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  1. Omi head on ts.adamantgaming.com on teamspeak when you have a chance to catch up

  2. good game guys, good game! good game guys good game!

  3. good game guys, good game! good game guys good game!

  4. good game guys, good game! good game guys good game!

  5. Pro tip: If you got chub remember to tuck it. Party in the back, serious buisness in the front.

    1. Gorum©


      exactly man, you gotta live by that ****

  6. 6 : 34 am been studying for these finals, 10 HW due... the struggle is real.

  7. I love school but despise exams...oh so so much. The struggle bro

  8. lets all just relax.

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    2. Kardel


      Amen, th'lawd has sent someone with common sense

    3. Omithiel


      listen here my friend, you just need to let go and accept the peace.

    4. Wyvernbane


      *runs around in crazed circles, running into a wall and falling unconscious*

  9. My brain is fried...

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    2. Gaius Marius

      Gaius Marius

      You speak as much truth as a liberal bong-hugger mayn!

    3. Omithiel


      i took the political compass test. I'm a syndicalist my friend. This test is accurate.


    4. Dtrik


      Omi knows why I think his brain is fried.

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