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  1. i think my next creature will be ooo spooky evviilll

  2. Feirfur Origin The Feirfur is a creature that can be found residing in dense woodlands residing in small burrows dug beneath the earth, as well as burrowing into tree trunks, charring the inside of the bark to a black crisp. They are natural, albeit some may think that there must have been some sort of voidal tampering to cause their existence. These creatures are not apex predators, but rather a small, defensible thing that have their place in the ecosystem; they are generally unharmed, and are omnivorous which allows for them to have an extensive diet that manages high-populations. Summary A Feirfur is a creature most easily compared to a possum or hedgehog. They are small rodent-like creatures that come in a small variety of colors; these are merely for aesthetic purposes, and grant no advantages. They are found in shades of red, orange, and yellow, although it has been said they have been found to be bright blue, too. The tips of their noses always appear crimson, and they’ve an elongated snout that thins out. Their ears are small and triangular, and their eyes are black akin to any other small rodent. Yet unlike other rodents, they lack a long tail and rather have a short stub. What truly marks these creatures different to any other is the streak of fire along their backs. This can range from small embers to a blazing, albeit small fire. The color of the fire correlates to the color of their fur, hence the name of Feirfur. Due to the energy it takes to keep a fire, the thing has an increased appetite that must always be satiated; a fire that lacks energy indicates a sick or malnourished Feirfur. Generally, they give off a soft sense of warmth when in their presence. The Feirfur is docile and friendly- perhaps even lazy, and will never go out of their way to attack something near them unless they sense danger near their way. This means a Feirfur has the ability to burn should they be quickly grabbed, but nothing more than second degree, nor lethal in any way. With this, it is also far too difficult for a Feirfur to burn a building. Taming The Feirfur is a very food-motivated creature, and enticing it with balanced meals of both meat and veg will mean a new companion to bide your time with. Some may find the Feirfur has uses among being a companion, such as warming a kettle or heating up alchemical herbs on a whim. So long as they are often fed large amounts, the creature will do just about anything. Redlines - The Feirfur can, if consented by the targeted player, burn someone. - The Feirfur cannot under any circumstances be used for arson/villainy/combat roleplay. Purpose The Feirfur is meant to be a creature that simply adds more flavor into the everyday (sometimes monotonous) RP on LOTC; specifically in its ability to heat items with a bit more ‘pizazz’ than emoting a flint and steel being used on kindling. Credits Writing/Art - GrowingIvy Name - RogueChaotic Inspiration - The Ancient Magus’ Bride
  3. yikes. i just wanted my beach day. (I hope someone gets accordingly punished for this, yall dumb asf)
  4. - I hate myself I like the sense of community, the sheer amount of memery, and the different storylines - I have a lot of characters! Too many, really. There's not just one I like the most, since they all have different things about them that make me play them (i.e. whimsical happy-go-lucky to throwing children off of roofs :) - I don't really have a most memorable experience, but I do love some off the smaller things especially, like simple slice-of-life. - Galette's ftw - I am a spook lover and I love the skellyman. - Fire rat soon........... soon. Maybe more like a fire hedgehog. - and just bc
  5. I think? 2019, sometime in April was when I started playing. About to graduate HS, so why not. Been around here for better or for worse. Former bandit player, short-time nation leader, now spooky mage and writer of whatever pops into my mind. This is also your chance to ask me about new creatures I want to write :)
  6. forums better be fixed with map change....

  7. The Tribune writer hopes to meet the Kaktuz Weekli writer one day... nonetheless, her head bobs and a copy is tucked away into her personal stash.
  8. Cresence stares at whatever paper she has come across. "...I am not making an elven-wide paper."
  9. yep. i can't think of anything. can you? some candle puns? "poll all your little friends", says my mother. aight. https://forms.gle/gtK2zJJdBoTZssRP7
  10. Kneeled down into a tower of ivory and light, a thing sat down on its knees. At least, that’s what the elfess thought herself to be sometimes. A thing, not a being of her own accord. She was missing a part of herself, even if it may be a minuscule thing. Something taken. Something she wanted back, but knew she had no right to anymore. Her hand, which another might think was nothing, was taken. A false one embedded into her wrist, metallic and fiery. Light shone through the tall white windows. They felt pure. But not she. Blood circled around the kneeling figure, cuts along her wrists. This was nothing new to her, nothing shocking nor reason for surprise. Though this, she felt in control. Her pale blue eyes glazed over, lost in thought. Whispers in the back of her mind, delusions, paranoia, not silenced nor ignored. Just a moment where she thought about what is and could be. These things made no sense to her, not anymore. Unintelligible, so what was her worry? She knew not, but always had an unknown worry in the back of her mind. The woman slowly brought herself up, taking care of her new wounds ‘til the crimson no longer seeped out. A long breath is let out from her mouth, heavy and weighing her down. Now the moment had passed. She felt renewed, for a time. Just, for a time.
  11. Upon hearing talks about the new Gazette, a mentor leans over her apprentice's shoulder... "Maybe be a little nicer... they'll like that."
  12. for me it depends on the character, since i've slowly moved from past to present tense, but sometimes for those longer emotes it works out
  13. Another Elven writer cheers on their apprentice!
  14. A writer is confused about her feelings about all of this; things are said, why should she not listen if they have a slim chance be true?
  15. Cresence begins writing notes for the Tribune.
  16. lotc gives me trust issues

  17. i have a funny elf family if you want to join? idk if you're into that
  18. men, amirite

    1. exoo


      wrong! (i am men.)

  19. A certain elven newspaper-writer hums. She tucks this way into a tome, which was then tucked into a bookshelf for safe keeping. "Poor things." The writer uttered in line with her thoughts.
  20. A magi judges this behavior harshly... especially since taken blood is useless in the end.
  21. swords already get sharp from getting blood on them... if it aint broke don't fix it y'know?
  22. A ginger sits and waits patiently; she'd have crossed her arms, but one is sat in a sling. Her idle free-hand pushes her tinted glasses up the bridge of her nose.
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