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  1. Maeday0

    Anime Pets

    Hello LOTCers. i have a new found interest, which is turning YOUR pets into anime characters. im open to doing any pets, no matter their size, gender or really anything. as seen by these two lovely cats, i can make them look dumb, or however you'd want. i tend to change the males into anime girls, and the girls into anime guys, but it can be up to you on how i change them, of course, because they are still YOUR pets. i am offering my services for the low cost of one [1] Canadian dollar, or 100 minas. if you pay with 1 canadian dollar, i will be willing to do as many pets as you have. but with mina, i will require a further payment for the more i do for you. all i would need from you, is a picture of your pet, and their eye colour, and then our adventure begins, you choose the vibe of anime you want them to follow, if you want girly or boyish or whatever your heart desires. you can reach me on discord at: MaeDayo#3613 dont be shy, im willing to make your dreams of having an anime pet come true.
  2. The Principality of South Sedan brings to you… Ireheart supremasexy An Evening of love and romance for all… "Admirers Masquerade” Which will be held on: Night of the Red Heart Moon, 16th of Tobias's Bounty, 1859 [!] The people and the vassals of Urguan would find this invite posted in mailboxes, city boards, and pinned to the doors of citizens. It would be posted so that the people of the Tripartite Accord would all be welcomed to come and enjoy the Masquerade. Each invite, and post, was sealed with the emblem of Her ladyship, Boja ‘BB’ Bojo, Baroness of Huvaardia. The nations of the war have lost a lot of people, from leaders, to citizens. Each side of the war has lost many and in light of said losses, Sedan is hosting a ball to help the youth and many more find love and friends, all while enjoying some sort of freedom and calm during this war. Even though we are offering peace during this Masquerade ball, many on the side of Oren will not be per say welcomed with open arms. All of the people not coming from the Tripartite Accord will be searched, only to ensure that we will help keep the peace while the event goes on. People of all ages are welcomed. The ball will be hosted in Sedan, just outside of the Sedanian Church, there will be foods of many types and drinks for those above drinking age, while offering juices and sweet drinks for those underage. Music, dancing and entertainment will be offered to all who come to enjoy the night of love and friendship. All of said visitors and attendees are expected to don certain colours: white, red, and gold, The colours are believed to be tied to love and freedom in a sense. Along with the colours, each and everyone is asked to wear a mask, to cover only their upper faces. The women are expected to don dresses, which hold wide and flowing skirts, while being modest. As the ball comes to a close, we will name a she and he as the best dressed, giving the title of “The Red Dove” to said lovely lady, and “The Red Raven” to the handsome fella, but only for the said night. Signed, Her ladyship, Boja ‘BB’ Bojo, Baroness of Huvaardia [OOC]
  3. Boja 'BB' Bojo stood behind the tavern in Sedan, her eyes scanning over the words. as she read, a smile crept apon her features, proud to call herself a Sedanian, she'd mutter... . . . "Ave Sedan.."
  4. Haelun'or bussin!!

