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  1. the Beauty and the Beast story of creation got me cackling (I adore it) but otherwise good lore 'ma guy
  2. A certain someone woke up from those dreams in a cold sweat, perhaps it was a seed of mystery he wanted to unravel.. or it were just the countless nights under the open sky affecting his health. All he knew, was that this book wouldn't be one he'd ask his friends to read for him...
  3. The First Kayak Race [!] The missive is modestly hanging on the event board Seeing how a seaman craft has been introduced to Reinmaren folk, an event to embrace this spirit and spark joy with this light-hearted activity is being held by a Huntsmaster near the fort of Riverock. RACE Contestants will have to divide into groups of two-three people each having their own boat which they’d have to take control of to drive through the designated territory avoiding obstacles and the opponent’s trickery, meanwhile collecting shiny trinkets which are placed on the special spots. TEAMS A team will be consistent of players partaking in their thriving roles, those being: Navigator: takes the main responsibility for the ship’s movement, guiding fellow crewmates to avoid obstacles and choose paths to cross. Midshipman: a member whose task is to help resist the troubles brought by outer forces, be it other contestants or nature’s malice, they should always stay alert and be creative in dealing with troubles. Either of the team members is allowed to collect the trinket, but it’s advised to not leave a boat without a driver, just in case. OOC rules explaining the mechanics: (this will be repeated during the event) A timer for five minutes will be set by an event holder, during it contestants are led to engage in a race for collecting trinkets placed on wooden platforms on the water. Whichever team brings the most until the end of the timer is nominated a winner. Notably, a ship has two ‘durability points’ and if wasted a ship will drown and its crew will be no longer capable of collecting trinkets, but their previous findings will be scored. There are two threats to losing those points: 1. Signs will be planted in spots across the map and in case of collision, the team’s Midshipman will have to decide to either spend time to fix the occurrence (emote handling the problem) or waste a durability point and keep going. 2. If a boat is successfully sabotaged by enemy players (which requires an emote and a d100 roll > 40 from an opponent's Midshipman) the affected team loses a durability point. Redlines: REWARDS Huntsmaster has prepared the following prizes for the first, second, and third-place victors: FIRST: 200 MINA, two bottles of Reinmaren Rotgut SECOND: 100 MINA, eight rabbit hide pelts for the team THIRD: tea for the whole crew OOC TIME ==================== MONDAY 6 PM EST
  4. "Oh! Another vote, hope a new mayor will 'ave a better understanding of this.." Markward Orino chuckled lightly, submitting his vote, "One could cover an entire wall this 'tis amount of paper" - the man continued his tradition of wondering things, while at the back of his mind wishing luck to the contestants.
  5. yes, give us that sweet-sweet cultist inspo! in all seriousness I think this lore piece would provide us, lore dwellers who are too lazy to write MAs new features to add to our roleplay! Also, Idols would be great for desperate self-roleplayers (says as if he isn't one)
  6. Markward Orino puts his sleepless nights studying reading to use by pointing out the word "hunt" in a missive (that's the only word he knows) swiftly afterward shouting happily: "Ha-ha! I knew my hunter's instinct didn't fool me on 'tis one! I must attend to show my skills."
  7. It’s quirky quiz time, everyone! If you were starving for more individualist-focused events, then I’m the hand that feeds you. Beware, the.. Huntsman’s Insight: A Challenge of Self-Awareness Through observation of the outer world we acknowledge its meaning and purpose, and for inner nature the methods should not vary. Through this ritual one's appearance will mirror their personality, remind them of their strengths and weaknesses. A knowledgeable hunter always gets a bigger prey. The necessity. A big part of huntsman craft is a mix of determination and will, traits that a corroded mind cannot possess, thus to succeed at quenching one’s hunger, gaining strength, or following any other path a devoted warrior chooses, a diligent heart must learn to overcome its struggles to become a better version of oneself. Hunters need to understand their personalities and how they can be used to their advantage when hunting. By understanding their flaws, ups, and downs they can develop strategies that will give them an edge over the prey they are hunting. It’s not just about being able to identify the prey and track it, it’s an art that dwells deep in one’s mind, a wild instinct that guides their arrows and strengthens their spirit. Connection to Nature The interesting questions that might have been raised are: what does it have to do with animals? Why should a hunter be swept under the same rules as his prey? In response, the wise words shall be remembered: “You are what you eat”. In nature, we are influenced by the world around us, the animals we hunt may come in our dream to haunt or guide us, a memory of each success paints our mind in a different colour, and the goal for a wise Trial Master is to uncover the entire palette and deliver the much-needed advice. The process of the challenge typically consists of an array of questions asked by the Huntmaster to determine the person’s qualities. They might come off as absurd or meaningless, but their true purpose is to not be complex or disturbing but inspiring and innovative. During the quiz, the Master could decide to engage in a creative activity, such as hair braiding, face painting, or something else. A guide on different meanings behind each element could be released if the current notice will appeal to the huntsman society. In the meantime, it's for the curious to ponder what each bead and feather in a strand of hair could mean, so take advice that a determined thinker will always find his way through deceit and mystery, but have faith in a local Trial Master, as it's their righteous wish to give you the support you need. General readlines\goals of the event for your characters: helping identify the character’s strong traits providing aid for the existing traumatic experience gaining a better understanding of one's uniqueness If you are looking to take part in such an activity - fill in this small form to help me provide you with the optimal time for your session! https://forms.gle/2QWP8atw3i6wrgRh8 (Note that the available time is from 5:00 PM EST - 12:00 PM EST on Saturday 01.04) Side note: If you really want to participate but the time is not right for you - still fill in the form and we'll figure smth out :) Location (taken from TRAVELER’S GUIDE TO THE DUCHY OF MINITZ - The Duchy of Minitz - The Lord Of The Craft): Settled within the heartland regions of the United Kingdom, in the province of Cathalon, the Duchy of Minitz sits just southwest of the Aaunic Crownlands of New Vienne, northwest of the Duchy of Adria, and east of the Arentanian alps. Basically go left from the East hub, following the main road (you might want to avoid Adria btw), then turn left at the Vienne white bridge.
