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  1. Boniface rolls in his grave.
  2. The Martyrdom of Friar Boniface 1693 - 1790 When he published his forty one theses for the dissolution of the Virosi church he was under no illusion that it would end peacefully for him, he knew that eventually he would be tracked down by papal forces and silenced before he could inflict too much damage to Godric’s reputation and pontificate. He knew he had to act swiftly so that others might continue his work before he ascended to the seven skies and so he did, publishing a list of reforms that Boniface deemed required in order for the church to survive through the tyranny of the Virosites. So when he received his summons to court for heresy it did not come as a surprise, heresy is whatever the pontiff states it is and so he knew the outcome of this trial had already been set, regardless of any argument he made. He wrote a few final missives to the public and gave them to a close friend, so that he could publish it once he was dead, before setting off to court. Arriving at the throne room late he saw a plethora of different people sat in rows of seats including papal guards, even the Pontiff himself had decided to bravely venture out of his room in the Palatinate to witness the trial and inevitably gloat once the set verdict had been announced. After a short prayer to the Lord, Boniface signalled he was ready for the trial to commence. The trial to him, could be a kangaroo court with an outcome already set, he would however argue his defence nonetheless. Court lasted three days, two of which the prosecution spent questioning its witnesses and the last was spent on Boniface defending his action, sadly the judge had urged the proceedings to be quick and so he was not able to present and explain his material evidence. A man he thought was a friend who conferred on him and even expressed his agreement on several topics that the Virosites refute, turned out to be part of the prosecution. The desperation of the prosecution was clear to Boniface, they had tried to get him to say something incriminating by luring him into a false sense of friendship, the elderly man's mind was easily tricked but alas he gave them nothing incriminating to use. After a short deliberation the three jurors returned and announced that Boniface had been found guilty of all charges, an expected outcome from the friar for he had ensured all was in order before arriving at court, hence his lateness. However before he was led to the noose, the judge granted Boniface a final statement to make before being dragged out. His bones creaked as he rose from his seat with an exasperated sigh, leaning heavily upon the fence that separated the dais from the seats he spoke. “Noble canonists, thank the jurors on their service in ushering in a church stacked with fat pompous clergymen despising the poor and ridiculing the disabled, like Laurence sat below. I love GOD and I love his church, pray not for my soul, but that James recognises his errors and finally relieves the church of sloth and stagnancy. Alas nothing will change and the church will remain dormant until the next pontiff is elected or unless James recognises his errors and give the boot to men like Laurence who openly despised the poor, dines in manors and gold-plated houses, that is not the clergy that represents GOD but a clergy that represents greed, pride and vanity. I detest the fact I was rushed through my defence but alas, such is the norm for trials now, rushed instead of taking however long it must to ensure justice is done.” Once Boniface had concluded his speech the Bailiff of the court stomped over to the frail man and grabbed at his wrist in order to force him to the noose that was being built in the palace courtyard. Before setting off towards the door however, the Pontiff interrupted the court proceedings, asking for a pardon for Boniface should he recant his teachings and heresies - to this the Friar scoffed and replied. “As expected, Godric's vanity gets the better of him. I will not recant nor can not recant for what I state is true and the Lord's word. It is you, Godric Virosi, who have violated your position to better yourself and your friends,, not the faithful. You are nothing but a thespian, a modern-day Saul. I can not recant nor will not recant for such would go against my conscience. To not speak the truth in the face of screaming lions of sin and heresy would be a disservice to the Lord, the servants of Saul infiltrate our church and do the Denier's work as is evident with the current pontificate, unable to debate, unable to guide and unable to lift its sloth.” With that the Pontiffs offer was swiftly withdrawn and the frail friar was tugged along by two soldiers clad in steel armour down the steps and into the palace courtyard. As he entered the courtyard he saw a large congregation of spectators, many of him were his friends and disagreed with the verdict and sentence issued but alas they could do nothing. With several grunts and sharp exhales the elderly man made his way up the steps to the hastily constructed noose and execution stand all the while his wooden cross held between both hands in prayer. His old and tired eyes scanned across the congregation before setting upon the Pontiff and his entourage, as he felt the rope tighten around his neck he turned briefly to the hangman, the three jurors and then finally onto the Pontiff. “The Denier’s work is done today, with my final prayer I pray that you seek recompense with the Lord for what you have done today, an injustice. To you, Godric Virosi, it brings a smile to my face knowing that in a few moments I will be free from your tyranny once and for all, to join my brothers in the seven skies - the judte martyrs, Pontian III and all other faithful canonists who have passed. I go knowing that I will never see you again, for the servants of Iblees are not granted passage to the seven skies. Never will I see you again for you will join your idol, Saul, such is the reason you continue to have his heretical teachings still on display in your own papal library!” With that, the hangman pulled the lever and the platform dropped. The 97 year old man dropped to the floor his body lifeless and swaying in the wind - his neck had snapped, killing him instantly. His body was removed from the machine and tossed into the river with no regard, fortunately however a few supporters of his would fish his body out of the Czena river and give him a proper burial. So ended the tale of Friar Boniface, a tale of nearly 100 years.