  5. Adriana would welcome her sisters to the high skys.
  6. -+✠+- -+✠+- [Adriana d'Arkent, age 21, while strolling in the old garden of Sunholdt] What a way to wake up, eyes flickering, as the sun began to rise over the hill behind Sedan. What was it Adriana had planned today? A brisk walk to Oren.. but only after checking in on her daughter and son, if she could find the kids, they sure do have a habit of running off to savoy and Oren, maybe even Haense, the poor aging woman could barely keep a close eye on those wild cards. Even so, she did enjoy the feeling of watching those she had loved and raised turn into lovely people in the world. Adriana made her way towards the kitchen, through the halls of the sedan keep, to the bottom floor, her eyes looking into the storage to see what she could make for her later plans in the day. An odd lack of ingredients made it clear to her, suppose she could just get something later… As the morning continued, the sun rose, leaving it to be a warm yet slightly windy day, the kind of day Adriana enjoys the most. She had finished her readying to go off to see her daughter, Julia, lived in Sedan as well, as she had married the prince of Sedan, Leopold. Adriana was proud of Julia, the years atop of years Adriana had spent with Julia had helped in turning Julia into a beautiful woman, a true lady of honor and refinement. Even if Adriana had been quite the opposite of what Julia is, when she was Julia’s age. Adriana cringes at how headstrong she had been, the years of stubbornly rejecting the norm had caught up to her, and she shared laughs with herself over the rude and cruel words the other girls would write about her and her sister. Oh the memories, she hoped that the new generation was different from her generation. After a moment of thinking, Adriana pulled herself back to the moment she was in with her daughter, looking to Julia, with a cup of sweet cherry tea in it on the table before her. Adriana conversed with Julia for a good hour and a half, before moving off to see where her son had ended up on this day... Leaving the Sedan to find herself on her way to Oren, a small basket tucked under her arm, as she held a parasol close to her hip. Her walk was slow, as her age showed to the world, but thankfully for Adriana, she had gotten used to the slow and beautiful way the world seemed to her. She had no grudges with a soul on this earth, well, all but one, the one she cursed out till her last breath was the murderer of her eldest daughter, Amara, who was sadly killed in an explosion at the painfully young age of 6. The wind was slow in its ways, only shifting a few hairs on her head, her feet beginning to hurt as she climbed the stairs out front of Oren. Oh how Adriana had hated those cursed stairs! It had been a long while since Adriana had found the time to leave Sedan, and visit Oren, she was hoping her son would be around, but sadly for her, he was not, knowing the kid, he was probably in Savoy or somewhere near it. She stopped by a shop or two, picking up a few things. She had finally found herself ready for a nice picnic in the gardens near the palace. The poor woman had given up on finding that fool of a son, she'll just see him tomorrow... She had picked out a small blanket she had tucked into her basket. Unfolding it, she had lifted it into the air before lowering it into the grass, making a nice place for her to sit and rest, all while reading a book and eating a freshly made sandwich. The sun had reached its peak in the day, sitting right atop of Adriana’s head, she had brought her parasol to help keep herself safe from those harsh UV rays, although in all honesty, she was taught to never allow her skin to burn from the warmth from the sun. one might just simply call it a bad habit of the aging woman. Her eyes traced around the garden, her heart and thoughts strongly happy to be in the most peaceful place the woman could think of. She shifted to allow herself to lay there, her eyes closing for the last time. Her breath lessened and her heart slowed, she had simply reached the end of her life, no strong reason for her to die, maybe all of the stress in the poor woman's earlier life knocked off years if not more. A mother and protector to some, and a crazed stubborn mess to others, but one thing about Adriana will always stand true, she was a kindhearted woman to her family and friends. She did not fear being forgotten, or even having no one to miss her, she loved how at peace she had ended up in her final moments. May she rest. [ooc] Adriana was a joy to play, from the time she wore weapons to her first ever social season, to that time she married a traitor to her homeland, and my favorite of the times, when her daughter pked at the age of 6, who does that???? Anyways, I hope those I rped with her had fun and I do kind of feel bad for not rping her more than I did. Here's to the next generation of d’Arkents, and Castiles, good luck you goons and girls. Remember to never get too caught up in rp drama and to have a good time with it. I'll probably add more ooc details at a later date, but the time is 1:41 am, god bless.
  7. Sedanite garden tournament. -=o=- Dare i say this while has been strange, as i've made more friends, and met more of the people who share the same community as my family and i. I even dare to say it is time for some sorts of fun and relaxation for the people of Almaris. I formally invite all who read to come to Sedan, to see what we have been planning and readying for all, a tournament for the best men and women of combat, the winner of this combat based tournament gaining a grand prize of 100 minaes, and the title of ‘honorary Sedanite’. Of course not all who attend are enjoyers of combat, and that is where we will be offering a flower crown making class, as well as some tea time. I wish to make this important event enjoyable for all! If you wish to partake in the combat, please bird me! As I would like to ensure that all will be calm and peaceful with each other on our lands. This event will be taking place in 8 saints days! -𝐿𝒶𝒹𝓎 𝐻𝑒𝓃𝓇𝒾𝑒𝓉𝓉𝒶 𝒹𝑒 𝒥𝑜𝒶𝓃𝓃𝑒𝓈 [ooc] Hello! I'm maedayo, clearly, this event will be taking place 07/30/2021, at 3:00 pm EST. if you have any questions, or would like to sign up in advance for the pvp, my discord is: MaeDayo#3613. As mentioned above, all are welcome, and while on our tile, we would like for all ooc drama to cease, as this is just a relaxing event for people to come and chill at! If you would like the discord link, or to even buy a place at Sedan, do dm me on discord or even in game, i can hook you up with both! As always, i am open to suggestions for other events to run in the future!
  8. Heather d'Silva said no such things about herself, as she was pretty much mute!
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