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  1. Laughs as he hears of the adoption, he remarks "Guess he has an heir now, shame..."
  2. "Amazing, never thought we'd come this far but due to people like them, I guess we have." Carlos remarks after hearing of the flight
  3. Carlos Mendez would be sitting at his desk in Osanora when he hears of Einar's death, memories flash through his mind of him and Einar as he tears up, he quietly says to himself "I forgive you Einar...."
  4. ArizonaRanger


    Gandhicus Bishop was born in New Riza, Haense almost 20 years ago as the second son to their small family. Being the second oldest, Gandhicus was often given better treatment than his older brother and got away with most things early in life. These small things included thievery and resisting arrest. Unfortunately, Gandhicus’ father was later killed in the Schyfling war which caused him and his family to be forced onto the streets with little to no money. Having little other choice, Gandhicus planned to enlist in the Haense Royal Army alongside his elder brother in order to pay for their essen
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