  3. Never heard of those three places
  4. "Damage control st its finest, the fact that James is too lazy and unable to respond and has others do it for him tells it all, nevertheless I shall pen a response." Said Boniface.
  5. Boniface makes a mental note to report this individual to the guards for breaking into his home.
  6. “Lets be honest, we all knew there would be no justice from the start. They protect their own and the people will see it clear as day, it is an absolute farce and i’m only glad people have finally woken up to it. They were literally overheard bragging about it in the tavern but that is deemed insufficient proof.” stated Boniface in his home as he heard of the news.
  7. Delusional, simply delusional.
  8. Boniface makes a new entry, post-excommunication. ((Reminder not to meta-game any information in this thread unless you have the journal in roleplay.))
  9. JUSTITIA IN PACE JUSTICE IN PEACE 1st of Sigismund’s End, 1789 1st of Joma and Umund, 342 Dear Lauritz, I am glad to hear that an old admirer of my work still holds office, this time in the Haenseti courts ensuring that justice prevails and criminals are brought to justice. Naturally I understand it is your duty to bring those to court who you believe have broken the law and I understand your hand was forced in this. I bare you no ill-will and hope that perhaps after this we might still be friends. I will refute the crimes to which you have stated in your summons piece by piece, I understand that I may still be brought to court regardless but I wish to make my position known to the public regarding this. I do not believe that anything written in the forty one theses constitutes heresy or blasphemy nor does it contravene the teachings of the church. The first change that you have levelled against me is going against church teachings and doctrines in regard to my writings relating to non-human descendants entering the skies. I wrote that only humans can enter the seven skies due to a misunderstanding of parts of the scripture. I misunderstood and believed that Horen and Julia were the first man and woman, this was something that was taught to me at a very early age: that they were the first coupling. Once I realised my mistake I retracted my writings in a reply to a letter addressed to me, naturally I will write a letter to address very soon to clear this up. The second charge that has been levelled against me is slander of the Holy Canonist Church, one must understand that the Holy Canonist Church is an institution created by GOD, led by fickle mortal men. I did not directly accuse the Pontiff of blasphemy merely that to change accepted precedent and doctrine that had been established for centuries would constitute blasphemy. An insult to a mortal man is not an insult to our institution and values. As I have stated above this was due to a misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the scrolls and proves that all men are capable of mistakes and misinterpretation and I retracted this as soon as I realised my mistake, unlike some I could mention. The forth charge you have levelled against me is that I have conducted heresy. The topic of non-humans ascending to the seven skies has been rather a controversial one and I am always open to discussion on this particular subject, however to push the assertion that it is heresy is simply wrong for High Pontiff Daniel III once declared that it was impossible for non-humans to enter the seven skies and based off the Pontiffs statements regarding infallibility, no pontiff can be fallible and what Daniel III said was truth, lest we cast the whole notion of infallibility to the wind, which this charge would do. It is also true that catechisms often change and are fallible so it is wholly unreliable to use this as evidence in court. The fifth charge that you have levelled against me that I am going against church teachings where I state that the church has been pulled away from its original purpose. I do wholly believe this to be true. It is true that the church as an institution can not be corrupt for its purpose is clear for all, yet men can be corrupt and misuse the church for their own gains. I ask you dear Lauritz, when was the last time you saw mass being performed in the city of Reza, a very long time I bet and this simply proves that the church is not what it once was, this is due to mortal men not the institution itself. You have accused me of trying to turn the faithful against the accepted hierarchy of the church and I refute this. I have never once called for schism, anti-pontificates or for the pontiff to be overthrown, only requesting that he resign if he is unable to fix the wrongs that have been done. I urged the faithful to join me in requesting the Pontiff to resign and requesting a pontiff to resign is not going against the church hierarchy nor is it blasphemy or heretical it is a simple request. I do understand the sentence provided can confuse people and that is something I regret, I often fail to pick up these types of errors when proof-reading my missives and for that I can only apologise but I do not mean that the public will be condemned if they did not join me in urging James to resign. I meant that if James is unable to recognise the error of his ways and fix the wrongs done to his church he could be condemned for it, as I believe it to be a grave sin to allow our church to fall into such a disillusioned way. To conclude, I am happy to see that religion has made its way into the Haensetic laws, better religious laws than the Holy Orenian Empire at that. However I refute all allegations made against me, I hold no ill-will towards you Lauritz and hope that this summons might be retracted for I have disproved the allegations however I understand if you wish to take this to court and look forward to seeing you there. With kind regards, Boniface.
