ages, the Daughter of Krug being the last to speak the name, of Dasul, the Eternal Flame of Purity, the white flame without ash, the cleansing will of Scorthuz. Reawakened to a broken promise that was made in ages past, the flame reignited in dominance.


           The Orcess raises her hands to the Spirit, claiming that her path is to cleanse the lands and see the world free from the Darkness. An accord was quickly struck, both agreeing to terms. Dasul's name be brought back from the Spirit Realm, a Shrine in their honor to cleanse the lands of the living. To sacrifice Darkspawn at their altar and to gain followers under their name. Only when these conditions are met, will The Eternal Flame offer it's will and strength to the Orcess.

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