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  1. Carlos Mendez scowls from his Haeseni residence; his eyes then drawing to his young son, Valentino before returning to ponder upon the news. His reading glasses idly tilted downwards. "Niet surprised." He murmurs to himself.
  2. Charles Darkwood tilts his reading glasses down as he skims through the missive; a wide grin slowly spreading upon his features. "Heh-" He sniggers to himself, then tossing it aside and leaning back into his comfortable chair.
  3. Carlos Mendez shrugs, rolling his eye as he snagged up the missive from his wife Lynette and read over it.
  4. Charles Darkwood claps with glee for the pious Savoyards. Signing the Lorraine upon himself at that with a smile.
  5. Charles Darkwood grits his teeth, shrugging after a moment of contemplation. “Do nicht worry about it, Antonius; it’ll be sorted soon enough.” He sniggers, patting his cousin on the shoulder thereafter.
  6. "Ich did nicht know Elias would go this far fur William..." Comments a bewildered Charles Darkwood, sighing thereafter.
  7. Charles Darkwood hid the missive away in a cupboard from his wife as she, Adrianna Darkwood entered the room. The Darkwood then turning to face her with an idle smile.
  8. When is your generic one year AMA?

    1. Ziggitee


      Good question, never probs


    2. MikaSimp1278


      I made my one year AMA before I was even one year in.

  9. Charles Darkwood copes and seethes at the lack of an invite for him family. “Isn’t he…in his eighties?” He asks himself, cradling his young son, Lorenz in his own arms.
  10. “Oh Godani-“ Mutters Charles Darkwood as his wife notifies him of Ingrid’s death. “Ich did nicht get ein chance to meet her, but du have told me ein lot.” He rambles, then lowering his head and murmuring a quick prayer for the fallen Duchess before heeding his wife’s request of a dance. @CopOwl
  11. Charles Darkwood sighs, handing the missive off to his brother in law, Reinhardt. “Pride Rights!” He exclaims with a snicker. @Capt_Chief26
  12. Charles Darkwood sighs in quiet contemplation, mildly-disappointed of his cousin's choice of marriage; nevertheless he makes sure to send Antonius a letter of congratulation.
  13. gonna miss you burnsider, never really got to rp much but I recall you being a ******* vibe, good luck w/ it all
  14. Charles Darkwood prayed for the slain Cardinal.
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