  10. “It seems the orcs are more angry that the elves had the audacity to return the orcs lover to them and publicly shame him for inter-breeding than they are the fact that the Dominus has a relationship with his slave, pitiful.” remarked Boniface.
  11. Dear unnamed man, You responded to my letter without actually addressing anything written within. If you believe that the churches are full, preaching is being conducted and that mass is being held weekly and you claim to have seen these things then I highly recommend that you go to a doctor and have your eyes tested for you are the only one to have seen this. It has now become commonplace and acceptable for all members of the clergy to fall lax in their duty and do the bare minimum, marriage ceremonies, that is all I see performed now and even then some do it with the expectation of a large sum of mina as a donation. A donation which never seems to be put to good use, as a bishop I amassed thirty thousand mina in the form of donations via collecting donations at the end of mass, marriages and asking for donations on the street and I ensured all thirty thousand were put towards the faithful flock and those who needed it. The idea that I have a seething hatred for the Pontiff and the church can not be more far from the truth. I love our church deerly and I believe that James has failed our church in many ways but believe there are ways in which we can recover. You deny and cast aside any notion that there has ever been anything wrong with our church in the past forty years and that only proves your naivety and I appreciate your blind loyalty to James prevents you from seeing any error he might make. Again, no man is perfect and we all make mistakes, but it is our ability to learn and adapt from our mistakes which make us better and those that refuse to admit fault condemn us all. You continue to push the notion that I am here to sew dissent, schism and chaos but I deny this fully. If you had read the conclusion of the collection of forty one theses you will see that I urged the Pontiff to resign should he refuse to acknowledge and rectify his wrongs, I did not call for schism, I did not call for treason, I did not call for him to be overthrown, I did not call for an anti-pontificate for this is not what I desire and I cast aside any who believe schism is what I desire. I have made mistakes, this I admit freely and I have sought to rectify them through prayer to the Lord and recanting, such as my misunderstanding regarding non-humans ascending to the seven skies. Lastly you resort to threats, that should you see me you will capture me and subject me to torture and yet that only proves that it is you who has a seething hatred and fury, not I. I am not a stranger to danger or threats but it seems you are the most vocal supporter of the Pontiff who has responded to these reforms and whilst you state your threats were in no official capacity it begs the question, does the pontiff advocate for his followers to abduct, hold in captivity and torture those who might wish to hold him account and improve our slothful church? Sincrely, Boniface.
