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  1. wheres the anti-telanir podcast tearing apart the issues of the server


    :^ )

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    2. Harrison


      u can praise telanir’s better outlook on the server all u want now, and dont get me wrong it’s pleasing to see, but we would not be in the hole we are in if it were not for the attitude, decisions and precedents he set 

    3. SaltAlt


      ??? Telanir always gets more attentive when his bs is called, then just slinks away for another 6 months to come back and force another autistic change.

    4. Haseroth


      I don’t know brother, however i for myself do not think that Telanir’s hopes of reaching 500-750 concurrent players via “word of mouth” only is in any shape or form realistic. Without proper marketing we will stay around 250-300 even with proper sharding. Not to mention if you force people into shards, it will likely create a lot more problems. 

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