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  1. no more dark shamanism 🤦‍♂️👻

  2. So... when does the premium role-play start happening?

    1. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      on skype *unzips pants*

    2. Harold


      my mcname is premiumroleplay does that count?

  3. i really almost typed in lore of the craft...

    1. Corporatocracy


      isnt this a pvp server?

    2. BipolarMk2


      5 hours ago, Corporatocracy said:

      isnt this a pvp server?

      Yes, but with some extra convoluted steps.

  4. Stargush


    It was good in the early stages before the percentages were drastically increased. It went from minimal additional damage to nearly 50% on some weapons but honestly i don’t miss being 1-2 shot with a 30%+ bow and an archer set. A profession system works especially well for the economy which is a plus side but it can’t be drastically experimented with like Nexus was. I seen some mention of racial buffs too and while they were heavily abused it created an interesting dynamic to LoTC. I think it might’ve played out better if the buffs were instead blessings of a Magic Plugin given temporarily by an individual compared to each individual of the race holding the buff permanently.
  5. Now i can’t make my epic pvp clip.. or can i

  6. It does not promote role-play to take a form of role-play someone else enjoys. Banditry may not be the best RP and it causes inconvenience and grief to a lot of people and can in all honesty be extremely annoying. They are a petty form of RP where they must survive off things they rob from people, but it’s still a type of RP that groups of players enjoy. I couldn’t exactly say it’s the most quality RP you might get on the server but if you stay in one place too long your bound to be caught. You really shouldn’t expect the same thing from raiders too when clearly they are performing an action and irl don’t seek to have a dialogue really. it shouldn’t exactly be safe in the wilds or roads outside of Cloud Temple and if a bandit or raider stays in one place to long after causing misfortune then they are bound to be hanged if they are caught. it’s also an important sense of duty for guards to have to drive bandits from their lands whether its fighting them on the roads or sacking their den. pvp is just as much of a priority as RP on the server when wars create more activity than RP events. it’s not my taste of RP but I certainly feel there are bigger questions to be asked.
  7. Kruger examines the missive passed on by his blessed and noble Lotharingian brothers “GOD will sort out their sinful lies one way or another.”
  8. We can agree to disagree then and also it’s not exactly the norm if it’s new. I’m speaking of war-claims as LoTC as known them and while it seems like an ideal situation it is never really conducted in such a way. I can’t say I know everything but I understand it to a degree since i have experience attending and leading some battles and wars.
  9. I didn’t say that we don’t make our own stories. What I said was in regards to creating stories in war-claims and that in war the story made is more dynamic rather than attempting to cooperate with the opposing side to write out a meta on how they would pursue the war. Our stories are forged by ourselves but are influenced by the greater stories created by the staff, but it is very lacking especially this map. Clearly, if you had seen my forum profile you’d know the many stories I have created and told. RP is always going to be a crucial role to lead up to the action packed events, but it doesn’t mean nerfing pvp and creating unnecessary combat rules is the answer to protect RP when it is clearly what gives the server most of its activity.
  10. In all honesty with LoTC wars this has hardly been the case. It is more dynamic than simply writing a story and has always hinged on the unexpected. i don’t think it’s exactly the player’s place to be the story teller on the server when there is a whole staff team dedicated to that. imagine no villainy at Cloud Temple and yet as you exit are still hit hard with combat rules even along a road that might be considered the wilderness, such as the 3-bandit rule. In my time playing the server I have come to realize it prioritizes protecting role-play so much now that it really kills any feel for adventure, or risk, or ultimately grief. Grief was one of the main factors of minecraft itself and i agree it sucks but it is crucial for a story to be told. I think there of course must be a place of sanctuary, but high stakes and action packed events are what drive LoTC with no doubt. There is an average of 110 players but on the day of a war claim the server is completely capped off.
  11. Adventure RP (Combat, Hunt, Quests) > Slice of Life RP

  12. I get the whole revisionism thing and rules change every map, but throwing constraints or red lines on top kills the fun especially when half the time people are already at risk of getting a VB.

  13. Have any of the ST even performed any story-line events? I’m quite finished with solely doing spice of life rp.

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    2. SquakHawk


      there have been events, quite a few- but the large scale ones are hard to get by due to what chimp said above. Mystery’s void event being the exception.

    3. Tha_Mystery_Man


      @SquakHawk ❤️


      Also, there are eventlines out their that one can go to. Something I always find funny is when someone says “There are no ET doing events for me so I want a hunt” when there are a **** load of bounties up right now.


      Just look around man, im happy with how the ET is doing rn and stuffs just getting better and better with time, especially when some of our lads get really fleshed out!

    4. Knightei


      The bounties are events in disguise, I’d give them a go if you want to do some event stuff (most of them are killing related, but we’re getting into a roll now).

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