  12. Dear unnamed man, I write this letter to you as you are a man who casts aside these reforms so openly. I do not deny that there are some good clergymen amongst the church's ranks who fulfill their duties and more, but it would be incredibly naive to suggest that a vast majority of the church has not fallen into dormancy with no accountability, transparency or relatability. The church stands as an institution to guide and nurture the faithful, it is the duty of all clergymen to preach, give alms, and spread the Lord's love to all, canonist or not and yet a vast majority of the canonist realm have not seen mass held in several years. Churches grow dusty and filled with cobwebs, sin is rampant and unchallenged by our church. You might hate me for who I am and what I preach, but you can not sanely deny that reform is required to revive our inactive church and restore blood flow before it starts to decay until it is irreparable. I understand that naturally, like the pontiff, you will dismiss all notion of reform and the suggested reform merely due to who has presented them but if you allowed, for a moment, to consider that like you, I love our church and wish to see it in the hearts of all men and women. Whatever you may think of me please do not try to insinuate that I have come to sow dissent and chaos over our church for all I have ever wanted is more accountability, transparency and activity so that our church can once more return to how it used to be. You refer to these reforms as ‘Bonifascism’, I challenge you to pull up any of the mentioned reforms that would constitute fascism, I have never advocated for tyrannical rule or some form of dictatorship. You are right, that no man has been or will ever be perfect, I agree with you on this point. You are also right that the seven skies are reserved for those who wish to better themselves and others and this is what I try to do. I am not a perfect man, I have my faults, like any other but it has only ever been my goal to better the church and in turn better everyone else. For a church that actively guides and gets involved in the realm results in happier people closer to GOD. If you have a problem with any of the mentioned reforms then I invite you to discuss what is wrong with them so that they can be amended if needed, but to simply cast these reforms aside due to the publisher is naive and to deny change is needed denying reality. Boniface
  13. ET REFORMIST THE REFORMIST 11th of Harren’s Folley, 1789 Beloved Canonists, Today I publish this pamphlet for the entire realm to read and be inspired by. I fully reject any notion that I had blasphemed or produced heretical texts in any part of my forty one theses. I love our church with all our heart, I love my brothers and sisters. I do try to live in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Scrolls and embody those in the seven skies however sometimes I fail and I admit that freely. I am not without sin, nor is any mortal man or woman who had ever lived, in the words of Saint Robert: “All men are sinners and all men sin, but a monk's greatest sin is no longer being thin.” I am not the Pontiff, and whilst I concede that a Pontiff may commit sin like everybody else, he should not revel in it or brush it aside simply because of his position. He is supposedly the voice of GOD yet refuses to accept that any of this predicament might have been caused by him. Our church has existed for some sixteen hundred years and there have been times when the church has been a true organisation of guidance, wisdom, mystery and reverenced, and sadly there have been times where it has been the opposite. There have been numerous times in which a pontiff has recognised that their church has fallen into stagnancy and sloth and they have tried to rectify that by forcing all clergymen to input all of their charitable acts, ceremonies and mass into a large book so their performance could be monitored until such a time motivation and charisma returned. It saddens my heart deeply that during the pontificate of Godric Virosi there have been numerous members of his curia and list of Monsignors who have put themselves higher than the common folk, possibly in an attempt to elevate themselves to Horen or the Lord, I am unsure but what I am sure of is that Godric was aware of this and several clergymen pointed this out to him and yet he did nothing, one such example was Cardinal Laurence who was recorded professing his great despise and hatred for the poor. In the Third Golden Bull of Visigia, High Pontiff Lucien III made it a mandatory task for all members of the cloth to perform charity (alms-giving) and speak with all canonists, not those in the higher echelons of society, this was especially the case of bishops and above for sloth had overtaken his church, he recognised this and sought to make quick amends. High Pontiff Tobias I also listed the duties of the clergymen in which he made it clear to all that it was everybody's role to perform alms-giving to the poor and to perform mass, something which is scarcely lacking, this was written in the Fifth Golden Bull of Holofernes. It is saddening to see the state in which Godric Virosi has allowed our church to fall to and we must do all we can to prevent it from falling into the abyss of sin from which we may never climb out of. The church is sick, stacked full of incompetent, unrepentent and sinful men who have stained our history once more comparable to that of John of Darfey or Regulus. A church where a Pontiff can be murdered and their successors do not care to find justice, a church where the works of hard-working clergymen are rejected in favour of nodding yes-men who have contributed nothing to the faithful, a church where debate is barred, a church where homosexuality and miscengenation is accepted - it is wrong and to this I say no more. Thus I present the reformist agenda, a set of reforms that we believe are required to pull our church away from the cliff edge before it falls into the open arms of the Denier. Firstly, the pontiff is to sack all current members of the curia who have not held mass or any ceremony in the last two saints weeks and finally begin to stomp out sloth and laziness from our church. Secondly, the pontiff should make an official statement regarding the assassination of High Pontiff III, why he lifted the excommunication of Jasper Carrington 15 years after his trial and why he did nothing