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  1. wow right when i was thinking my night couldn’t get any more shitty 

    1. Pup


      Hope you’re doing okay, DM me if you need anyone to talk to.


  2. i love getting capped on bannerlord by 30+ bandits on realistic mode... LoTC could never

    1. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      just wait til you get 1-shot by arrows when the battle starts cos u were too low

    2. ferdaboys69


      then dont go in too low just afk in a settlement

    3. EndCallCaesar


      the game is super ******* hard on realistic xD, like a looter could flick your arm and bam, you’re maimed.

  3. Giving yourself magic while still barely attempting to understand the guidelines seems very inefficient for quality in RP standards. Perhaps for evocation and such are better for it compared to prophetic cultured magics but it kills the mentor-student atmosphere otherwise. Magics were about community building before it became so loosely structured to promote freedom of role-play. This is beside the point though, i will offer a +1
  4. We must drive it under the rocks from whence it came! LoTC has had its day!

  5. who ready for that covid stimulus package

  6. our faces in the dirt with our hands in the sky

  7. It was nice knowing you buddy. I likely don’t have too long here either, but i’m glad to have gotten to know your spirit. We will be rugby buddies 4 life. Take care out in philly brother, and don’t you go catching more of the corona virus either. Hopefully we will run into each other again some day, and if not ill just PM you over discord lol
  8. stop the lore mags PLS

    1. SquakHawk


      passing cake sword

  9. An old Fred Kruger I on his death bed remarks “Ah yes... The undisputed victories of the Empire;” the old man begins coughing and wheezing as his lung virus starts to consume him “GOD must certainly be preventing their demise.”
  10. A vague ‘4 Descendant Brothers’ family tree: https://www.familyecho.com/?p=CXV60&c=3mnyxet28m&f=633694974281588853

    1. Catarrh


      Thurak is actually descended from Braduk. Idk if you’d like the generations between Yar and Malog, but I can offer that.

    2. TDubs


      Under Larihei you could add Aelthos Thuln’diraar (the first snow elf). He isn’t Larihei’s son but he was born a high elf and then became a Snow elf. Under him would be the Tundrak bloodline.

    3. Stargush


      @Catarrh i placed braduk and yar seperately since they are their own respective lore ancestors. I was intiailly going to place Braduk under YAr when I talked with Sandk1ng. As for Thurak, he was born a Braduk but sold his spirit to Yar. Similarly, with Nazark who was initially Raguk but sold his spirit to Gorkil.

      @TDubs Thats new information to me. Im surprised I didn’t know that considering I played a snow elf back in the day lol ill add that on though.

  11. Stargush

    The Union of Mates

    Falum’Lur feels uncomfortable “Krug save us”
  12. image0.jpg

    1. D4NNA


      This fills me with extreme happiness

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