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  1. 🎵 Deliver us, to the promised land. 🎵

  2. Remember the first time we met? 😛


  3. "Do you know why the Gods demand blood? Gods. Dont. Bleed."


    Tzekel-Kan | Wiki | The Road to El Dorado Amino

  4. kicked from lotc discord for a youtube video of darth vader 🤣

    1. rukio


      My poor Humanistic 😞 Look how they massacred my boy . . .

  5. Without struggle, there is no progress.

  6. Kingdoms are fallin, Aenguls are callin

  7. hear me out... a pugsy punishment is deserved by those caught in the act of erp

  8. Anno Domini 



  9. You lack the qualifications to exercise free will. Turn the game console off now!" : gaming

  10. Is that 3 bloodlines of the Four Descendent Brothers?
  11. If you want to live your character’s life in peace just join the Monks at Cloud Temple. LoTC especially in origin I believe is more of a semi-hardcore mode with some circumstance of PK, but it hasn’t seemed that way of recent times. Bandits and Mercenaries would be common-folk outside of cities barely getting by as they’d rather work under their own banner and in their own camps rather than under a pompous Lord and strict Laws. No single community should be subject to evading challenges or combat regardless if you consider yourself passively peaceful, or use rule rewrites to get y
  12. Dude i miss you so much we have to catch up sometime, hmu on discord if you got one Stargush#6112 I hope your mission went well brother lol its Daniel btw buddies forever
  13. “i hate wasted potential that **** crushes your spirit it really does”

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