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  1. Sin City’s cold and empty


  2. Undead deserve to cause grief and chaos.

  3. I think it’d be nice to see the aspects of an Aengul or Daemon to be more specific and set on some kind of standard on what they represent and the powers they give. Some are pretty out there for example, a Daemon of Time is acceptable for a group but it would cause trouble for a shaman if they meddled with a Elemental of Time. As for the axing of Aerial and Iblees I find to be a bit discouraging. I have always seen them as a balance of the Aengu-daemons with Aerial as Arch-Aengul and Iblees as Arch-Daemon and everything good/evil falls between the two. I’m not exactly sure how one could kill/remove a top tier Deity, but i’m also not sure what would be worth replacing with and still make sense. I understand why people might jump on a end-of-an-era bandwagon, but these are immortal deities made by the Creator that are meant to last centuries over. New generations and characters give rise, but learn the ancient teachings of their ancestors.
  4. I wonder.. were Steve and Alex the parents of the four descendant brothers?

  5. Hit’Lur was such a martyr.. he was just an orc representation of evil!

  6. It amazes me how many people would rather watch mindlessly than take action.

    1. Trenchist
    2. _Hexe_


      what do you mean

      like when some dude getting stabbed and idc because idc crp?

  7. Stargush


    “Wub am a Kor” ponders Falum
  8. Progress was all right. Only it went on too long. 🗣️

  9. no more dark shamanism 🤦‍♂️👻

  10. So... when does the premium role-play start happening?

    1. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      on skype *unzips pants*

    2. Harold


      my mcname is premiumroleplay does that count?

  11. i really almost typed in lore of the craft...

    1. Corporatocracy


      isnt this a pvp server?

    2. BipolarMk2


      5 hours ago, Corporatocracy said:

      isnt this a pvp server?

      Yes, but with some extra convoluted steps.

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