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  1. Max would think back on things her friends enjoy before stopping at a certain idea "a fishing tournament!" her voice would boom out, before she went to write some flyers to hand out,. the flyer reading "in three days time, we will meet in the sutican square for a contest to see who is the best fisher in sutica! the winner gets 80 mina!" [ooc] on friday, 05/07/2021, at 5:00 pm est, i will be hosting a event in the sutican square, the person the who changes the most fish win 80 mina! be there or be cringe...
  2. [!] the sound of the tavern bell would ring through the square, the white haired Adunian, Max, would call to the people of the streets "in 3 saints days we will be hosting a drinking contest! the winner gets a drink named after them!" [ooc] on Monday, 5/3/2021 at 3 pm est, I will be hosting a drinking contest at the tavern in the square, as for mentioned we will be naming a drink after you, in your honour if you win!
  3. do it again, i love seeing the skins you make <3
  4. -= Annual tournament of The Free State of Sutica=- -=♛=- In celebration of the succession of Sutica, all are welcome to the halls of the military district in the following elvish days. The leadership has blessed the Free State to proceed with an excellent tournament, and to join together for drinks after. Following the permission from leadership, the grand tournament will take place. Should weather not permit or an occurrence happens, it will result in a simple feast and gathering of the city to join together and converse. The reward of the victor of the tournament
  5. if it isnt what i want, why would i want it?

    1. AnonymousAlexa


      True words of wisdom from an ISA (best army!!!!!!!!!) recruit

  6. Adriana would nod as she read over the letter, although the d'Arkent girl would still feel saddened about her friend, "i suppose is it the way the world goes.." she would mutter under her breath as she would set the letter down.
  7. Adriana would scan over the paper before crushing it and throwing it into the nearby fireplace "nothing but a jealous fool. daring to insult my family."
  8. USERNAME: maedayo FULL RP NAME: Adriana d'Arkent HOUSE / FAMILY: house of d'Arkent [Sunholdt] YEAR OF BIRTH: 1790
  9. Submission Form Rp Name: Pumpkin City of Residency: N/A Propaganda: Mc Name: maedayo
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