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  1. This guy has gone and started doing so much in the server recently that it’s insane. Firstly, congrats on the move to the Story Team man. Read this lore and it’s looking really solid so I’m excited to see what comes of it. +1
  2. Crossing my damn fingers. In the meantime let’s watch the Shrek movie. In all seriousness, Wretched has been so awesome in writing this. Can’t thank ya enough!
  3. Muja lingers in the back, grumbling after an abysmal defeat thanks to several unlucky rolls. “May have lost some herbs and pride, but this one will make it back up when he starts selling some potions and oils!”
  4. A Kha’Tigrasi gathers his belongings as he prepares for an expedition to uncover the fascinating arts and crafts of these intriguing people. Definitely looking forward to seeing how this group turns out. +1
  5. I was probably not very clear on this, sorry. The original name for the ore was "Kadar" which means "powerful" in Arabic. I added the si at the end because I didn't want to make people feel that it was just tying directly into Qalasheen culture. Now that you mentioned it, I will flesh out some more details and edit the post, thanks! As for how it relates to gold: The unprocessed ore itself is as weak as gold, but strengthens when it is mixed with certain elements, one being carbon which is an element in steel (this is the fantasy part to it). I believe someone I spoke to said it was better than steel but weaker than bluesteel. Other than that, thanks! I agree with all of your points and hope to come up with some more adjustments to the lore!
  6. The ore will be available to everyone to mine and craft into Kadarsi Ingots. The word "Kadarsi" doesn't really have any arabic meaning, I sort of just came up with that. Qalashi steel is completely optional for anyone and just refers to the product produced by pattern welding. The armor/weapons themselves will just be called things like "Kadarsi Sword, Kadarsi Chestplate, etc."
  7. Qalashi Steel OOC: Introduction For decades the Qalasheen people have lived peaceful and simple lives, enjoying a time of peace. The world around them appeared to be unraveling its true dark nature, yet The Sultanate flourished as local merchants peddled their wares across the Isles. Miners took to the stone with pick in hand, exploring new depths and returning with rare minerals and ores. Encrusted with a strangely beautiful pattern, Qalasheen metallurgists have discovered what at first appeared to be an ore with properties similar to aurum (it had both a low yield strength and fracture point). When they discovered the true potential, it became known as “Kadarsi ((meaning powerful in Arabic))." Kadarsi Kadarsi ore itself looks more similar to a darkened, less transparent crystal, that by itself is weak, making the harvesting process more difficult. It would require a steady hand and careful precision to chip away at the edges of the ore without having it crack. Once acquired, and forged with other elements such as carbon, however, the steel product will have a higher yield strength and higher fracture point. If cracked, the Kadarsi will allow the steel to spring back into shape and allow it to be easily repaired through forge welding. Pattern welded steel History The ore was first used in glassware and pottery, melted and molded together with various minerals and elements to make attractive decorations and furniture, desired by many. What was quickly noticed by this was that the glass and pottery were slightly more durable and resistant to breaking. Metallurgists quickly began testing the affects of Kadarsi with other minerals including gold and ferrum. Through Kadarscening, it was discovered that the properties of both ferrum and aurum were strengthened, making the two more durable. Striking aurum mixed with Kadarsi repeatedly against solid objects showed that the new welded aurum could take more hits before needing repair. Not only this, but repairing was much easier as the Kadrasi could easily spring back into shape with simple repair methods. The same results were shown with ferrum testing and so Qalashi Steel was born. Kadarsi Ferrum BattleAxe Qalashi Steel consists of Kadarsi ore and Ferrum ore that are both welded and forged together in layers (known as Kardescining), creating a unique pattern, but most importantly it affects the quality of the combined steel to create a new steel which is commonly referred to by Harians as Qalashi Steel. Different kinds of mixed processed steels will produce mere patterns and show little property change, but when ferrum combines with the Qalasheen-discovered Kadarsi ore, not only did it have a unique pattern — a beautiful water-patterned steel produced with resilient edges — it was shown to be tougher than the average ferrum blade which was prone to rusting in damp air and becoming dull, making it a high maintenance weapon. The Welding Technique Through pattern welding of Ferrum and Kadarsi, plus an additional method which consists of layering, Qalashi steel can be forged into weapons and armor. The layering gives the steel unique patterns that one can visually see. Depending on the skill level of a blacksmith, Qalashi steel will become more durable as the blacksmith will be able to use the Kadarscening technique better and add more layered tiers of the melted ferrum and Kadarsi. As they are layered and folded over one another more and more the outcome is a steel that is much tougher and resistant to shattering (though it would not be impossible to break the steel). The tiers are also noticeable by distinctive patterns of banding and mottling reminiscent of flowing water. The more it is layered (which is a lengthy process), the more durable the steel becomes. Kadarsi ore can be welded together with ferrum, aurum, and bluesteel to produce: Kadarsi ferrum, Kadarsi aurum, and Kadarsi bluesteel. Kadarsi Ferrum Sabre Each tier is based solely on the level of the blacksmith starting from Adept which will be referred to as a tier 1 product. The more experience one has in blacksmithing, the higher the tier. Alongside this, Qalashi steel can be enchanted like most weapons, but will have increased durability, making it unique. Kadarsi Ferrum Chestplate with gauntlets Strengths and Weaknesses + While this adhesive might only appear to be an alternative to the Unbreaking enchant, it should be known that only at tier 3 ((Masterful blacksmith)) will a Kadarsi-laced piece be equivalent to a single Unbreaking enchant. On top of this, one will be able to add an Unbreaking enchant to their Kadarsi-laced piece and double the affects. + Farfolk are able to produce Kadarsi ferrum gear earlier and slightly faster than other races, but will be subject to the same times when it comes to Kadarsi aurum and Kadarsi bluesteel. - Aurum and bluesteel gear are best used in their whole states and so mixing any aurum or bluesteel with Kadarsi lessens, but does not completely negate the properties. - The process for making Kadarsi gear is a lengthy one due to how precise one must be. - To be able to harvest this ore, one must have much experience, though it is said that the expert hands of a Farfolk can provide some aid - Kadarsi Aurum and Kadarsi bluesteel will require more experience to craft for other races. Thank you to bestscarface76 who provided some good advice for this.
