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  1. 2 weeks since the failed warclaim, still admin silence

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      What is there to communicate in your mind? Obviously the plan did not work and we will try to fix it and move forward however we can. Not sure what you think we do not realize or do not want to talk about. What do you think there is for us to say to the community? Sorry? I do not think people care to hear apologies and would rather effort go into coming up with alternatives. 

    3. howard


      lol what do you want them to say


      “nobody expected the warclaim to work and oh guess what it didn’t”

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      @VonAulus look at my post. Why’s no admin talking to me about this. There IS feedback.

  2. “Best to start adding defences” said Boniface.
  3. “Standing by and allowing the demon forces to continue amassing, building siege equipment and improving their fort achieves what? It only assures our defeat, either way they get stronger. It should be noted in history as to why these demons destroy our homes, you stand idly by whilst they amassed their forces, you will be to blame.” said Boniface.
  4. DEMONS ALL AROUND US DAEMONES CIRCUITU NOSTRO 21st of the Sun's Smile, 1778 TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION I - INTRODUCTION SECTION II - THE KORVASSA PORTAL SECTION III - THE KORVASSA SIEGE CAMP SECTION IV - SIGHTED CREATURES SECTION V - REIGN OF IBLEES SECTION VI - ANALYSIS ON THE DANGER SECTION VII - TRICKSTERS AND DISGUISES SECTION VIII - CONCLUSION SECTION I - INTRODUCTION After an entire month of eternal night-time, various large rocks fell from the heavens. One of these large rocks landed in the desert island of the Korvassa, near to Al-Faiz. Initially I paid no attention to these until reports began to trickle in from the inhabitants of Al-Faiz and eventually several nations began to take notice of what was happening. Soon word would spread of a portal that had opened up in the earth and that demons had stepped foot out of it and into our realm. After attending a meeting of leaders held in Krugmar, I penned a letter to his Holiness, the High Pontiff, urging him to issue a formal call to arms for the entire canonist realm to help combat the demonic threat. After his Holiness issued the call to arms in his golden bull I returned to the encampment. It was not what I remembered before, the encampment had increased in size ten-fold. Noises bellowing across the sandy dunes of the Korvassa ringed in my ears, guttural screeches of agony and hunger. Initially, I was hesitant to proceed but I persisted. The camp had changed beyond what I could have imagined in such a short time. Alongside several more demonic creatures appearing to assist in the united demonic cause, large siege equipment were also constructed. This report will detail my findings in hopes of keeping our soldiers better informed of what they are now marching against. SECTION II - THE KORVASSA PORTAL After the comet struck the sandy dunes of the Korvassa, red and green tendrils exploded from the ground. The force of the impact was so great that even the people in Helena felt the impact, the night sky was illuminated from the fire burning in the Korvassa. Citizens from Al-Faiz were first to arrive at the impact site, they were cautious to approach the unnatural sight. However as they neared, guttural war cries and screeches bellowed from the crater as a tear in the land appeared in the center of the impact site. Several unnatural creatures stepped out from the portal, some armoured and some armed. They charged the explorers and drove them away from the portal. Nobody is entirely certain how this portal came to be or how it can be closed. To this day, unnatural beings continue to step out of the portal into our realm, only adding more numbers to this most foul army day by day. Walls were hastily thrown together using unnatural magic and strength, to protect the portal from any further explorers or armies who would try to clear them out before they gained a foothold. However the realms armies were too quick to mobilise and the demons have gained a large foothold into our realm. SECTION III - THE KORVASSA SIEGE CAMP Once these creatures had a foothold into our realm, they hastily erected giant wooden walls surrounding their portal and various winged beasts. Day by day their hastily erected camp turned into a siege camp prepared for war. More and more foul beasts appeared, to protect their encampment or aid in the construction. Numerous beasts were turned into war-machines with trebuchets attached to their backs. The forests to the west of the Korvassa island have been ripped up from their roots and hacked into more walls, bridges and siege engines. Large towers were erected surrounding the walls of the camp for undead archers to survey their land from and spot any potential intruders. Many catapults and trebuchets have been built to the west of their foothold, and are guarded by giant bat-like creatures. They have dug a large stretching trench around their walled portal and filled it with a mix of magma and acid. In order to cross the trench of magma and acid, they have placed several small