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  1. MC Name: Venoq RP Name: Tuvya of Volsovya Company Name(if applicable): County of Volsovya Discord: Venoq#1101 Will you be participating in the Regatta?: MAYBE Will you be participating in the Brawl?: YES Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): EST
  2. Kuno signs up!
  3. Vukarism

    A Long Flight

    "Useless imbecile." Kuno de Joannes muttered.
  4. "The Butchers of Roszania!" screamed Kuno de Joannes.
  5. The young Leufroy scribbles his name onto the parchment.
  6. THE BASTARDS OF BLACKWALD 33 of the SECOND AGE MISSION An organization of soldiers both experienced and freshly bled in the brutal rat wars of Luciensburg, The Bastards of Blackwald are a pious company bound in service to only her GOD, her Baron, and her Contractors. Finding haven within Upper Meridia to the South of the realm of Almaris, the Bastards are well organized and trained in their craft. The company ascribes strictly to the True Faith and that which is revealed in the Holy Scrolls, their acceptance of employers revealing such. CHAIN OF COMMAND Unoathed: Camp Follower (Aide del Castello) Camp Followers, or Non-Combatants, are men and women employed by the company yet unoathed to the Baron, and thus not bound to service of any kind. Their duties vary greatly, from medical responsibilities and smithing to cooking and brewing. Donning the armband of the company, their service is informal yet vital. Aspirant (Aspirante) Aspirants are the untested or men of the company. Given training and a trial, they are to prove their skill and competence before entering the ranks proper. Men-at-Arms: Armsman (Soldato) Armsmen are the oathed and integrated men of the company. They comprise the majority of its roster, being plentiful in number. They are subject to compensation and standard equipment, able to participate in contracts of their choosing, though they possess no authority. Horseman (Coustiller) The Horsemen of the company are standard cavalry soldiers, expected to keep their own steed within the company stables. Vanguard (Avanguardia) Vanguards are the most combat-skilled of the Men-at-Arms within the company. They donn brigandine and full plate armor. They are often issued to special or sensitive operations, as well as gaining ground ahead of the s Officer Corps: Captain (Red) | Lieutenant (Yellow) | Sergeant (Blue) Sergeant (Serjente) Sergeants are the lowest of officers within the corps, proving to possess some semblance of leadership ability. Their duties are to direct formations and ensure the discipline of their lower companymen. Lieutenant (Tenente) Lieutenants are those proving to be up to the stock of a Captain, yet unneeded at the time. These officers are to serve as Captains, leaders of squadrons, ad-hoc in the absence of their respective higher-ups. Captain (Capitano) Captains are the highest rank of plurality, leading small squadrons quasi-independently. Their duties revolve around recruitment, training, and advisory to the High Command. High Command: Marshal (Condottiero) The Marshal is the Baron’s hand to the company, a singularly important and powerful commander. His duties are to ensure the companymen are well fed, paid, and kept busy, as well as ensuring the competence and worthiness of the officer corps. The current marshal is The Honorable Faust das Goethe. Baron (Barone) The Grim Baron of Blackwald is the most superior and honorable member of the company, reigning dually over the lands which the company calls home in a manner of civics, and also over the company in its entirety. He is to have the superlative say in all operations of the company. The currently reigning Baron is His Grave Excellency, Joachim Ashford de Rouen. CONTRACTS Escorts: The Company will happily oblige to secure the safe travel of citizens or foreign nobles from a starting point to a destination. Auxiliaries: The Company will, with proper compensation and ethical ensurance, aid in offensive or defensive campaigns of nations of the True Faith. Assassinations: The Company will ensure the swift termination of single targets. Women, children, and men of the cloth excluded. Larcenies: The Company will ensure the relocation of items of interest from one location to another, at the presumed behest of their current beholder. RECRUITMENT Able bodied men of the True Faith are welcomed into our employment. Further a letter to the company’s address containing the following information: Name: Age: Culture: ((Username: ((Discord:
  7. A roar of laughter echoed through the glorious camp of Sedan. "These men ran from us!" he uttered, to Owyn and Peter de Joannes. "The Toll Tax will continue!"
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