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  1. A_Fish_


    Being born into a middle class family in the state of Sutica, her parents both suffered through the war, alone with her elder siblings, they worked hard to keep their family safe. Because of this, her family greatly celebrate the day the Peace of Merryweather was signed. She had a relatively normal life despite the high expectations she had to live up to. From birth she had a neuroglial disorder that caused her to have a extremely poor memory, putting her at a disadvantage compared to both her parents along with her other 8 siblings who were all extremely knowable. Being the middle child in a
  2. A_Fish_


    Being born into a middle class family she had a relatively normal life, having 8 siblings who are all extremely knowable her parents being similar only added to the already high expectations. Being born with a neurological disorder that caused her to have extremely poor memory, this combined with the high expectations of her knowable family caused her a lot of stress from a young age. Despite her memory issues she never stopped learning, or well trying to learn. Spending most of her time alone, loosing herself in her studies she still made sure to spend time with her family, deep down fearing
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