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  2. Nicolas Barclay prayed for the Pontiff as he entered the seven skies.
  3. August Barclay sends off his Duke with a salute.
  4. A Distant Ser dipped his head for a fallen friend.
  5. Ser August smiled - preparing to assist his Alstreim cousins and Hyspian comrades down south.
  6. A Senile Hyspian, despite lacking an affiliation with the apparent Hyspian settlers recalls a faint memory of a Hyspian Diocese settled mainly in the Southern lands. "If anything..."
  7. "She who rests, rusts." Affirmed Adrianna's departed husband - Charles from the seven skies. "Du did as well du possibly could darling - I'm sorry."
  8. how is life in the dumpster, builderbagelzbigmantimerandiwillsoon be to visit your humble abode!
  9. August Barclay placed a hand to his heart with a tear rolling down his face - an odd sight for the aging knight as he presumed himself desensitized to the recent surge of events. "You were a fair Koeng, Sigismund und Ich was proud to be your friend." He cried - hauling himself off to his chambers. Though he couldn't press away his forlorn memories with Sigismund - seeing him as a bit of an uncle after his blood father's departure from his young life. ----- "Do niet keep such a mindset, August - it wont get vy anywhere." Sigismund chastised the page during one of their Knightly trainings together August offered a quiet nod in response - as if fearful of the then young Koeng. "I'll miss you, mein Koeng - Ich wast proud to be in dein retinue."
  10. Kazimir Jumbo nods in agreement.
  11. THE JAMBODIAN PURGE OF ELYSIAN CRAVENS ----------------- (Jambodian-Maltosse forces rally to invade Elysium.) -------- For too long have the united people of Jambodia been disregarded by the savages of Elysium - donning tones of blue and yellow! We are to finally return a gracious blow upon this once formidable city state; yet they deny and threaten our envoys with brutal death!! May they face the blade honorably in battle - or hide within their walls! Though this shan't save them as the Elite Maltosse siege engineers may scale their walls and wipe the city’s slate clean with pure bravery. ---------- Our armies (which heavily outnumber yours, take a look (we are within your walls) ) are greatly prepared to crush you like an ant beneath our strong Jambodian boot. Surrender your soldiers, your mina, your gate keys or face certain defeat. (You are far too late - our reasonable demands have not been heeded in time and so our armies will march on our puny state.) (After we demolish Elysium, we shall rally to support our Jessianite allies.) (TRUE KING OF ELYSIUM) HIS ROYAL IMPERIAL MAJESTY, KAZIMIR MUNCHO JUMBO XXVIII, GRAND DOUBLE-DUKE OF JAMBODIA-JUMBODIA, COUNT OF KUMABUDUSHU, KRETANJANIZVILLE, MANIYADVALAND, KANOOBA, WAKOOPBIA, JABADOOBA, GREAT-GRAND BARON OF KOBUDIBUBAP, JUMBODIA-VILLO, JAMBIONOVA, MANURIA (TRUE GRAND DUKE OF ELYSIUM) His Royal Highness NESCAFF I by the Grace of Godan, Doge of Maltosse, Grand General of the Wakkoff Battalion, Margrave of Boopity, Dueling, Layd, Moldovis, Ssolven, Slessik and Gord, Count of Carnage and Valheim, Viscount of Korstass, Rowall and Valund, Baron of Alama, Alim, Baranoss, Grasswold, Karik, Kavoi, Kanauka, Kat, Kovad, Kaz, Marv, Neing, Torn, and Torv, Lord of Varpo, Protector of the Matlossians, etcetera.
  12. Luka Bishop scoffed as Friedrich departed - and entered the Father's Hall. "Shameful, classic of the Devanite Branch."
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