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  1. Boniface offers his aid, in the form of his past experience in rooting out evil and heretics as an Auditor, to Wilhelm.
  2. "You mean she conveniently converted just to get married. This woman is nothing more than an opportunist." Said Boniface.
  3. “Clearly you don’t get it. Your entire family avoid paying tax for your eye-sore manor because the leader of your house is the Secretary of Interior, he abuses his position to avoid tax, much like the Carrington woman whines and the Carrington mayor too abuses his position to avoid paying tax like everyone else. If your family comes into power this will only continue.” replied Boniface.
  4. “A man who knows the hardship of the common man, not the privileged noble elite!” said Boniface.
  5. “Much like the Carringtons who live in an untaxed manor, these privileged nobles do not know the struggles of the common man. The same man who published this letter abuses his position to avoid paying tax for his horrendous manor. Truly a despicable man.” said Boniface.
  6. "The Carringtons and Galbraiths, living in their giant untaxed manors do not know the struggles of the common man." Said Boniface.
  7. “Clearly does not have the peoples best interest at hearts when their whole family live in a giant monstrosity that they call a ‘manor’.” said Boniface. “They do not understand the plight and struggles of the common man.”
  8. Its a shame 99% of the time you will never see the terrain like this due to server render distance being so low.
  9. “Those who desecrate graves ought to be punished, alas the remnants of the Pruvian bloc will prevent anything from happening and the Curia will simply turn their eyes away and feign ignorance.” said Boniface.
  10. “Just because nobody lives in Darrowmere does not mean the soldiers that did should evade justice and keeper Amice was seen but a few days ago.” replied Boniface.
  11. “The cathedral has now been destroyed entirely, there is only but the sacrificial altar remaining.” said Boniface.
  12. VERITAS ET IUSTITIA TRUTH AND JUSTICE 24th of the Sun’s Smile, 1772 Dear Faithful Canonists of the Empire, I write this letter to the faithful Orenian people in hopes it reaches the imperial administration. A most recent and troubling event that transpired in the dead kingdom of Courland, near to Sutica, has made me realise that even now, people still try to push the agenda of the AIS upon us. I saw a proclamation that a coronation was to be held in Courland by a pagan norlandic keeper, named Keeper Amice. Naturally, I traveled to Courland to find out what was going on there, I guess my old job as Auditor made me less wary of facing foes. However to my horror and shock, when I found the cathedral it had been utterly desecrated and defiled by ‘Keeper Amice’. There were pagan trinkets hanging from the roof, the cross had been put aflame as too were the paintings and offering altars. The pews were strewn to the side and in the center of the cathedral the Keeper had placed a large sacrificial altar with a goblet for collecting blood. The Canonist Church has done its best to ignore norlandic aggression, it has not entered the kingdom of Morsgrad and desecrated their religious sites so why do they defile ours? Though this is not all, you, faithful people of Oren, are all too familiar with the open cages that were used by the AIS during that war. Innocent travelers, farmers, peasants and even children were put into these cages and auctioned off, if nobody paid for them they would be tortured and then executed. The perpetrators of these terrible crimes never truly faced justice, for Keeper Amice still roams to sew dissent and trouble. Many have forgotten that it was too, the men of Darrowmere who participated in this horrid and inhumane practise and they have never been brought to justice for their crimes. Justice is a pillar on which the empire stands on, and without justice we have anarchy and blood. Therefore, I beg the peoples of Oren, and its administration to formally declare one's interest to have the defiler known as ‘Keeper Amice’ be extradited to the Orenian courts to face justice for years of despicable crimes and the most recent defilement of a cathedral. Too do I beg that the soldiers of Darrowmere, a vassal of Morsgrad, be brought to justice for their participation in the practise of open cages and the murder of innocent children and travelers. I do expect that in the interests of peace, that the Kingdom of Morsgrad will offer a formal and public apology for the desecration of a cathedral by the hands of one of their Keepers and subsequently hand the men of Darrowmere and Keeper Amice to the orenian courts to finally face justice. These men who commit such atrocious crimes should not be allowed to remain and further the agenda of the AIS and never again shall such atrocities be committed whilst the Empire stands strong. Friar Boniface
  13. “How long until it takes for the rats of the AIS to scurry out of their holes to fight for Sutica, I wonder.” said Friar Boniface.
  14. Friar Boniface writes a new entry in his journal, featuring Tanith the elf! @Urara
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