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  1. im sorry but that staff app is funny asf and you cant tell me it isnt (thank u for telling me who to avoid)

  2. why do human house sigils always got their tongue sticking out

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    2. z3m0s


      I've not seen this can someone indulge me?

    3. The King Of The Moon

      The King Of The Moon

      little freaks 

    4. Laeonathan


      do you want to hear the answer?

  3. im making and selling mini figs! you can find all my stuff on them here: https://hemomancy.drr.ac/

  4. i personally am loving the religion v lgbtq going on

    1. hemomancy


      before i get yelled at, yes it is easter (that i do celebrate, with my grandmother, because we like having dinner), and it is also another national holiday, that is how calendars work.

  5. How long do MArts take to be looked at.... omg

    1. ScreamingDingo


      How long is a piece of string

    2. hemomancy


      at least a millimeter

    3. saint swag

      saint swag

      one lame mart spoils the entire mag

  6. stayoutofitstayoutofitstayoutofit

    1. hemomancy


      i failed

  7. I’m still going to kiss girls. lol

    1. mothsthetic
    2. Solour


      ur just baiting @ this point ........... 🙄

    3. hemomancy


      u know it bbygirl

  8. im losing count of how many times staff have failed me

  9. can we have real banditry back yet

    1. Samler


      Mina or die.

    2. Netphreak


      You mean /QUALITY/?!?!?! I wish... 

    3. Agy


      There used to be quality banditry??

  10. sickening (disrespectfully)

  11. is the wiki team still a thing or did they get taken out back too?

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    2. hemomancy


      okay so now that that's answered why is there like 0 creature or magic lore on the wiki that's current

    3. Shiredom


      It's because they refused to hire the greatest MediaWiki Editor to ever exist (me)

    4. Zolla_


      because not alot of people are actually writing there, its usually just people writing lore of their own groups

  12. u know its rly easy to not get caught doing spook things. just dont be an idiot

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    2. Onnensr


      no no no I HAVE to let everyone know my dressed-in-all-black-with-bright-red-eyes necro-mystic-pyre-moth is a spook otherwise my intense need to be validated for how unique and scary I am will go unsatiated !!!


      I WILL use dark magic in town squares and I WILL call meta when I am caught!!

    3. Netphreak


      Definitely Meta; must be holy and amazing and destroy all evil no matter the cost!

    4. TeawithFrisket
  13. i legit just want to know what got removed lol

  14. my single forum warning point has finally expired after 2 years... for low-effort rp

    1. Your Favorite Impure

      Your Favorite Impure

      lmao, mine expired this year too after 2 years, jfc

  15. i want to write more creatures, if anyone has anything they want to see hmu

  16. This is my new dumbass worm who needs a name

  17. i wish we could still comment on ban appeals

  18. i would never be able to be staff my code of ethics too good for this shit

  19. i think my next creature will be ooo spooky evviilll

  20. forums better be fixed with map change....

  21. lotc gives me trust issues

  22. men, amirite

    1. exogens


      wrong! (i am men.)

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