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  1. Dude i miss you so much we have to catch up sometime, hmu on discord if you got one Stargush#6112 I hope your mission went well brother lol its Daniel btw buddies forever
  2. “i hate wasted potential that **** crushes your spirit it really does”

  3. it is so amusing knowing an orc ancestral magic is given to any race. 

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    2. Gamma


      hoes mad

    3. Mead


      man, all magic is a circle jerk been trying to find a teacher for 7 years now smh

    4. _Hexe_


      i think the constant factor here is u

      maybe u are the problem

  4. all these grandfathered MA’s make me appreciate that mine went dormant lol

    1. SquakHawk



  5. Orcs circa 1581 of Axios, The Siege of San’Kharak and what was challenged to be the “extinction of the orcish race” Very good post. It’s certainly a unique server in the way that it will go as far as leaving a community to ruin, over some preservation of their story and culture, and leave few people to pick up everything that was shattered and attempt to piece it together again.
  6. its always great to see anybody but shamans writing spirit lore 😕

  7. shelfing my orc for a long time. if this is the orc experience now i dont want it

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    2. erik0821


      The Orc experience isn’t the same, I know that for sure.

    3. Urara


      come hang out with my orc in Oren! It’s fun fish-out-of-water rp

    4. Zacho


      damn man ight

  8. Aslan groans as he wipes dirt off his bloodied bruises from the Rex duel and enters the blarg where his father Lur, Falum, wait in silence and meditation. The old orc shifts his gaze at his son whose presence displayed defeat and the shaman sighs with frustration Aslan: “Mi sorry popo. Even with all mi might mi culd nub show bruddas a hosher way. Many only cared to raid agh slave after the Rex wus chosen, but even with the burden of the ancestors on mi back, mi has failed lat.” Falum: “So da cycle continues then. Honor seems tu be a rare thing to be found in bruddaz these days when their ambitions yearn to get da bettur of dem. Mi wus dere when Krugmar was made, agh da echo dat it is now drags da name of Krug through the dirt.” he sighs and slides out his pipe packing a bowl to relieve his stress “These new uruks blah about the old ways, but dey wus nub around for da old ways. For too long has the sons of Krug fueled the very curse bestowed by the dark one. The lands of Krug have a long road before honor can be regained, mi shall return and make mi prayers to the ancestors agh hope for a hosher future.”
  9. i remember when undead had racial buffs. they’d just tank any iron sword, but if anyone pulled a gold sword they turn tail lmao

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    2. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      good times when we had golem and you never had to spend money with armor if you were golem

    3. BonesOfTheEarth


      Racial buffs were great.


      Until you had a Harbinger with a Sharp III 80% Diamond Sword one-shot people in Prot Iron Armor because they dealt double damage+armor piercing.

    4. Mirtok


      I remember ducking down in the trenches outside Winterhold in Aegis as the Undead blasted us with fireballs and lightning, then waves of mina dropping zombies would overwhelm our positions. Good times.

  10. I doubt anyone will have a sense to bring it back, but halfling buff was a funny experience. As an orc who faced off with a few sherriff, it was honestly hilarious to see them whip out their shovel buff and completely destroy their opponent lol
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