in regards to the Son’s of Malin who defiled the pontiffs corpse and harvested his organs. Thirdly, the rank of monsignor ought to be abolished forevermore for it is only used as a position bestowed upon privileged members of society to gain access to the curia and grant them an official part in the churches leadership whilst never lifting a finger to aid her or her flock. Fourthly, all clergymen should be made to re-swear their oath of ordination and such oaths would now include a vow of poverty and chastity. A vow of poverty does not necessarily limit one to live a mendicant lifestyle however prevents clergymen from living lavishly in large manors and gorging on feasts, a clear distinction should be made by the Pontiff in this regard to something that is acceptable. Fifthly, the church is to take up a more active role in guiding the faithful and regularly hold mass weekly. Sixthly, the pontiff ought to hold a papal court every three weeks to address the public's concerns. This would be held wherever the pontiff wishes and would aid in making the church more accountable and transparent whilst guiding the faithful. Seventhly, any letter addressed to the Pontiff, by any member of the canonist realm should be answered by the Pontiff and not handed off to others to respond. A response should be wholesome and address whatever is presented to them, truthfully and reasonably. Eighthly, the pontiff will instruct his Auditor of the Tribunal, whomever he chooses to replace Alfred, should he continue to be slothful and fail in all of his duties, to take up a more active role in investigations whenever a concern is brought to him. Such an example would be the miscegenation committed by Edward Napier which the Auditor has yet to respond to or the letters concerning his verdict on the Xan paladins which also do not have a response. Ninethly, the pontiff should issue a formal response regarding homosexuality and put any notion, that he has found it acceptable or wished for a debate to be sparked, to bed once and for all. Tenthly, in each golden bull where the Pontiff re-shuffled or appoints new members to his curia he should list the reasons for doing so and the great acts that they have performed in order to achieve their well-deserved promotion, this naturally will hold the church more accountable, prevent nepotism and bias. Eleventhly, the scrolls of Saul will formally be declared heretical texts and be removed from the Pontifical library and all copies of the writing are to be set alight. Twelfthly, any clergymen who becomes fat due to gluttony are to be given the opportunity to fast and lose their weight or be relieved of their position for the church should not have greedy and gluttonous clergymen representing its interests. Thirteenthly, the secretary to the Pontiff should perform a census every three years to keep an up to date list of all ordained members of the cloth, where they are stationed in and how active they are in their duties. This is so that slothful clergymen can be removed and that the church has a full list of its clergy. Forteenthly, all armour and weaponry are to be kept outside of holy grounds regardless of position, the only exception would be ceremonial objects held by clergymen or papal guards. Special circumstances may change this rule, such as coronations. Fiftheenthly, food donation boxes are to be positioned at the entrance of every consecrated church and are to be refilled every three days or sooner if they are emptied. Sixteenthly, the pontifical secretary shall produce a public list of all consecrated churches, guidance on how to locate the, when mass is regularly held and which priests are in charge of its upkeep. Seventeenthly, each church must have a dedicated clergyman attached to it in order to keep it in order and to be available to the public, any clergymen who wishes may hold ceremonies there but each church must have somebody assigned to them. Eighteenthly, the church should rewrite its current canonical law for it is draconian and old, this should be discussed and all members of the clergy should have an opportunity to provide input and feedback before it is submitted, this is not something that should be kept secret amongst the churches leadership. Nineteenthly, the church will assign somebody under the secretary to start a newspaper intended to update the canonist realm regarding things happening with the church, this will be published every week or sooner should more things happen that require reporting. This will be a politically neutral paper and merely serve to update the realm of happenings in the church, it can also be educational and include a notable canonical figure in each edition. Twentythly, the church is to have no favoured king, queen or emperor. It is to remain politically neutral in regards to canonist nations and will support them all neutrally and equally, there will be no favoritism and the holy see must always remain outside of any nation in order to ensure it is neutral. Twenty firsthly, all able bodied clergymen are to partake in manual labor such as mining, farming or lumberjacking in order to ensure the church as sufficient supplies in order to function and assist the faithful. Such was decreed by High Pontiff Daniel I in his first address to the canonist realm. Twenty secondly, the church is to publish its financial status and update it when donations are received and will also register what its wealth is spent on, this naturally is to allow for transparency and to ensure that nobody can misuse its donations or funds. These are a set of basic reforms that we believe are required in order to revive our church and awaken it from its sloth, they are not radical nor draconian, they are simply and only benefit the faithful flock to whom we serve. I can not fathom any reason why these reforms might be rejected. If they are to be rejected then please engage in a debate with me regarding them. These currently are the most major reforms that come to mind, there could be more but let us fix our church, one step at a time. Boniface
  14. “Perhaps when you have written your essay filled of nonsensical ramblings and complex words a majority of the population do not understand, you can for once pay a visit to the canonist realm and preach, hold mass, hold ceremonies for Lord knows you have not stepped foot in it in over forty years.” said Boniface.
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