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  1. RedRider101

    How do you say Z

    zee bc america
  2. Anastasia Dokar would sit there in shock, mourning the death of her friend and fellow bartender.
  3. Can’t wait for the trip!
  4. I personally joined about two months ago. I already had a few friends on the server so I was pretty well off in the beginning. When I had gotten accepted I saw that the CT member has said that I could /creq. I personally thought the whole thing was embarrassing and was afraid to do it anyway. I feel that if the monks were perhaps played more actively around CT or in more populated areas, maybe going up to new players and asking if they need assistance might work out better for both the monks and new players. To sum it up, I just feel like the monks should be more actively roleplayed in CT. It might just be me not seeing them, but they should be there more. Or a tutorial island, that might be fun too.
  5. Anastasia would silently read the campaign. “This shows promise, I hope he wins,” she’d say before going back to reading yet another long book.
  6. RedRider101


    Anastasia Seymour had lived in a small village in a rural area. Because of this Anastasia never made many friends but other than that things were fine. Then it happened, a group of bandits or some sort came and sacked the small village that she had lived in. Almost everyone in the village was captured and sold into slavery, including Anastasia. Anastasia was taken to Helena, the place where she would do work and eventually live. She had now hit the lowest of the low, she was a slave and nothing more. After a while those who owned her realized she had started to slow down in her work. They acted swiftly, not taking anymore time they auctioned her off. However instead of being sold to someone who would work her to death, she was sold to a man named Zen Dokar. Zen acted as the parent that Anastasia had lost, raising her from there Anastasia kept some of her old traits but developed some new ones thanks to Zen. Eventually Zen had officially adopted her after asking if that's what she wished for. Anastasia complied and was from there on Anastasia Dokar.
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