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  1. Your administrative team communicates with banned players, and then reprimands players from the community who do the exact same thing. I hate two things when it comes to LOTC 1. Sex pests 2. Hypocrites. You are right when you say Alex is not my enemy, my enemy is the administrative team (Specifically Moderation/Player relations/Player Safety) as a whole & TythusLTD as a company. LOTC lacks the credibility to reaffirm their players that change is happening and that those decisions, those rules and updates promised to the community will be beneficial in the long run. This server has existed for years upon years and yet lacks any actual real change from its inception. You are not above other mcrp servers. You have the same exact pest problems that all servers face, you cannot claim to react more than other servers because you have no actual backing to such a statement cause that assumption cannot be generalized. It’s an opinion based off of personal experience that comes from the community, not your own perspective on if you think your admins are reacting fast enough and putting more effort towards caring more than another server, YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING THAT ALREADY. Most of the comments made have been the lack there of admin response towards prevention. You can preach all you want about how you have incorporated a new safety policy, but my grievances lay with - why did it take so long for such a “reactive” staff team to come up with what ended up being a quickly drawn up resolution which will from what I read get tweaked quite a bit. My reality based off of my own experience during Atlas was this: I feared for my safety and I was forced to leave due to what came out about 501WarHead and myself, keep this in your mind that he’s an admin and if i was to come out with the truth, who’s was going to listen? Tythus? You telanir? who i’ve only seen active around the end of of this year. I am a victim and the environment created, then and presently now. Gives me no confidence in you or the team. Anyone can write a google doc, I want to see this policy in action before the end of the year cause I guarentee you. More people will be exposed, more controversies will happen and such a fact is unavoidable without a proper prevention method in place where staff are trained to pick up on red flags. Before the new map, before an entire new generation is exposed to mcrp - you need to have at least a solid plan ready.
  2. I will be bluntly honest with you Alex cause it’s been what 5-6 years and this server still can’t seem to do anything right for itself. You should’ve worked alongside victims, taken their statement and experiences and learnt how their groomers manipulated and cohersed them, use that to look for RED FLAGS. Found how those people operate and how they target specific individuals who might be vulnerable. I’ve not seen any of that, i’ve not seen anyone who has had to endure hell on this server been given the opportunity to work on this safety policy. Which as comments have shown was a surprise to everyone… I can voice my opinion all I want, I can speak on my experience as i’m comfortable with it, others aren’t inclined if they are afraid or feel uncomfortable. But currently as it stands being a victim of LOTC and voicing your thoughts personally makes me feel like i’m talking to a brick wall.
  3. Gonna be a debby downer and say, regardless of what you do this does nothing to truly protect victims. Protecting them from pedos/groomer should mean appropriate involvement with law enforcement and im being geniune in that statement. I have a groomer who im not comfortable coming out with and it's been 5 years. I refuse to speak on it because i truly fear for my safety. A ban does nothing but prevent them from going onto one mcrp server out of the hundreds of others, they still committed an actual crime and can continue to do so elsewhere. Lotc shouldn't care if they could get into legal trouble, theyre already in it by not reporting actual child exploitation... if the person has groomed a minor, persued multiple minors for that fact then take the initiative to get the proper authorities involved. Theyre fucked up individuals and they don't deserve 1. A platform 2. To feel safe enough to venture elsewhere under the presumption that no one knows the shit they did. As a victim of child exploitation, sexual extortion from the early ages of 9. I will be as vocal as I can about this matter to ensure that no one has to endure what I had to endure. I can agree that victims should be made to feel safe, but how can you protect them from their own monsters when they can just make alt accounts for example ComicD going on an alt to peruse their same victim. Figure out a solution, figure out what you as a team - as a company can do to report these people to actual authorities. I want lotc to stop using the excuse that "we could get into legal trouble" as some sort of thin veil to hide behind. You have the evidence, You have the proof these adults perused minors. Label them what they are.
  4. this ends today btw !!


  5. oh my god this is the cutest thing in the world


  7. you can do whatever ur heart desires it would be dope to see one irl !!!
  9. Community Team Presents (drum roll pls!!) Design a Jack o'lantern! (in comic sans heheheha ) Welcome ghouls and goblins! We invite any and all to participate in a fun little art event that’s open to everyone regardless of skill and ability, this event is intended for you to have fun and come up with something unique that's personal to you. Starting from the 15th of October till the 21st of October you will have 6 days to design a pumpkin. You can use templates, even carve your own pumpkin in real life & for our artists you can draw your creation. It is entirely up to you what you choose to do to design this pumpkin. After those 6 days we will collect all the images uploaded to the thread and open up the voting for a day or two so be sure to look out for announcements in the main discord. Once the winner is selected their image will be turned into map art along with an extra one to keep as a memory, and the build team will attempt to recreate your pumpkin that will remain in the center of CT until the end of October. PRIZES 1st place - 500 mina, CT Signed limited edition item 2nd place - 250 mina 3rd place - 150 mina GOOD LUCK GHOULS, WITCHES, GOBLINS AND FOR THE FURRIES WEREWOLVES!
