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  1. think the real issue w/ conflict on this server is the people who preach dynamism are normally those who refuse anything bad to happen to them by any ooc means possible.

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    2. Orlesian


      Wait? Are you saying my mineman character can fail and have horrible dramatic things happen to them or around them? HOW DARE YOU! I want to keep my character fine and make them always be the best at everything and save the day! As well rp conflict is bad and shouldn't be allowed 😡

    3. rukio


      @Worldeater imo there was a  lot of dynamic RP in Salvus during Asulon-Anthos, where we had a massive guardforce and a lot of edgy players dwelled. I've not really found anything with that level of dynamics since, though. Most groups just get meta'd and killed off early or just fizzle out from people calling pvp on rp conflict they'll lose etc. A lot of the conflict was White Rose vs Shield based, which I believe at least Joel was around for for a bit, and I personally enjoyed it. 


      Too much conflict revolves around completely wiping your opponent off the face of the earth and it rly ruins dynamic situations now...idk I'm just an idiot what do I know. 

    4. Burnsider


      My favorite part of LOTC nowadays is when you let your character lose, but then the other side gets mad at you for not losing in the way they wanted you to. Come on, now, you got the win.

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