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  1. Prince Myathilen watched from safety as the city was put the torch, his eyes alight with the flames that slowly engulfed the city. He would take the crown from his hand, giving it over to his Uncle as they returned from their task “Let them inherit ash, dirt, and stone.” he states to him before they made their way to the new home they had planned in advance.
  2. Prince Myathilen signs
  3. You all have been accepted into the Avchirran.
  4. Avchirran Ito Alderyn “Their duties are as sung in the Seven Songs -- to defend now, and for time immemorial.” It has been the duties of the Avchirran to defend the people of Gladewynn since its formation amongst the Kingdoms creation, once a band of mercenaries now stalwart protector's of its people and culture. Though dead is the kingdom of Gladewynn, left with the corpse of Caras Eldar and the freezing winds that overtook Atlas it’s people remain. Alderyn raises from its ashes, and the Avchirran stand with it as vigilant as before. It’s duties remaining much the same, to guard and uphold the laws of its people, to protect the now Principality of Alderyn from both domestic and foreign enemies, and to answer their allies call to arms should the Royarch command it. Ranks of The Avchirran High Command Annilir The Annilir acts as the Marshal of the Avchirran leading it in its entirety, their word absolute second only to the Royarch High-Consular The High-Consular acts as second in command to the Annilir should he not be present, they are responsible for handling internal affairs such as disciplinary action, disputes, and moral. Consular The Consular is tasked with leading a small division of Avchirran, managing their supplies and materials and following through with orders and tasks given by higher command such as the organization of raids and guarding duties. Military Warden Elder and accomplished warriors serving under an assigned Consular, tasked with directing troops, overseeing the city guards, and any other domestic affairs that may come to head. Herald Heralds are tasked with the recruitment of new soldiers, aiding in the creation of public events, and generating propaganda that ensures the citizens feel safe. Waystalkers Also known as the Dread Wolves, they are tasked with the scouting of domestic lands and reconnaissance of foreign defenses and political activities. Guardian Guardians are tasked with the protection of the citizens of Alderyn and the upholding of laws acting as a policing force. Faesuiran Also known as Kreyn’Faesurian, or Riders of the horse, they act as the cavalry of the Avchirran where applicable and patrol the roads leading to Alderyn during times of peace. Initiate The common footelf and fresh recruit among the Avchirran, only recently have sworn their oaths and still to be tested. Application (IC) Name: Age: Race: I do solemnly swear that I shall defend the Realm of Alderyn from its foes, foreign and domestic, in times of peace or war. I will hold myself to the example of all those who have sworn this very oath before me, I will bear the crux of this burden forevermore, here and beyond. (OOC) IGN: Discord:
  5. That is quite sad, being as ultra-conservative will be the thing that lands it in the shelf if anything. Sadly, if the magic remains the same and close to the other holy magic in nature and use what is the point of having separate magics for each diety and not one blanket magic with different patrons such as D&D which from what I am aware each rewrite was made to avoid such a thing happening though I could be wrong. You can make a magic unique and to the point without being overpowered or convoluted, especially with lore available to work with already. It might not be the popular thing to do, but you can't include everyone's voice and opinion if you want to achieve such, you can only do your best to try and work what they want in and what would be practical and good for the lore.
  6. While I'm glad you managed the rewrite, other than a few changes and rewording the magic remains almost if not basically the same as it was. Yes, the disconnection issue was fixed though I still find that it remains empty from what I was aware of was the point of rewriting the magic. That was to give it uniqueness and identity that separated it from the other holy magic, and while I understand that it is the religion that keeps it such the magic seems to do what the others already accomplish. War clericalism seems hashed down and shell of what it could be, still leaning on what the Ascended coined with Aengulic fire, and borrowing from Xan's arsenal of manifesting weapons. I know this is due to the fact of healing also being the main viable option but the fix of that would be just splitting the sub-types giving way to a more in-depth character development. As well I am still confused as to the remaining sub-type of the "rituals and Collectives" which seems to be a watered down version of Divine warden which makes what should be a magic that seeks things out stagnant in certain terms though I am glad not to the extent of its inspiration. Though I have more so disconnected myself from the cleric player base and just ranting on lore that I had quite enjoyed and the possibilities it could of held, good job on getting it finished and I wish ya'll luck with it.
  7. Probably been a good four to five years since I posted in show yourself so might as well update it with a random casual and work picture.
  8. From an outside understanding it’s not that they didn’t kill off their character it’s that they took no consequence from the actions that lead to their death and kept pushing forward acting fine and dandy like nothing went wrong. Would you like someone throwing off something you worked hard for because they didn’t care for consequences of their actions? Then again this being a server turned to a play pen where everything is wrapped in foam and everyone gets a gold star it’s not far off to say this has become the norm.
  9. This magic can be very much a supportive or purely rp role to be fair if you actually read it. It all depends what sub type of Druidism you use, it’s mix with herblore is a very good example of such. But then being just pvp is a server issue and not a lore issue, as well as I have stated if anyone actually tried to role play with the two they’d find it much more easier to grasp then just complaining oocly and ruining a good magic like they have many other. But that has and always will be my thought on the matter, but hey I’m just used to heavily monitored role play and things being more closed off unless worked for to achieve.
  10. It still confuses me why people believe everything should be spread around and made to be overly used and for the public. Why can’t something be unique and rare, and not wide spread? Have either or anyone for that matter try to approach either Cam or mitto for the use of the magic through role play means or just complained oocly that it’s circle jerked? Believe me if there was anyone who’d teach something if you actually approached them and role played with them to learn it’d be those two, hell cam even tried to give clerics blood magic before. But no let’s make everything free use to preserve people’s fun and so that everyone can be special.
  11. @Harold  Could we please get an update on the Lore team situation? It hasbeen quite a bit and still have yet to hear any news, at least publicly about it.

  12. Sadly I was told to avoid any wards like such that you have written by a few LM's while shopping ideas for my rewrite, I wish you luck though.
  13. @Harold I would wish my topic to be unlocked as I do not only wish for a response from the lore director but the players themselves. I do not just wish to hear from the person who passed the judgement but those that witnessed it and wish to express their thoughts on it.

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    2. Lynx


      I understand that as well, but it is not just their opinions. I can provide you with the proof in which I accuse him off but that will remain privy to you for reasons that are obvious. I wish it to be unlocked for the outside views posts as well as those that are in agreeance. 


    3. Harold


      @Lynx @Ambduscias As I have said, it will be unlocked when a response is made. That will probably be in the next twenty minutes or so, as far as I am aware. All i'm trying to do, is give the community the balanced overview of the situation, that's all. If you have proof, i'd suggest you either make an anonymous staff report, or send it over to me privately as I can take it further and will fully investigate. Cheers, Harold. 

    4. Harold


      Thread unlocked.

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