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  1. "Ich said we were nicht enemies before Ich realized the things du did to Maya und Adrianna, Erwin." Remarks a disgruntled Charles Darkwood, scoffing thereafter. "Und du still manipulated mein wife, that has nicht changed, nor will it."
  2. Charles Darkwood gives Maya a supportive pat on the shoulder as she finishes up her draft of the piece. “Gutte job, Maya. Ich am proud, dur vater would be too.” @avióndelta
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    Kicking rocks

    Carlos Mendez furrows his brows, turning to face his son and daughter with a smile. "Si he is the one; and you two can call only him that. Just don't tell your mother.."
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    Kicking rocks

    Luka Bishop blinks, scanning over the missive. "Viktor, Viktor, Viktor, Viktor." He repeats in a murmur, then turning to a self-whisper as he stands from his seat. "Erwin Bishop, you'll pay for this....A stain on Devan's legacy you are. Regardless, I've always been a bastard, never bothered to educate yourself on the fact...I guess!" The Sedanian scoffs with a slight snicker at Erwin's lack of education on his own family, still unknowing of his daughter's recent death. Gandhicus Bishop, settled quietly in the seven skies, receives news from his brother, Devan and nephew, Henry. "Devan never knew how to control his line." He sighs, shaking his head. (@Javert) Charles Darkwood glares upon the notice, "Delusional, the bastard is." He says, looking to Adrianna Darkwood née Barclay and he turns to stroll over to her, pressing the missive into her hands. "Maya Avoran." He repeats in a whisper, trying to wrap his head around it. (@CopOwl) Carlos Mendez couldn't care less, it didn't involve him and the way he saw it; Erwin was a disappointment to his line and to his daughter, who almost married him.
  5. Gucci Mane reflects on “tense” Verzuz battle against Jeezy - REVOLT

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      reminds me of someone tbh...

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      don't doxx me bro, delete this immediately

  7. Discord: ArizonaRanger#6445 Skin: The Rouge Prince Bid: 160 Mina
  8. Francis van der Sainte-Blandine stares over at Lomiei, his glance only hidden by the closed visor on his helm which mildly-perturbed his view. "I doubt Father Paul would take advice from someone with such a bad haircut." He muses to himself, tapping his foot idly on the stone below himself.
  9. Discord: ArizonaRanger#6445 Skin: The Dunbonnet Bid: 100 Mina
  10. Charles Darkwood scowls at the demotion of his Barclay in-laws. Relaxing back into a seated position within his family's Orenian Manor after he had been passed the missive by his wife, Adrianna. He forms an arched brow as his head tilts in question. "Und du still wonder why we moved to Oren." He comments idly, then looking to Adrianna with a dismissive sigh.
  11. Discord: ArizonaRanger#6445 Skin: The Rouge Prince Bid: 130 Mina
  12. Kukabiliana emits a raspy, degenerate cackle at the news. "Vyr degenerate Kingdom will fall, Buckfort." He scoffs.
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