wooden bridges, not big enough to push siege towers across. To the front of their siege camp they have built a huge ballista. The ballista is large enough, I believe, to be in range of Sutica and certainly Al-Faiz, its bolts measures approximately twenty meters and has a barbed tip which is ignited in malflame. SECTION IV - SIGHTED CREATURES As the demonic siege camp grows day by day and more creatures emerge from the portal, I believe it is essential that our holy canonist forces know what type of creatures to expect when they join the united armies that are preparing to strike the Korvassa. In this section of the report I will list every type of creature that I have seen near or around the desert camp. Sadly however I do not know what the best way is to combat any of them, or what their weaknesses are. The Inferi The Inferi are large dragon-like creatures. They measure approximately twenty feet tall and have a large wing-span. I do believe however, from experience, that Inferi are not able to fly and use their wings to enhance the height at which they can jump. These beings possess red eyes and large gnashing teeth. Inferi are capable of shooting fire from their mouth at you, a fire some refer to as ‘malflame’. This fire is believed to corrupt individuals it touches and also can suck strength from the person who it is touching and instead heal its wielder. The best defence for avoiding death by malflame is to ensure no part of your skin is showing the malflame to touch. The Caterpillar-Horse This creature resembles a large caterpillar and a horse mixed into one abomination. This beast has fourteen tiny little legs that operate similar to a caterpillar and a large purple body. It has a head similar to a horse and is mounted similar to how a war-elephant would be. This creature is something plucked straight from Iblees’ vaults of horror. On the back of these horrific creatures lay siege equipment ready to be used by those who ride them into war. Whilst I do not believe these creatures are entirely dangerous themselves, but when put to use in such a way as how these demons have utilised them, they are a great threat indeed. The Trolls Everybody is familiar with trolls and the damage an individual creature can do, however a large army of trolls seems to be under the employ of these demons and have begun creating siege equipment and erecting walls. These beasts are dangerous indeed, they carry huge tools able to squish your entire body into a puddle of blood with ease. I am unsure why trolls would join an army of demons, is it their stupidity or have they been corrupted by the power of Iblees? I sadly do not know the answer to this question. The Purple Spiders These giant spiders crawled out from the blackened portal with a piercing high-pitched shriek. Like most of the demon army, most of their bodies are made from a purple and black material. Like most spiders it has a large bulbous body and a small head with large mandibles and sharp teeth. A green liquid drips from these creatures, presumably this green liquid is an acid which these beasts can shoot from their mouths to harm their victims. These creatures are kept aloft by their giant thin, but sturdy legs. Unlike real spiders, these beasts only possess four legs, however each is sharp and would probably have the ability to strike straight through you. Atop these beasts bodies seem to sit an array of protruding bones in the shape of a skull. The Mutated Toads These strange creatures resemble a toad due to the way they sit and walk, sitting on two back feet with two front ones forward. These creatures are made of an entirely purple material with a large blackened maw in the center of its face with two eyes either side of it. Two of these creatures are located west of Al-Faiz rather close to its wall. Unknown Creature This strange creature was sighted off the wall of Al-Faiz, nobody knows what kind of creature this is but it appears to be made entirely out of bone. It has numerous limbs protruding from its body. I can make out an arm holding some form of tool, two or possible three legs. It also appears to have large red horns protruding from its head. The bodies of decaying soldiers hang from these beasts bones, half-eaten. Additional unspecified creatures During my time investigating the demonic camp in the Korvassa, I spent a lot of time hiding in bushes or behind trees in order to catch a glimpse of other creatures. I saw two elves conversing there, each had blood red glowing eyes and large red horns, Azdrazi perhaps, I can not be sure. I also saw spectre-like creatures with glowing green eyes and a bloodstained black cloak, in addition to this, a green demonic creature which omitted sparks and smoke from their very body lingered around the walls. This creature noticed me and hastily made its way in my directions, guttural screeches echoed from its open maw, teeth gnashing together in hunger, thankfully I managed to escape just in time on a waiting rowboat. SECTION V - REIGN OF IBLEES Events like these are very similar to those that occurred when Iblees reigned strong in Aegis. He had the ability to raise the dead and create some ghastly creatures, as did Setherien. During these times many were killed however every race and nation stood united