  8. Markward Orino's peaceful slumber was disturbed as he heard rumble and echoing footsteps from above his dorm, he stared at the celling for a brief minute before deciding to go back to bed.
  9. CHARACTER NAME: Markward Orino IGN: OrinosEye AGE: ~32 WHERE ARE YOU FROM?: Minitz DISCORD: Orion'sEye#8358
  10. Markward Orino acknowledges the drawing of the dragon, nodding to his thoughts before mumbling out loud: "What nice work, wish I would be as skilled to draw like this" he then hummed "Maybe I should show someone else who , might like it!" and so he went on about his day like there was no danger at all.
  11. Markward Orino picks up a letter and stuffs it into his pockets, not giving it a read of the lack of such skill, although he finds pleasure in gently tickling the feathers of a crow creature, and lightly stroking its beak with a smile. [OOC] Very nice seeing Pavia getting a real introduction to the masses! Best wishes to the team behind the city, you make spectacular things.
  12. [!] A small notice is hung for all to see, with unrecognizable symbols framing the parchment Call for the Wolfhunt An announcement by the renowned Master of the Hunt, Markward Orino: “After scouting the lands around walls of Minitz I’ve discovered a worrying amount of tracks of amaroq lurking around, that mayhaps appeared from the settling frost. I also suspect that non-appropriately buried bodies of previously fought Glebites and their vengeful spirits could’ve intended to now bring harm to the living… ” “At first this event was meant to be a fun activity and my honest intent is to keep it that way, although I encourage you to approach this hunt wisely and help to make Minitz a safer place for all.” “To step aside from the serious part, I would like to add, that I’ll be happily teaching the curious the art behind making nets and setting traps, hopefully aiding the participants on the path of becoming a Great Hunter.” “Thus, I summon the brave and lively to a test of strength and toughness, please come armed and prepared so the teeth and claw of the vicious beasts won’t poison your skin and blood. Smile, lads and lass, 'cause soonly your troubles will be dealt with and your lives secured!” *The document then goes on to list the essentials for the hunt, mentioning bringing at least hardened leather armor, ropes, and “long stabby sticks”. ((Event 6 PM EST, on Saturday the 18th of February, 2023.))
  13. didn't know one could post smth like this... welp, good luck, my friend! Wish y'all the respectful maidens and maid-lads!
  14. Orino couldn't tell apart any word of the invitation he received but was already happily working on a wedding gift for two of his beloved friends.
  15. Markward Orino couldn't help but get emotional after the moot, so much so he'd decided to shine brighter than ever before, smiling at every single person he meets on the street, repaying at least a crump of what Minitz had given to him. “Long live Herzog Brandt!”
  16. Markward Orino is lucky enough to find someone submitting their vote at the same time, so he leans over their shoulder and copies their form, obviously not being able to write on his own.
  17. with great effort began scribbling on a piece of paper Full Name: Markward Orino Rank of Prestige: Tribesman Position: Mayor [Username: OrinosEye]
  18. Name: Markward Orino Age (must be older than 15 years): 27 Race: Human (Farfolk) Allegiance: Minitz (Haense) Why do you wish to attend The Citadel? I always find myself in dangerous situations but, as a nomad at heart, I strive to enroll in all sorts of activities but don't want to make others concerned about my health and be able to help those in need on my adventures. Which classes do you wish to enroll in? SURVIVALIST studies
  19. *The realization that kids write letters better than one speaks in tongue*
  20. It's interesting. I love that it has different spheres where it can be used rather than just in combat, really appreciate it.
  21. Orino copies the symbols from someone else's form, recognizing contestants' names along the way, then put a star scribble instead of his name. He stands for a close minute to observe his first-ever document as a work of art, then proceeds to submit it.
  22. As soon as Orino finds himself on the path in front of the stable, he notices a note sticked to the wall, struggling to read, barely understanding words he still manages to get the main idea - his friend, one who bears the name of God the nomad worships dearly, is now in trouble. Pierced by this thought he'll now be in search of answer and, maybe, justice to his pal. “May the stars keep you safe and guide you to a brighter future” he whispers and slowly turns around to his home.
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