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  1. In the words of other players, one may find this kind of ideal trait or FA, hard to find, the most easiest is alchemy which I bet if you do enough tavern RP, and possibly ask, you could find someone that could teach you same way for many things, however the more you try to find, the harder you will find out the good and very cool feats are all but gatekept from other communities for many reasons, so just try to RP and look around. Obviously it may sound hard, but hey Its LOTC what you gonna do?
  2. "Hmmm titles, I never been fond of them, then again I never been fond of someone calling me princess, due to my families given Life lasting titles. I pray no one even uses 'your excellency', I will even gag and recoil my head back the minute I'm even bowed before, for just the sole reason of my titles. All are equal in my eyes, till they prove they are as bad, as the criminals that run rampant in other questionable Nations and or cities." Ember sighed a bit as she looked out the window, as she turned and saw her daughter sleeping on her handmaids lap, Even Lilith, the handmaid herself was asleep too....in the end, Ember seemed a bit disturbed. titles were not fond for her, and she had to much humility to even accept such recognition, if ever given.
  3. A small tiny Mischievous Morovar looked onto the missive she tapped her lips before having a sudden light up a new passion was born "IM GOING TO SAIL SHIP!!!!!!"
  4. From the skies the place where the fowls of the sky darkened for the Peaceful Hyspian woman, as something had changed, the wind awoken her. Only darkness, darkness and more darkness enveloped her vision. "Algo paso.....I dont feel them anymore.....I dont see them anymore....oscuro.....todo esta oscuro"
  5. The Evening was sour and dry, the humid Stale weather in the Forest made it less bearable for the Lady, as she looked through her window, workers toiling at the bins of grape and berries as they pounded them with their feet plants. Reading the missive made it tolerable as she raised a glass for the soon to be King. In the midst hearing a blond man malding in the distance, she give a light chortle and smirk. "A new chapter closes and an old one begins, or is it going to be the other way around this time?" The Lady said softly in a whispery tone, allowing herself to not wake her sleeping daughter, as she raised a glass of Fuchsmark Wein 1888, as she softly sipped and licked her lips after with enjoyment. "Ave La Regnum De Balian, may she fly her skies strong and long"
  6. "While it be, that I'm happy that we have new friends and denizens." The March replied with a bit of confusion and worry, as she smacked her lips lightly looking at the missive as she sat in the washroom. "I do clarify, all titles are not official, like baroness for example. I have to clarify this with papa at some point...but till then, I'll entertain the Unofficial titles, as it's manners..." She says sinking into her tub if warm water as she places the missive to her side.
  7. An Elfess reads this missive. Her look a bit unfazed, almost as if she expected this. "The domino's begin to fall..." She rolled up the sheet and placed it in a cubby titled Celianor Filter.
  8. Samuel Vuiller looks down on this missive "Ay....Ain' no one Makin meh spea' this crap." He said with his own way of talkin
  9. Ember smiles, she sees a new dawn rising...however worries over the paladin influences as she looks over at a certain person....dashing away from the scene A chest piece is moved into the middle of the map of almaris "And now...all eyes are on the Realm of the Mali'ame"
  10. Order of the Golden Fox 5th of snows Maiden year 90 SA "We do not wield swords & spears- merely to defend property or territory or rights at home or at sea. We wield them to defend & honor our ways of life." - Elliot Simons Through harsh times and efforts we built Helios, a home with our Elven brothers and sisters, family and friends. Through time, we built our homes, and plowed our fields of golden wheat and barley and we worked hard to maintain them. Through time we forged our steels like we forge our sons and daughters to be the better of us. In this matter, through time, the world has become a rotten hell, and a beautiful heaven, one which we strongly believe is our job to defend all that we worked for, and for a long time now, it has come to the Attention of the Margrave family that in hard times, it is not just our duty but our right to bear arms and defend our homes and roads. UPON this date the ruling family of Margrave of Helios, solemnly declare the formation of the DEFENSIVE forces of Helios, better known as the knights of the Order of the Golden Fox. It is widely known that all men who reside in Helios, and have no other affiliations to any other military, must take up the mantle of joining the order to defend the home they believe in. Women may join by choice however the laws of the order may prohibit active duty, further information below. The Information below would be listed in the table of contents TOC: -Military laws. -Means of promotion. -Ranks and Test Requirements. -Oath of the fox. Military Laws LAW I: THE LAW OF THE FOX STATES, who so ever takes the oath of the fox, shall be bestowed great honor to their family, one may not desert this oath, only leave it with discharge from the Alpha. LAW II: THE LAW OF THE FOX STATES, who so ever takes the oath of the fox, may not slander the armor which is handed to them by the Alpha, this includes the following pretenses, and more added on to the Book of laws. Murder Unjustified executions Law breaking Unjust/ Unlawful Arrest Disobeying orders Desertion Vigilantism Offensive Orders (Read Law III) Death By Honor Duel. LAW III: THE LAW OF THE FOX STATES, who so ever takes the oath of the fox, may not act in the offensive measures FOR AND FROM HELIOS. If a war breaks out in the Realm of Amalthea As an offensive theatre, the rule is null by the pretenses of LAW IV. LAW IV: THE LAW OF THE FOX STATES, who so ever takes the oath of the fox, must abide by the command of the Amethea Foreign Legion, they are the higher