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  1. Prince Myathilen signs
  2. That is quite sad, being as ultra-conservative will be the thing that lands it in the shelf if anything. Sadly, if the magic remains the same and close to the other holy magic in nature and use what is the point of having separate magics for each diety and not one blanket magic with different patrons such as D&D which from what I am aware each rewrite was made to avoid such a thing happening though I could be wrong. You can make a magic unique and to the point without being overpowered or convoluted, especially with lore available to work with already. It might not be the popular thing to
  3. While I'm glad you managed the rewrite, other than a few changes and rewording the magic remains almost if not basically the same as it was. Yes, the disconnection issue was fixed though I still find that it remains empty from what I was aware of was the point of rewriting the magic. That was to give it uniqueness and identity that separated it from the other holy magic, and while I understand that it is the religion that keeps it such the magic seems to do what the others already accomplish. War clericalism seems hashed down and shell of what it could be, still leaning on what the Ascended co
  4. Probably been a good four to five years since I posted in show yourself so might as well update it with a random casual and work picture.
  5. From an outside understanding it’s not that they didn’t kill off their character it’s that they took no consequence from the actions that lead to their death and kept pushing forward acting fine and dandy like nothing went wrong. Would you like someone throwing off something you worked hard for because they didn’t care for consequences of their actions? Then again this being a server turned to a play pen where everything is wrapped in foam and everyone gets a gold star it’s not far off to say this has become the norm.
  6. This magic can be very much a supportive or purely rp role to be fair if you actually read it. It all depends what sub type of Druidism you use, it’s mix with herblore is a very good example of such. But then being just pvp is a server issue and not a lore issue, as well as I have stated if anyone actually tried to role play with the two they’d find it much more easier to grasp then just complaining oocly and ruining a good magic like they have many other. But that has and always will be my thought on the matter, but hey I’m just used to heavily monitored role play and things being more closed
  7. It still confuses me why people believe everything should be spread around and made to be overly used and for the public. Why can’t something be unique and rare, and not wide spread? Have either or anyone for that matter try to approach either Cam or mitto for the use of the magic through role play means or just complained oocly that it’s circle jerked? Believe me if there was anyone who’d teach something if you actually approached them and role played with them to learn it’d be those two, hell cam even tried to give clerics blood magic before. But no let’s make everything free use to preserv
  8. @Harold  Could we please get an update on the Lore team situation? It hasbeen quite a bit and still have yet to hear any news, at least publicly about it.

  9. Sadly I was told to avoid any wards like such that you have written by a few LM's while shopping ideas for my rewrite, I wish you luck though.
  10. @Harold I would wish my topic to be unlocked as I do not only wish for a response from the lore director but the players themselves. I do not just wish to hear from the person who passed the judgement but those that witnessed it and wish to express their thoughts on it.

    1. Ambduscias


      @Harold So what you mean to say is that the thread will be kept silent until it's off the most recent posts list and provided with a canned 'I dindu nuffing' reply from the offended party? That sounds reasonable.

    2. Lynx


      I understand that as well, but it is not just their opinions. I can provide you with the proof in which I accuse him off but that will remain privy to you for reasons that are obvious. I wish it to be unlocked for the outside views posts as well as those that are in agreeance. 


  11. When they lock an feedback post without letting people express their opinion.

    1. GodEmperorFlam


      It'll be unlocked once I've replied, your post has a lot of tinfoiling and letting it snowball before people have information is bad. :/

    2. Lynx


      Well I can provide the proof but that will be private to Harold.

    3. Praetor


      Providing proof to an admin without showing to anyone else will surely work!! xd

  12. The fact that everyone's answer to the issue of war clericalism is become a paladin is fairly sad, it is sad because that eludes to the fact you view it as just a "magic" and not a way of life to be role played. Tahariae and Xan have very separated goals and things that they ask their followers to live by. That would be the same as telling a shaman to get rid of freygoth, denounce the spirits, and become a Druid. It's not simply a magic; its character structure, its a way of life, it's a set of guidelines, it's not just some random magic that can just be swapped for the hell of it.
  13. I agree with you on the fact that one should changed should the other be better but at the same time an agreement was came to that if a rewrite were to happen one would not take away from the other and if this became an issue that it would have to be separated once more. On the topic of clerics being healers, it is a vague term used in game and fiction and though commonly are such it can differ. The fact is on LoTC for most clerics, it's not the magic that comes with it but the deity which draws us in. You are right we very well could go make a Paladin, but Xan has a lot of differe
  14. The last things I will say on this post is this, never has war clericalism not been held as the main directive of Tahariae. It is what is used to carry out his judgment, healing is only there to get rid of taint from gray life and get fix broken things. That is not to say healing is not an important aspect, but it is a important role play aspect not one of the deity. Because of such I am aware of its need to remain balanced between the two sub types. That is to say one does not get to be better than the other, this much from skype conversation I thought that is something agreed upon.
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