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  1. i remember when undead had racial buffs. they’d just tank any iron sword, but if anyone pulled a gold sword they turn tail lmao

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    2. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      good times when we had golem and you never had to spend money with armor if you were golem

    3. BonesOfTheEarth


      Racial buffs were great.


      Until you had a Harbinger with a Sharp III 80% Diamond Sword one-shot people in Prot Iron Armor because they dealt double damage+armor piercing.

    4. Mirtok


      I remember ducking down in the trenches outside Winterhold in Aegis as the Undead blasted us with fireballs and lightning, then waves of mina dropping zombies would overwhelm our positions. Good times.

  2. I doubt anyone will have a sense to bring it back, but halfling buff was a funny experience. As an orc who faced off with a few sherriff, it was honestly hilarious to see them whip out their shovel buff and completely destroy their opponent lol
  3. Orc buff was an interesting experience especially coming onto the server as a new player. Those who were not good at PvP could at least hold their ground, while those who are great at PvP were able to hold and win with fewer numbers. Unfortunately, a bit down the line it was abused by people from different nations that played as an uncultured orc or in more common terms whitewash simply for the buff to help them win a war. Orcs offered to hunt whitewashes for abusing the buff, but it wasn’t recognized. In my mind, it was simply an improper way of handing out perks to people or rather the product of what came of it declined the experience. Instead of every individual player Orc receiving the buff which clearly led to misuse, instead should have been granted a buff or boon by an experienced Orc Shaman. It’s clear there are spiritual leaders in most groups, and the same reason why Gandalf didn’t die in many of his ventures. He had a superior spirit to others. This could be used in the same way for other magics like Druids blessing bows or Canonist Priests granting morale or damage to Humans. In this way, the ability lies in the hands of those that craft the culture instead of allowing misuse by any individual. This would be almost relative to a magic plugin and honestly, could just use vanilla buffs with. Though such things are only a dream with the other priorities expected of LoTC.
  4. Some ppl honestly desrve to be smited to the nether by Krug again

  5. Some ppl just wanna be King of the ashes

  6. Stargush

    The Cowardly Rex Hides

    “It seems da Rexdom be curzed in a cycle by evil vanity spirits these days.” the old orc remarks as he sits next to an orcish farm on a picket fence smoking his pipe weed “Rathur than gained by honoring of the sons of Krug. When zhall such unity be achieved by allowyng a Rex tu be challunjed year after year after year.“ He takes a long drag as the glow of the pipe weed spreads across his face ”Is it now that we muzt make preparatiuns for the 11th Rex of Arcaz within da last 69 yearz?”
  7. Watching Fellowship of the Ring is so humbling

  8. Tribute for Ian Holm, Rest in Peace brother 😢


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    2. Braxis


      He has sailed into the west, into the lands of Vailnor, The Undying Lands :c

    3. Vorgraven


      Sir Ian Holm

    4. KeatonUnbeaten


      I think I’m just about ready for another adventure!

  9. lord_of_the_rings_frodo_gandalf_costume_hire.jpg


    if only tolkien said gandalf was gay for frodo... everything must be gay

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