commanders and defenders of the Realm. If in the case of war and we are called to arms, ALL Knights and ranks below (recruits Not included.) must answer the call of Realm, to defend and (or) Aggressively Negotiate against the foes of the Principality. LAW V: THE LAW OF THE FOX STATES, whoever takes the oath of the fox, must follow the hierarchy, the means of promotion (read below) is made to justify fair promotion and justifies hard earned titles and ranks, where hard work is given. LAW VI: THE LAW OF THE FOX STATES, whoever takes the oath of the fox, must abide the selection of a new alpha. When the rank of alpha is left vacant, due to the alpha stepping down, or being confirmed to be either killed in action or missing in action. The lords and ladies as well as militia officials and knights will come together to make a vote that will decide on a new alpha, the vote goes by the majority, allowing the sway to fall in anyone's favor. Each family will receive one vote, meaning if a knight or senior member from a certain family votes the vote cannot be requested by another member of the Council if they hold the same family name. This allows for simpler votes, if a tie comes, the prince royarch or prince heir or a ruling family member may in fact be a tie breaker. Example: If A Munnel has casted their vote as a Senior member of the Order, any existing members whether in the council or not may not cast another vote under the name of Munnel. LAW VII: THE LAW OF THE FOX STATES: whoever takes the oath of the fox, may find the commander to be the second in command of the DEFENSIVE forces of Helios, and may be considered such till further notice, upon such, the candidacy of the election may extend to Senior and Knighted members of the Order. When it comes to this, Citizens may come and elect a new Alpha from the running candidates. If at this point no candidate is found to be worthy and there are not enough votes to support a single candidate, the alpha rank shall be left vacant till a possible candidate is found and nominated. This law applies to Officials within the Council as well. LAW VIII: THE LAW OF THE FOX STATES: whoever takes the oath of the fox, may only recognize the commander as commander, they while may being second in command, do not have the final say as the alpha does. In which case, seniors and knights must adhere and agree to a decision that is made by the commander. (the commander cannot make decisions without the approval of the Senior Jager or Knighted Men and women) Means of Promotion THE LAW OF THE FOX STATES, that we must reward those who put in the work and effort with worthy recognition. Is rear today to see loyal men and women who wish nothing more than to protect a home that they love dearly. With this in mind we in the order, we believe rewards are meant to be given to those who put in the hard work. Here are some of the hierarchies that are within the order and how to achieve them: Alpha: the grand leader of the pack, each alpha answer to the ruler . they are the one who leads the Order of the Golden fox, and must be acknowledged so. Commander: This rank belongs to the man who is known to be the second in command of the order, only granted to the finest warrior that the alpha trusts without fail, or question. Knight: A rank only given by the ruling family, this rank is bestowed upon the bravest warriors and more skilled than those in the equal stage. These Soldiers are made with true iron will and a fiery spirit to protect and serve. Senior Jager: the most experienced person in the Militia, this rank is granted to those who spent time in the order, and have been able to guide younger generations and have experienced battle. Jäger: this rank is given to those who passed the three tests of initiation, upon passing, they take up the firm oath of the fox, and become permanent members of the order. Junior Jäger: This person who passes the 2nd test of the order, will earn the rank of Jäger. This rank means that you have the capabilities to be qualified to take on simple tasks and missions within the order of the golden fox. Squire: This person was granted the rank by a Senior Jager, has passed the minimum requirement test after they entered the three month (three OOC days) test. They will continue to do training as they should. However may now take part in wars and small course tasks with supervision from the Senior Jagers. Initiate: The New kid in the street, the fresh man, the meat shield, what ever our people like to call them, they are brand new, took the Initiation oath and are on the path to becoming Jäger. He must first overcome the questioning test first to then begin his second initiation training and test. The Ranks Test/Requirements One may not understand why tests are required for entering a simple militia, but what it does it allows us to see the capabilities of oneself. This determines what missions and tasks are best suited for our men and women and who is stronger in what area. Whether they are strong mentally and academically or they are strong physically. This is just some of the factual things we in the Order go through info ward to maximize true potentials. The following test are applied by ranks within the lower sections THE INITIATION RANK TEST: This test begins at the doorstep, you sign up and answer the survey which we casually read after we take you in afterwards. During the time we give you your first task which will be to come and meet our recruiters for an interview, in which we will ask you questions, afterwards you are prompted to take the oath, if one refuses to take the oath they fail the test and are immediately removed from the premise. THE SQUIRE RANK TEST: The Initiate has finished his first classes and trainings [3 pvp or crp training] in which case the Senior Jäger must turn in a evaluation report and allow us to move forward with the squire training, this will put Initiates to their limit as they will take on a task [Event ran by either the highest rank in the military or ruling members of the Helios government] this will be a test made to see whether the Initiates will be ready for harsher and more grueling scenarios. They