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  1. August Barclay paused, eyeing over the letter with a frown. "..Oh." It clicked in the squire's mind; promptly lowering said letter to his bedside table. "Du were gutte, Isabel." He mumbled between gritted teeth, narrowing his remaining eye upon the letter at his side.
  2. "Did vy forget about the Sedanian Rebellion, dear Ivarus?" Luka Bishop uttered from the seven skies. "When vy shouted about the Barbaric acts of the ISA?" He frowned, crossing his arms.
  3. August Barclay ended up filling out the form whilst pestering his brother Emil to do the same @Liokv NAME: August Barclay AGE: 18 POSITION APPLIED: Huntsman RESIDENCE: Duchy of Reinmar
  4. Carlos Mendez promptly marked down the date, ecstatic to attend Emerald's wedding.
  5. Charles Darkwood sat there in his cozy little study pondering over a book as said letter arrived. He peered between the signature and the beginning of the letter; as though he didn't wish for it to end. His eyes stood trained on the beginning before eventually lifting his visage to drawl out over the rest of the letter. "They're all going, one by one. Ich will, though." He remarked shortly with a frown, then lowering the letter and returning to his book with teary eyes. Luka Bishop promptly welcomed his cousin into the seven skies alongside Petyr, sipping Carrion throughout the night.
  6. DEATH OF ANOTHER ANCIENT FELLOW LUKA BISHOP’S DEATH _____________________________________________ [1770-1854] Luka shuffled away from his meager campsite at the first sight of the sun. A plain waterskin gripped within his right hand. He continued on through the shrubbery of the forest until he found a small clearing, in which the senile, aged man continued on through over the grass. By this point Luka recalled the birth of his first and only child, Alice; he hadn’t known what caused him to remember this but it caused a sharp pain to shoot through his chest. He lifted his right hand up to clutch at his tunic though to no avail. “Yam szam, Alice...” He mumbled through strained breathes, attempting to retain a steady air flow, in and out. Though once again to no avail. His attempt saved the man a moment before he finally collapsed to the grass. In a moment of desperation the estranged Bishop whispered. “Yam szam.” A final time before those continuous sharp pains kept motion until the man was motionless on the grass. The waterskin which he had previously clung to, spilt out over the weeds of grass as Luka Bishop, veteran of the Sedanian Rebellion and the Tenth Nordling war, lay dead. To the Mercatorii To Ser Erwin Bishop
  7. August promptly frowned at the news, though shutting his front door and murmuring a strained prayer or two.
  8. "The field marshal?" August Barclay murmured after the siege as the news arrived for him. Idly, he was seated on a small cot in his tent as he signed the Lorraine in remembrance of the field marshal who'd help lead them in the battle.
  9. will u be my pocket moderator
  10. Ser August Barclay of Hoonse, a loyal supporter of Klara prepared to beat his cousin, Konstanz with a stick over the affair! @Fionn__TWG
  11. August Barclay pauses at the missive, then considers mentioning something, before promptly forgetting about said event!
  12. The aforementioned Carlos Mendez marked down the time, and promptly annoyed his dear cousin Cesar to attend such a summit. (@Timer)
  13. "Damn, that's unfortunate." Murmured August Barclay.
  14. August Barclay marked down the date with a shrug.
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