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  1. Adrian_Games


    In the Kingdom of Haense, I was born to Matthieu and Lucile Toussaint. I had two brothers and a sister, Stephane, Auguste, and Renee, who, including me, all loved to hunt, fish, and wrestle. Our family sold furs, skins, meat, and other things from animals at market places. We were Haeseni Highlanders, and our religion was, and still is for me, Canonism. Growing up fighting, and learning how to use many different weapons, all four of us became very strong and skilled in the sort. We never received an education because our parents thought it was stupid, and would never be put to use; I completely agree. My best friends, Theo Lefeuvre and Roland Pretre, would always hunt, fish, and wrestle with my brothers and I. They would sometimes come along on business trips with my father and I to big cities, it amazed all of us of how big and noisy it was. Though we didn’t Heartlanders that much, we would often go to Helena to sell goods to great buyers. When I was 12, Roland bought a pack of cigars, and gave Theo and I each one. We were already drinking, and I planned to try smoking soon, so Theo and I both started smoking, and I haven’t stopped. Sadly, when I was 13, Theo and his family moved away to Reza for more profit. Again, when I was 15, Roland moved as well to Reza, but they still sent me letters, and I would once in a while go to visit them, but it wasn’t the same as it used to be in the countryside. Eventually, Stephane and Auguste, being older, went and started their own careers, Stephane being a tailor oddly enough, and Auguste became a merchant in Reza. Renee was planning to just stay home with our parents, and help them with their business. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do. I just plan to walk the country side, hoping to find a steady job and raise a family.
  2. IGN (MC Username): Adrian_Games Discord: Adrian_Games#3720 Likes: Pets, toys, cloths, and weapons. Dislikes: Spiders, books, plants, and food.
  3. Adrian_Games


    In the Kingdom of Haense, I was born into my families’ small farm. We were Raevir Highlanders, and our religion was, and still is for me, Canonist. Dominique and Agnes Gagne, my parents, were poor strelts who had two other children named Xavier and Irene. Irene was strongly disliked by both my parents, my brother, and myself because she never did any work, and received many beating because of it. But, eventually we all learned to like her, and she and I became very close with one another. We received no education, which I think is stupid anyways, but built up a heavy amount of strength while others were at school learning to read. Who needs that! Paul Pernet, my best and only friend as a child, lived on a farm nearby, and we would go swimming, and fishing in the river all the time as children. Sadly he was captured by pirates, and I vowed to save him one day, but I don’t know what’s become of him now, and I’ve accepted that he’s gone. When I was about ten, my father came up to me, and started talking to me about my brother, and what he’s doing with his life. He said that Xavier was lucky enough to become an apprentice for a baker, and asked me what I had planned if I was to leave the farm. “I seek an adventure, and exploring the other lands ahead, such as Reza our capital,” I replied. He was angry at me, and said I better change my mind and find something productive with my life or I’m going to die out there. Scoffing, I ran off, gathered my things and said my goodbyes to my brother and sister. They were sad, but they understood. Four years later, Xavier reached out to me saying that mother and father were murdered by Orcs. He also said that him and Irene were doing fine on their own, and that he was now a baker, and Irene was helping him out in their bakery now, and is doing a good job. Happy for them, and knowing they were doing well, I went on to pursue my dream of exploring, and going on adventures.
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