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    Changed Status to Pending Hello! As you can see, you’ve done a great job on your application and have been accepted onto the server. So now, I welcome you to the wonderful community of LotC! Do you still need help? Feel free to send me a message over the forums, or if I’m online, you can message me with /message Smmer. For a faster reply, add me on discord @Smmer#7932 Here are some links you may find useful while starting out: LotC Wiki: Settlement Guides LotC Wiki: Nations and Major Charters If you wish for guidance while settling in, I suggest doing: /creq Can a CT monk come assist me starting out? and I or another CT member will be there to assist you! If you want some extra assistance, I recommend you review the wiki and join the LotC Discord. Lastly, For guides, tutorials, and how to request help from a CT member, please head to the New Player Hub found here. Have a great time roleplaying, and I look forward to seeing you around in future!
  12. (I don’t want to write an rp post because knowing me i’ll be crying about it for hours oocly so i’m writing this, I love you. You’re one of my closest friends and memeing, roleplaying and just doing stupid shit in acre vc will always be cherished - the Naked Gun movies are some memories to name a few. Whatever you do just know a stupid rat will always be there to clown on you if i ever catch you doing romance rp. We still have discord and even if you’re not on the server the clowning will never stop. Remember to keep your head up champ, your crown is falling) (idc if this is ooc ;p do something about it)
  13. Within the shadows I find myself at home, always within the foreground. Banished to the corner of shame even at my age I am treated lesser than due to my impairment. Born with rotted eyes that never.. Not once did I ever see the light even from whence I first did cry. I was brought into the world with a disfigurement, a cruel reality that had been caused by negligence on my own mothers end. I can still hear their anguish and disgust, hidden in the corner of the home where none could see me but I could hear everything that happened. They spoke ill of me right in front of my cold shameful body, they never adjusted nor cared. Nor did they wish for the public to bear witness to a ‘creature’ they had created. I feel nothing but ashamed, for even in my young age I feel this overwhelming sadness engulf me… I feel wrong for being within this realm, I feel a strong disconnect from myself and the land upon which I walk, never knowing where I am - only listening, listening to my surroundings with naught an idea of what is around me. With every night that passes I long for the sweet release from my earthly tethers, I long to escape where I no longer feel shame nor guilt for the state of my creation, whose fault not my own. Even my dreams lack the color, the hope the dream my younger self did once have. But that all changed… that all changed the night my drunken mother stumbled into the home wishing she had the strength to have killed me when I was born. To hear your own mother say such things… it can drain the color from a young small girl… I am not asking for a sweet demise, but a demise that shall surely free me of my pain.. A sudden flash of light disrupted the young girl's otherwise uneventful slumber, discomforted by the brightening flash, afraid by such a display she would toss and turn attempting to cover her eyes to shield her from the light that now forced its way into her face.. The warmth and unfamiliar feeling to her now enveloped her body. “What.. what are you! Why are you in my dreams…?” The young girl spoke, evidently shaken by such an occurrence within her otherwise dull dreams that had more than frequently taken control of her mind. Unsatisfied by the empty silence the young girl spoke once more louder. “WHAT ARE YOU!” Posing it as a command rather than a question to mask the fear that any blind individual would have towards such an otherworldly thing. As quickly as it came, so did it disappear, for only but a few seconds before she would feel the warmth of the light wrap around her body, arms engulfing her in a tight hug - one that she could only understand as something familiar to her.. She could smell the familiar aura of berries and flowers.. A sensation like that of something she had lost a long time ago… Something she had only known the sensation of thanks to her grandparents. The body made no sound, nor spoke instead it would conjure a pair of golden bandages and carefully wrapped them around her eyes. A softened voice would then whisper within Danae ears “Keep your eyes covered” As daylight broke, the young girl would awake her from her sleep, it seems she had forgotten the interaction, but not the message that the disembodied voice had told her, stumbling towards the cabinet she would feel for the mask she had been given to wear, a creation of bandages and cloth to hide her disfigurement in an attempt to keep the public's attention away, she knew what she had to do and began tightening the straps itself, she sensed something familiar within the voice that spoke to her that night, having nothing else to lose she decided to follow its wishes thoroughly.
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