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  1. Reading a two month old copy of a Hanseti newspaper that finally made its way to Bramblebury, Oren frowned at an article on the front page. "A new halfling village? And apparently by a group splintered from Bramblebury." He thought about the ramifications of such a split. "This does not bode well for the cohesion of the halfling race. And to name the new village for that ridiculous false god..." Oren shook his head slowly in disbelief before turning the page.
  2. Beautifully compiled, but sorely lacking any halflings. I scrounged around on some old hard drives and found a few images from Dunwood, and a few more of the Undead City. Here is St. Dan's Cathedral of the Diocese of Dunwood. The Sturdyfoot Burrow at the corner of Dunwood near the waterfall. The floating Undead City from afar. And from nearby. Proof that even the Undead were regular players who adhered to the server economy. It was a rather unwelcoming place. We had some rea
  3. Again passing the notice board on his afternoon stroll, Oren paused to read through the lengthy missive. Another bit of history of the early days in Almaris. An interesting read, but one painting the halflings in a negative light with all the turmoil permeating the supposedly cheery, peaceful village. Having finished, he turned away and continued on his stroll while deep in thought.
  4. As he usually does in the late afternoon, Oren was taking his daily stroll through the village when a colorful pamphlet attached to the notice board caught his attention. He paused to read through the latest installment of the recent history of the halflings. He finally turned away to continue his stroll, mumbling quietly to himself, as he is oft to do. "Interesting bit of history. At least I've met many of them this time."
  5. This exactly. A definite emphasis on the word modern because LotC of old had tons of map interactivity. And a ton of roleplay. They went hand in hand. Imagine traveling from Providence to Elvenesse. Why? Because you are the Ambassador of Oren to Elvenesse sent to negotiate a trade agreement between the nations. Now, imagine a world without warps. You have to travel between by ship, foot, or horse. If by foot/horse, that's a long way to travel. Along the way, you stop at roadside inns overnight, gossiping with the innkeep, listening to a minstrel play the lute in a taproom warmed by
  6. I'm resurrecting this thread for two reasons. First, I read all the way through the replies and found the discussion interesting. Second, I actually have something to say about it. Some very good points have been made in the replies. While no one actually summarized them as such, almost all these points regarded player agency. This is a vital concept that is a requirement for retention in any game, but especially in a creative sandbox such as Minecraft. If players, new or old, do not feel as if their actions matter, they won't stay. This comes in various forms. LotC's h
  7. A year later and still relevant. I definitely consider myself a Boomer.
  8. Slowly passing through the village center on his way back to the inn, Oren notices a new flyer on the notice board. A chance to meet more of the halflings of this village. He pondered over that as he continued on his way.
  9. Love it! It's cozy and well decorated. Definitely looks lived in. I especially love the exterior - how you decorated the top and sides with trees and small garden plots. Thanks for sharing with us.
  10. Just submitted my application for the new character. I doubt I'm still whitelisted after all this time, plus my minecraft account name changed. As soon as I'm able, I will hunt you down. Thanks again!
  11. Orm_Proudfoot


    In the year 1351, Owen Sturdyfoot guided a group of halflings and priests of the True Faith during the evacuation of Aegis. While passing through the Verge, they were attacked and Oren killed. Becoming separated from the masses, the group found themselves trapped in the Verge when the portal to Asulan closed. They occupied the former site of New Oasis and lived their shortened lives in the harsh environment of the Verge. The four halfling clans intermarried over the next 12 generations and carried on the tradition of the True Faith. Besieged by the creatures of the Verge, the personality of th
  12. Thanks! I spent a few hours last night reading through the history of the current map and bits of history of the other maps since I left. There's a lot! I mapped myself out a direct family tree, so if I were to create a descendant of my last persona, it would be the 11th generation descendant of my last character. We'll see. I'm playing with a friend this time around, so we're discussing what type of characters to play this time. Thank you very much! I was looking at the map trying to figure out where halflings were living in this cycle, but couldn't see any telltale signs of burr
  13. Thanks! Even if the title has changed, I am glad to see that the True Faith continues after so many centuries. Thanks! It's warm and tastes a bit off, but I'm glad to finally have milk too.
  14. Howdy folks! A long, long time ago, when our people still dwelt in Aegis, I roleplayed three generations of a halfling family, serving as the Mayor of Dunwood with one, Bishop of Dunwood as another, and the High Priest of Oren with the third. If any oldtimers remain, they may remember the old halfling Sturdyfoot family. I was also one the GMs and the chief of religious development. Well, I'm back...eight years later. :P Sorry it took so long. I just ran out for a pint of milk. The line at the counter was really long...or something. New or old, I'm looking forward to g
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