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  1. IGN: Satyrdays (formerly SirLancefart) RP NAME: Magnolia AGE: 500+ ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: Mother of Yazmorra Blackroot, mother-in-law of Levian’tol Grandaxe, former Chieftess of clan Cottonwood. I live in a tree (Legion, Guild, Home Owner, Clan List) CANDIDATE: Levian’tol Grandaxe
  2. Mwari Delilah Ishe de Astrea, Duchess of Elysium and faithful wife of Duke Eugeo de Astrea, had been spending the week during the elven during her husband’s imprisonment by the hands of the Imperial Army worrying. Only the day before he was gone he was in her arms, they had been spending the whole afternoon together, and yet the warmth he left on her only drove her sick with fear that she would never feel it again. A noblewoman, a mother of seven, the daughter of a might warrior, couldn’t even keep down a whole meal due to the feverent anxiety her husband’s disappearance had left on her. She g
  3. On the 10th of Snow’s Maiden, 1781, Grianne Goldhand of clan Goldhand would leave the comfort of the manor her husband, Mika Goldhand, made for the two in search of rabbit meat for their dinner. She didn’t think to tell her husband or immediate family of her plans, instead just leaving Urguan. That was the day she went missing. Not her husband, her family, her clan members, or her friends, have seen her since then. She just disappeared. Grianne Goldhand of clan Goldhand is the daughter of previous Clan Father Hekkaes Goldhand, sister to previous Clan Father Ivar Goldhand,
  4. Grianne Goldhand would wander the streets of Sutica in her guard uniform, stopping in thought as she realises she hasn’t seen a particular weirdo on his favourite chair. She stares at the bench for a small moment to think. Letting out a sigh, she carries on, finding her duties much more important than grief for a stranger.
  5. Dr Maggie Cottonwood reads over each and every word, writing it all down in her journal. She’d nod to herself once finished before returning to her favourite tree to read some books in the shade.
  6. Doctor Maggie Cottonwood lets out a low hum as she reads the post, having heard of the rumours spouted from it from her husband. Her calm expression doesn’t falter as she finishes the last words and simply walks away. Soon she would be back in Hefrumm, watching the fish dance in the clear waters. “Tranquiliteh...” Maggie mumbles, her smile ever present “Ah onleh ‘ope der such in des messy werld we live en... Can’t we jus’ prey ouah own weys wit’oot judgemen’?” She shakes her head, green hair bouncing in the wind, before heading home to care for her many pets.
  7. Maggie Cottonwood would grin at the sight of the notice, excited to help out while being a medic herself. She finds herself back home at her desk, writing a letter to the Under-Realm’s Queen herself. ”Dear Under-Queen Darrega Ireheart, I, Maggie Cottonwood, have been working above the Under-Realm in Hefrumm to create a suitable clinic for my village. I hope that we could work together, perhaps I could even become a teacher with your institution. Please, if you are willing, contact me at any time so we can have a chat about it. Magnolia Cottonwood,
  8. Maggie Cottonwood smiles at the sight of the poster, quickly going to fill out her details for a place. In-Game name: SirLancefart Discord name: SirLancefart#0269 Rp name: Maggie Cottonwood Rp skills or professions: Tailoring, butchery and cooking
  9. Maggie Cottonwood notices Bordavir leaving the hall, investigating to soon find the paper. She reads over it with squinted teal eyes. She quickly grabs some parchment and green dye, writing a reply. ‘I, Magnolia Cottonwood, accept Bordavir Cottonwood’s duel under the eyes of the Brathmordakin. However, do not take my acceptance as approval, for I think of these actions as childish. I believe that the only reason you have decided to bring this issue up was because of your failure in the elections of the Cottonwood leadership. Let it be known that even in your success
  10. RP Name: Grianne Goldhand MC Username: SirLancefart Discord: SirLancefart#0269 What Nation Are You Affiliated With?: Urguan Why Do You Wish To Come?: Following her fellow dweds around. What Skills Can You Bring?: Good with a spear, bow, and dagger. Has enough food to feed an army of dweds. Some medical knowledge but only through books and experience.
  11. Having heard the news, Magnolia Cottonwood is ecstatic to see Old Benny and Reginald again. She’d leave her quaint home in the village of Hefrumm, spear in hand, ready to tell the others from the party that once helped the two.
  12. Maggie Cottonwood would smile wide, covered in the mud of the swamps. Still standing in front of the giant snail and the old man’s house, she’d admire her new Basilisk scale. “Et wus worth et” She’d mutter.
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