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  1. Pyotr trembles each time he thinks of what happened upon that Northern Road. The trembling not only because of what he had done to Kiramira, but because of what will likely be done to himself in the upcoming months, or years even..
  2. Pyotr smiles widely as he helps his dear friend Violet set up her new animal sanctuary where the Douglas Castle once stood.
  3. Pyotr Ludovar let’s out an exhale as he awakes in a place foreign to him.. His real left eye gone, due to Rani shooting it out hours prior, replaced with a teal Automaton eye. Upon learning of Rani’s death, via letter. he begins shedding tears from his right eye. The man unable to cry with his left eye any longer. “Ea forgive vy Lad.. Ea forgive vy..- Dravi Rani.. Dravi..” He hums softly.
  4. Zi’ren frowns upon learning of the death of, Doctor Valah Lady Adrianna Barclay - Darkwood, as Zi’ren would say.
  5. Pyotr Ludovar departs from Otistadt, unable to watch his dear cousin die.. He mounts himself upon his steed, riding toward the Rimeveld, tears swollen on his eyes. Barely able to see what’s in front of him.. His horse then comes to a halt, upon a place he had been years ago.. A place where things took place that affected the man.. He gaze’s toward Otistadt from the hill. Tears streaming down his face, The Man hysterically sobbing.. He then screams toward the keep, “NIE! VY CAN N- NIET, NIET LEAVE US!” He screams in between hiccups, gasping for air.. Truly knowing no one could hear his cries.. The Man sat upon the hill for hours, staring at the Keep from afar, cry after cry.. His sobbing not ending.. Until, he slouches forward, The Sobbing having exhausted the already exhausted Ludovar. He falls fast asleep upon his steed. All of his worries fading, temporarily as he slept.. - Pyotr, later that evening, would receive a bird from his Younger Cousin, Johanna, confirming the news.. Causing the man further sorrow, having the news confirmed
  6. Pyotr Ludovar lips purse upon learning of the koeng’s death. The man’s mind immediately going to when he had met Sigismund for the first time, and the hospitality he had displayed toward him at the pond near the Amador keep. He admired, and still admires, that about Sigismund.
  7. The Valiance of Balian A Poem for the Initiation of Aldrych Gendik- Into the Balian Art’s Guild [!] The Poem would be pinned up around The Balian Art Guild's Guild House. "Balian Bees Buzz!" "They do not walk, they soar!" "They flap their tiny, little wings across our Grand Duchy." "Fiercely protected by those who deem themselves the Honey Club!" -~- "The Waterfall flows!" "The wind whistles!" "I look upon the thistles!" -~- "The Grand White walls stand strong and tall!" "Unwavering in their stature!” "It takes more than a mere gust of wind to blow them over!" -Written by Aldrych Gendik With the Assistance of one Borris Kortrevich
  8. Hey man! For the first bit.. In Haense feel free to do gate duty when ever! There’s a channel to log it in aswell in the discord! :))
  9. Pyotr Ludovar grins as he reads over the paper! The man proud of his dear friends in Daeland and their recent progress!
  10. Milo Kutznetsov goes limp.
  11. Without A Word Milo Kutznetsov decided to begin leaving the farm house again, ‘putting himself out there’ could be a way of describing it.. He stepped foot into the Karosgrad gate, as many times before.. Not knowing this would be his final walk into the grand city.. He spots one Brandon Boswen being removed from the city by two BSK members and one Iulius Vernhart, tutor and jovenaar to those in Haense, Milo’s greatest, and closest friend. The Kutznetsov shrugs it off, not even giving it another thought. He continues through the street of Karosgrad, making his way to the square. Though freeze’s half way through his march.. The Ferrymen charge through the city, charging for the square, with their blades and weapons raised high.. Milo steps to the side as he tries to grasp, or even comprehend what’s happening.. The group of ferrymen swarm a few unfortunate individuals in the square, slaying them instantly. Then Milo knew what he must do, he advanced toward the square.. Reaching for his own blade, Iulius Vernhart not far behind him. He makes his way to the square, meters away from the ferrymen, or so he believed. Iulius Vernhart stood at his side, his own blade raised. He shares a whisper to The Kutznetsov, “This am the end, mea friend.” Milo swallows before gently nodding his head in response, as if speaking words without saying a single thing.. Not even a moment after Iulius had whispered such to him, He draws his final breath.. An axe came down on The Kutznetsov’s head, splitting it into two. A Ferryman having been at his left flank the entire time.. Milo’s sword fell from his hand, impacting the ground with a clang… Soon after his entire body goes limp, he then plummets to the ground with a “THUMP!” Iulius' words where so ever true, It was the end, Milo lays there dead.. Milo left his home that day, without saying a word to his family. He said not a word, not to either of his sisters, Dijana, his niece, nephew, nor his father.. Not a single person. Now, He’s gone…
  12. Pyotr Ludovar smiles as he reads over the missive! “Ahhh! Dobry to hear that things are finally coming together for those two..” He mutters to himself!
  13. Aldrych Gendik grinned as he read over Hera's wardship, "Yes!" He cheers. The youth not even caring or even understanding any other degrees on the missive.
  14. Aldrych Gendik sits beneath the window next to Hera as the court takes place... As he listens his eyes go a wide, the youth filled with utter terror. He gazes up at the weeping Hera. Though he stays speechless, many thoughts running through the boy... After a moment of shock, a tear emits under his eye, even though he doesn't know the man who just breathed his last. Though he did know one thing, it was wrong. Aldrych at that point unsure what to do, or even think, arises from beneath the window and rushes home, as quick as his small legs can carry...
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