  8. Shvorky

    The Andael

    Well written! I enjoyed reading this and it has a lot of potential to add something great to the server!
  9. Arlen Kharadeen Approves of this message. (+1)
  10. (WIP) Arlen Kharadeen (AR-luhn Kaha-rah-deen) "Though we may bend, we do not break." - Faiz Kharadeen Appearance A natural tan, well-toned, and thin man standing at about 5’11 and weighing somewhere around 150 lb. Often, when speaking, his voice sounds honeyed and silvery albeit he has a small Waldenian accent despite his origins. His gait is relaxed and he often carries himself in a mellow manner. His hair is left relatively groomed — thick strands of black draping down loosely. A Family crest adorned with the an angled crescent moon and star. Name Origin The name Arlen derives from the Qalasheen farfolk. Tribes people would form an arlen or “Pledge.” Titles At the age of 34, Arlen was proclaimed as “Sultan” or sovereign over the Caliphate - most often ruling over the Realm of Khalestine whilst his father,Faiz Kharadeen, bears the title of “Caliph” and has absolute rule over the Realm, able to overrule any decisions made by the Sultan. Personal Characteristics * Born on the 2nd of Snow’s Maiden, 1469 - Arlen was born in an infirmary within the frozen walls of Aesterwald’s keep in The Fringe. The infant was a frail thing, weighing a measly 4.5 lb. ChildHood Like most toddlers (those with parents), the mother would be the caretaker for her young and nurse them with loving care. Arlen’s father was currently a member of the Sentinels of Equilibrium near the Princedom of Fenn and had one master bedroom that included a small crib for their firstborn. Arlen’s early life consisted of being mentored by his mother as his father was often away slaying monsters. He also had a Shepherd pup named “Fellah.” When the war between Raev and loyalists to the Chivay dynasty had begun, skirmishes took place nearby Fenn and the young boy would often travel North with his father to Aesterwald where the temperatures dropped below freezing. Here is where he grew up learning about Lucienism, a faith compiled of many chauvinists who devoted their lives to the Creator. Mental Characteristics Arlen keeps himself in a sort of genial stupor, where he feels as if his decisions are bettering the lives of others akin to his own. He lives a life devoted to his family or so... that’s what he tells himself . During the transitioning period between Athera and Vailor (and even several years after that), Arlen dropped off the face of the planet without explanation while in a relationship with Sahárfajhari Ajaháli and returned fifteen years later as a vagrant in rags — left by Sahár who then began seeing his younger brother, Malik. Often categorized as weak and lacking of a firm hand when he was younger, Arlen returned changed, hardened by the changes throughout the years. Now perceived as arbitrarily brutish, the Qali’ has seemingly become confused with his own worldview. Arlen’s obsession for his family’s reunion clouded his vision and drastic measures were taken during a search for his sister, Ceto Kharadeen. Philosophical Characteristics Chaotic Good “I do the things I do only for the reunification of my blood.” With ambiguous innocence, this character sees himself as some sort of “saviour” to his kin. Perverted by insecurities, the self-deluded Qali’ believes wholeheartedly that the unity of a family is the terminal key to unlocking joy. But to what extents has this Sultan gone to achieve this goal? Arlen is an optimist and sees that every situation can be bended towards his favor by the use of any means necessary. He’s created this slanted reality for himself that leaves him completely blind — unable to recognize the disruption he has brought to those he thought he cared for. Apparel Accessories When Arlen was only a child, his father had gifted him with a brown scarf that he keeps on always even underneath his armour. It’s his “good luck” charm that he feels it keeps him safe. Upon his ring finger rests a smooth ashen-gray wedding band. Dress Style/Wardrobe Arlen’s wardrobe consists of a large variety of clothing from all different cultures although he would often be seen wearing traditional Qalasheen robes. Equipment Spoiler Arlen rarely carries any form of currency on him simply due to being absent-minded. Attatched to his belt is a scabbard which hides curved saber, commonly known as a scimitar. These weapons are commonly found and crafted within Khalestine. Relationships Relatives Father: Faiz Kharadeen (ymbninjakiller, Unknown) Mother: Arabella Kharadeen (Immahorseridda, Unknown) Sister: Ceto Kharadeen (PessPess, Vital) Sister-in-law: Saharfajhari Kharadeen (Malocchio, Vital) Brother: Malik Kharadeen (tuslwmonster, Deceased) Brother: Alai Kharadeen (lucdean, Vital) __ Wife: Irsia Kharadeen (Imibee, Vital) Eldest Son: Fakhri Kharadeen (Pandann, Vital) Eldest Daughter: Kaia Kharadeen (Contact if Interested, Vital) Daughter: Amina Kharadeen (LadyRebecca, Vital) Daughter: Nahla Kharadeen (Cytharia, Vital) Son: Amal Kharadeen (tuslwmonster, Vital) Son: Yusef Kharadeen (Publius, Vital) Character Art “Happy Trail” by Cave_Creature “Portrait of Irsia and Arlen Kharadeen” by Shiloh Ellis Portrait by Numirya
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