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  1. Upon reading the missive Milo Kutznetsov immediately starts penning a letter back to the Princess. "Tjov Highness, Sam so vao to hear about the kidnapping of tjov daughter. Ja would like to volunteer in the attempt to find tjov daughter. Place mi in any group te would like. Signed, Milo Kutznetsov"
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    Augustine Godfrey was born in Oren. Augustine was born into a small family of 4, himself, his Mother, his Father, and his older Sister. From the moment of Augustine being able to walk he always wanted to help others and be of use. His family had lived in Oren since the year of 1523 when Guy de Bar was crowned king. Augustine was taught everything he knew by his parents, he never attended any sort of schooling and had no education outside of being taught by his parents. In his youth he was practically friends with everyone due to his desire to help others. Augustine was friendly and all but, by no means was he someone who would be pushed around. His personality was formed by a lot of the things he had done while helping others. When Augustine turned 18 he decided to go out of his home and help others in other places in need.
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