against our common enemy. In dangerous times such as these we must also band together and defeat the servants of Iblees himself. These creatures fight for the great deceiver. We must not turn a blind eye to the growing demon camp unless we wish for a physical return of Iblees himself, we must put a half to his plans lest more will die at his hand. SECTION VI - ANALYSIS ON THE DANGER Whilst all of the empire's soldiers have been focussed on the war against Sutica, the demons have been allowed to fester and grow in strength. I believe if we had all acted much sooner than defeating the demons and its portal would have been an easy task. However they have been left to grow in strength and numbers, more creatures appear every day, including some never seen before. GOD only knows what horrid and putrid creatures are hiding behind the other side of their portal. Our realm is in grave danger and we can not turn a blind eye in hopes others will deal with it. I do not believe the threat that these demons possess is equal to that of the armies of Iblees or Setherien, however if they continue to grow then they might grow to even best those armies. It is also my concern that all beings corrupted and evil are joining their ranks and some are even infiltrating our cities to procure sacrifices and food for their unholy army. SECTION VII - TRICKSTERS AND DISGUISES As I wrote in my letter to his Holiness, for decades humanity was free from disgusting foul dark beings. Necromancers, ghouls, liches, dreadknights, ghosts and all other matters unholy, had not been sighted. However sightings of these creatures are now on the rise, I do not know where they have appeared from, but they are joining the demonic army in the Korvassa. It is well documented that many of these creatures are able to blend in with society until they are able to trick their victims into a dark alleyway and then eat them. Many times I have been ridiculed by Oren’s population for trying to oust demonic creatures and have them removed by our society. All beings born of the void with unholy intent are inherently evil by their existence, they exist to feed off our flesh and strength. We can let our guard down and allow demons to infiltrate our ranks, just as Iblees disguised Saul as Horen, we cannot fall to the temptations of Iblees. I believe all visitors to Orenian cities should be forced to draw a small cut in their finger with an aurum blade, to prove that they bleed red blood like every mortal descendant. It is well known that these evil beings do not draw blood or if they do, it is discoloured, congealed or their disguise vanishes. SECTION VIII - CONCLUSION At the time of writing this, his Holiness has issued an Epistle to the emperor, demanding that he follow the call to arms. It saddens me to see that his Holiness must issue such decrees but such is the society we live in. I pray that this document reaches the emperor and his soldiers and will assist them in fighting these unholy armies. Be wary, brothers and sisters, your faith will be tested by the powers of Iblees in the coming years. At the time of publishing this report I have received word that soldiers who have scouted out the undead camp have sighted strange, large yellow creatures burrowing tunnels underground heading north towards our Empire. We must not let these demons succeed in gaining more of a foothold and strength, we must beat them for we are soldiers of GOD himself. GOD bless all true Canonists. GOD, send down Thy Angel to watch over this night, Set also into the Exalted and the Saints on a watch over me, that I might, through Thy power, have in them a shield on this night against the assaults of Iblees. Amen Friar Boniface
  5. Friar Boniface packs his belongings and leaves in search of a new home. “Some stranger, undeserving of any titles, simply hungry for authority. Vanity and pride will be the death of him.” he said as he walked alone down a path in old Suffonia.
  6. "Perhaps I misspoke, however it was agreed that Konstantin would investigate, would it not be more fruitful to let such investigation conclude so Konstantin can bring everything to trial instead?" Asked Boniface.
  7. silence from the admins, get your bets in fast, how many days until another ‘sorry, we’ll learn’ post is made

  8. “Wasn't this already being investigated by the Lord-Regent, Konstantin, seems Erik Othaman has disregarded what Konstantin said and decided to take matters into his own hands.” said Boniface.
  9. Why did you remove his thread 

  10. War/admin team actually thought the server could handle a battle... the whole team are delusional, you've had like a year to come up with a fix but instead you made it worse by removing the war server... gg admins

  11. Love gms searching  your forum posts to give out warning points from months ago, very petty

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      Not referring to myself

  12. “The demons have begun constructing siege equipment for their minions, I was chased by a demon, the sound of its gnashing jaws following behind me. Thankfully, I managed to escape.” said Friar Boniface.
  13. “GOD help us.” said Friar Boniface, awaiting the official call to arms from his superiors.
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