will be tested on the following: Survival Scouting teamwork Upon completion of the test the leading Jäger will turn in an evaluation and the leadership along with the other Senior Jäger will develop results based on the evaluation. The Jäger Rank Test From Squire to Junior Jäger involves further evaluation and time within the order, however, From Junior Jäger to Jäger is a different story. Jäger is the prime defender, the bulk of our troops within the military are highly skilled men and women, able to take on any mission and task without problems. To meet this demand, we test our Juniors by putting them through a three part test to determine the actual extent of their abilities. To begin the first part is a test of preparation. The contenders shall take all the necessary resources with them and begin crafting and preparing for the second test. The second test will be a test of Loyalty, which will have them take the Orders Oath once more, remembering how far they come, and that they have one last chance to turn back, if they deny taking the oath again, they will immediately fail and be retained from taking the test until the next batch of squires. However, if they take the oath once more, with pride. The Junior will find themselves moving forward to the final test and would be introduced to either a fighting tournament or a survival tournament. Upon passing all of the requirements they gain the rank of Jäger The Knight Rank Test The rank of knight is given only to a selected few, to be a knight, is to be the protector of the Ruling family, they must be known to be the best of the best and must be widely renown with the ret of the order and respected by their own comrades. To gain the status of Knight, one must partake in a mental exam done in a interview then examined in a sparring match. The Jäger must have prior battle experience and extensive one at that and must also be hand selected by the Ruler of Helios. The Senior Jäger Rank Requirements This is a rank given to those who have more time set on the actual order than anyone else. Made for veterans, the Senior Jäger would be the team lead of the pack, and would lead their own pack on hunts or missions in the defense of Helios and or Amethea territory. To be a Senior, one must have an extensive battle history and general history on their record, they must of spent time and must be recognized by one lord/lady of Helios, before being given the rank of Senior Jäger The Commander Rank Test To be a commander is to be trusted with a promise, a promise to never turn your back on your brothers and sisters, men and women at arms. This Rank is given to only the most highly trusted, renowned and exalted member of the Order of the Golden fox. If the Alpha is absent, they are the ones who will temporarily take the place of the Alpha, and be referred to as the ranks titles them as “Commander”. The Alpha Rank Election. The Alpha is a selected leader composed of all the elements every Man and woman in the Order must try to embody. The Alpha is the one who leads our pack. He's the Defender of the land and is known to be the best of the best within our ranks. He leads the defense and is the person who decides all strategic actions, advised by his seniors and commander. To become an alpha is not an easy task, they must be the absolute best, and only commanders may take up the mantle of alpha, to be elected as alpha, the ruling family and the seniors must all vote on a candidate, if the commander does not seem fit then they follow LAW VI which the knights are placed into the candidacy, which only then if no knights fall into a vote then the seniors will then be placed into the elective choice, from there the citizens of Helios and commanders of AFL shall also have a chance to vote to finish and clear it off. IF by then no elected member of the leadership is made alpha, then the position will be left vacant and the commander will by default lead till an appropriate alpha is placed into the candidacy. Voting for elective officials and or militia officials fall under Military LAW VII. The Oath of the Fox “I_ hereby solemnly swear fealty and loyalty to the order, That in my journey to success I humbly accept the trials given to me from the beginning to the end, as I reach the end of my journey, I never forget my beginnings and or my lessons given to me, I herby solemnly swear loyalty to the people of Helios, and to the Lord and his family, that with my sword I defend and with my heart and soul I serve. By honor I endure, By my fangs I will protect. With my hands I will serve.” Mit unseren händen, bauen wir unser schicksal Signed Sir Jarad B. Munnel- Margrave of Helios, Alpha of the Order of the Golden Fox, Patriarch of Munnel. Lady Sorise Munnel- Margravine of Helios, Matriarch of Munnel.
  11. The shield felt the wind change, another was sent to the seven skies...though she did not know whom they were.
  12. A shield chuckles as she sharpens her blade. "I feel the wind has changed, and the smell of dragon kin rides the west.... should of stayed hidden you damn oversized lizard"
  13. Arriving at the Port of Amethea, was Ember. The former Diplomat & Governess of balian, was just now a scholar, a journey woman. Her hand maid Elise, would rush to grab her heavier Luggage, anything she had left in the room of the Darkwood Vuiller home. As she stepped out of the ship, Lea followed behind, trotting happily as she too felt the nice natural presence of the Elven Realm of Elvenesse. Upon reaching the CarrIge that awaited her to take her to her humble abode. As they rode, the hatch above them opened a a man with a golden mask and a purple uniform came down and said "For you...." Ember wasn't shocked, she crossed her legs, and was already leaning on the window side, she gave a annoyed cold look to the masked man as her maid was colorless, almost fainted. Ember took the missive with a gentle reach as she looked at the missive, for some reason she wasn't suprised.....but the irony...and of course her position in such chess board, were all in place, the smile was rather.....devilish... "Impatient are we?"
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