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  1. Carlos Mendez openly laughed at the poster, making sure to take it back to his home laid in Osanora. Then folding it up and filing it into a desk, never to be seen again. “He calls himself ‘Ser’ only after having his knighthood revoked? This foolish bastard.” Charles Darkwood also chuckles at the poster, having heard many negative things about the organization from his Father, and Great Grandfather.. “Why do they think they’ll succeed? Oren always prevails...” He spoke to himself as he skipped down a road in Providence, quickly forgetting about ‘Gustaven and the Resistance’ afterwa
  2. "Well that's something I ain't seen in a while..." Carlos Martinez Mendez mentioned after he skimmed through the letter, keeping an eye on the signature. After minutes of thinking, he finally realized what it truly meant... Lowering a hand to tap his desk that he comfortably sat at while reading through the letter "Trying to reminisce on the good, old days is almost impossible at this point.. Seeing everything that happened since. Part of me wishes nothing but horror and pain to be cast upon you. Other parts wish for mercy, peace, tranquility. Though none of those are options anymore. Cheats a
  3. "What a piece...." Spoke Carlos Mendez after having looked over this 'masterpiece'.
  4. Carlos Mendez simply rose a hand to his chin and pondered on the Prince's words.. Finally lowering the hand to pat Cesar's shoulder, with a slight smirk he exhaled. "Once you grow of age, you'll learn. As for now, let me find you something to eat.." The aging man spoke in a deep, yet seemingly hopeful voice as he glanced down towards his cousin.
  5. "Not cool...." Murmured a young Charles Darkwood as he looked over the poster with attentiveness.
  6. Carlos Mendez, an original foundling of the Clan, finally took a mild interest in Norlandic Politics. He seemed interested in the piece as he began to read over the statement.. Shortly after finishing the piece he gave a nod of approval as the statement is slid into storage. "Finally, these bastards have done something interestin', after years of silence.." He laughed with a hard cough.. Obviously ignoring the main point of the statement, then continuing on with the boring and menial tasks of the day.
  7. Carlos Mendez furrowed his brow while reading over the missive before folding it into two, sliding it into a bookshelf, sat close to his desk. "Wonder what she's up to now. Seems she can never die." He said to himself, having a good laugh afterwards.
  8. we wont destroy it, best of luck Antony , shame to see you go.
  9. "Facts...." Mutters Carlos Mendez while looking over the work with a laugh.
  10. Carlos Mendez weeps in his chambers after finding Hernando's corpse in Osanora before muttering.. "Justice shall be dealt, and the men that did this will pay. So will Felipe."
  11. Luka Bishop now sat in his family's Haenseti manor hears the news, he looks to the door, a sad expression on his face as he pushes himself to his feet. He then steps outside, taking a seat on the porch as he watches the street throughout the day and into the night, stuck there with himself and his thoughts until he finally falls asleep in his chair, having shed no tears for the Mercatorii's fall.
  12. Carlos Mendez nodded with pride towards his sons words, pocketing the paper. "Correct as always Folas, keep it up." He says towards Folas, pushing himself to his feet as he heads upstairs, sliding the missive into a bookshelf.
  13. Carlos Mendez scans through the paper, tilting his head with suspicion and question. "Who's less fortunate in Osanora, from what I see everyone has a home..." He looks up towards his son Folas (@Bigman31), the question having been for him.
  14. Carlos Mendez reads through the poem with interest, giving a quick nod of support and appreciation afterwards.
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