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  1. A roar of laughter echoed through the glorious camp of Sedan. "These men ran from us!" he uttered, to Owyn and Peter de Joannes. "The Toll Tax will continue!"
  2. "Quite interesting." Rodryk said, with a curious look, collapsing onto his visage.
  3. Joachim released his grasp from the shovel, then signed the Lorraine. "May he rest with GOD" he'd utter, wiping the sweat that formed on his forehead.
  4. THE DRAGON WITHIN US A (fictional) depiction of St. Horen and the Iblees at battle An Acolyte’s Thesis on; CANONISM BY THE SWORD Scribed by; Acolyte Rodryk Procured by; Cardinal Albarosa @Julio ツ Published on the 13th of the Grand Harvest, 18 FROM THE PRINCELY-ARCHDIOCESE OF ALBAROSA THE DRAGON WITHIN US - We must ask ourselves.. How does one define ‘The Dragon Within Us’.. and what exactly is the Dragon, and of course, how does it correlate to inciting our Faith through the sword.
  5. TOURNAMENT SIGN UP LAST NAME: Of the Church FIRST NAME: Rodryk AGE: 15 ((MC NAME)): TheBannerlord ((DISCORD)): Bannerlord#1101
  6. Vukarism


    Éored, was born to a human father that served with a mercenary company in Sutica and left at the young age of five and an Elven mother. After his father had left, Eored moved to Providence during the reign of Joseph II, the now dead Emperor of the Holy Oren Empire. However, during the Sedanian Rebellion, his mother decided it was not safe to live in Providence anymore; this caused the two to move to Norland. Eored was very close to his mother and often helped her with daily struggles around the home such as cooking and tending to the animals. The young Adunian was very unattractive and didn't
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