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  1. Aurelius Moores, son of the famed Ezekiel Moores, took quite some time to read the missive. Holding the paper close to his face, visibly struggling to discern each letter. "A tourney!" He proclaimed with gusto, lowering the missive to hang at his waist-lin. "Aha! Fit for a Moores." Following, he sent gaze to his brother. @RinIsSalty"Xavier! Let's do this as. . Err. . brotherly bonding!"
  2. [!] Upon various notice boards, upon various Elven & Human nations, were a singular missive pinned for all to read. __________________________________________________________ Doctor Butters Consultation Services [!] A depiction of Doctor Butters office. After many long years of pious study, and rigorous training, Doctor Butter has finally decided to make Doctor Butters consultation services a formal endeavour. Through the use of new technologies and ideas, Doctor Butter has discerned the perfect way to truly create a sound mind-space within the Alamarian populace. Following a simple three step plan, Doctor Butter can ensure that anyone is capable of achieving the headspace worthy of any man or woman. I. Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Doctor Butter will not disclose any information to anyone unless permitted by the patient. This radical and new idea ensures a safe space for patients. II. Dissociation from Personal Ideas, and Work: Doctor Butter is a proud Helelelenurian soldier, but is willing to place Doctor Butters gripes aside to better Almarian people. III. Easy Fifty-Elven minute slots: All sessions will last no longer than fifty-Elven minutes per. __________________________________________________________ Available Plans I. Singular Plan: Encompassing five sessions, Butter will coach you through problems. At total cost of Five Mina II. Family Consultation Plan: Encompassing five sessions, Butter will coach four people through their family issues. At total cost of six mina, an additional half mina is to be added for people more than four. III. Martial and Relationship Plan: Encompassing five sessions, Butter will coach two lovers through their relationship issues. At total cost of seven mina. โ€œTen out of ten. For addressing the problem, providing solutions, and retaining a collected manner with a connection to the patient. Also keeping an unbiased platform without prejudices. Excellent form indeed.โ€ __________________________________________________________ For scheduling, send Butter a bird. Mostly found within proud nation of Helelelelenur. [ christman#2353 / OrenianFemboy ]
  3. Butter, renowned soldier of the afformentioned Helelelelelelenur, was unsure how to feel about this... On one hand? To be 'thill, Butter had to love Helelelelelelenur. And too, were the Sohair placed in that undying love. On the other hand? Helelelelelenur was now under the guide of Savoy. Of the Lesser-men. "Butter does not understand this conundrum. Butter was under the impression Vallar-men were lessers," A topic the mouse decided were best to dissect later. "But now we are. . under control of Vallar-men? Butter does not understand, Butter is confused. Butter requires the guidance, and an explanation." The rat adjusted its proud, elf sized, Sillymur hat. "Butter requires some time, a petition, and a long journey of questioning, to decide how to feel on this matter." So then, the small creature neatly folded its Sillymur uniform, packed a nice lunch, and meandered out of Helelelelelenur. . . In search for the answer it truly needed.
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  5. From the seven skies, a certain Raven grinned. "You fight the good fight, Robert. This was well overdue."
  6. Rune signed the cross of the lorraine. "A HERO we did not deserve, but needed greatly. I hope he fairs well in the Seven Skies."
  7. And, within the depths of a holy place; a woman of Elven descent did receive the harrowing news. Her maw found itself nuzzled in a frown; as she sought to sit by the pools of such a holy Aengul. Her grief only distilled by the warmth the Spire did bring. "By Xan!" She cried. Voice ridden with distraught. "Another night, engulfed in darkness has passed. Providence will not see the light again, for a very long time. We've lost a Hero. We've lost a good man. Watch as those crime rates rise ever-higher!" Fingers splayed, high in the air as she cried to the God she adored above. "Richard, get in here. . I've news to tell you!" @SacredSource
  8. In the depths of the Elvenesse forests, a feral goblin stumbled upon a brief respite. A decrepit hole in a log, that she rather quickly nuzzled herself down into. With a set of gangly fingers, her ever-bloodshot eyes flickered down towards a piece of gritty paper somehow blown into the spot. Digits cast in the felled blood of an elk brushed the paper. "Ohohohohhohho." Came her response initially, a cackle escaping the deep confines of her maw. "Noawh diz peepz lyk ah job fur mi."
  9. In most combative, and non combative, scenarios I've been in - having the extra emote to ensure the bird can be received has just become the norm amongst those I mainly rp with. There have been multiple times where one party as been in CRP, and unable to read the item or something similar along those lines. It adds the fabled immersion, while also making it fair to most involved. It's not a perfect solution, but I could definitely say that tightening the rules for birds would be far better than nerfing them all together. Possibly it could be added that using a soul stone isn't allowed when rallying for a bird. Or, if CRP has already started - only a select few can be brought into the scenario. Also, getting rid of birds entirely would hinder a lot of non-crp encounters. Some people wanna do their wig rp, or their elven tree rp. Not everyone on this server is a murderhobo, or some evil cretin with the upmost need to kill. But that's just my two cents, yknow.

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