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  1. The reason response times are so long is because all of us new guys are still learning how to do the job efficiently, many of us on the Mod team do have real life responsibilities like work and college and this means we can't be online for as long as we would like to be. In the coming weeks you should all start seeing improvements as we finish settling into our new role. As for our responsibilities being handed to other teams, we do a lot more than what you seem to think and it can often be difficult to keep up with it all when there aren't many other people around.
  2. Everybody please stop asking for Nexus to come back, if it does then great, if it doesn’t then that’s a real shame... I will however say that I am working on something in my free time that may or may not be a better plugin than Nexus that implements all the good things about it and replaces all the bad things with more good things, currently I don’t have permission from the Admins to add it to the server but once it is playable I will show the Admins a demo of it and if they like it then I will work on completing it.
  3. If you’re gonna leave then just leave, don’t make some massive attention seeking post about it and start complaining about who is incharge of the staff cause at the end of the day the decision was already made and it’s not gonna get changed just because you don’t like it.
  4. Moderation team is recruiting currently so if you ever had complaints about the GMs and think their job is easy then apply and see if you can handle what they do every day

    1. J


      I used to complain about the GM team back in the day quite a bit, then I was told to join it and give it a shot myself.


      Unfortunately, feels like most people now would rather just complain. Fair bit of the time it's not even constructive anymore. Hope that changes

    2. Kanadensare


      sorry I rather not serve under pun lal


      or tahmas for that matter

    3. Ixli


      Applied, got denied, dunno y.

  5. KNIGHTS OF THE CRIMSON BLADE HISTORY Many years ago the Knights of the Crimson Blade were formed under the name the Order of New Dawn to spread and enforce the views of the Valkyrian religion in Asulon under the orders of Kimarai Nastrada, an outcast Dwarf who claimed to be able to hear the voice of the goddess Nyaja. During the time they were led by Kimarai they had formed an alliance with the Twilight Army and fought alongside them in the battle for Salvus after being promised the land in return for helping to remove a corrupt noble from the throne, this promise was not honored though and after a short while Oren laid claim to the land. Due to Oren’s claim on Salvus Kimarai declared that Oren was an enemy to the goddess he claimed to hear and began to start ordering his followers to infiltrate and sabotage Oren in any way possible from framing nobles to starting riots. Before long Kimarai had made a bad name for himself and was hunted by the dwarven legion who eventually captured him and imprisoned him in a cage that hung from a tall tower over the ground below with a single hole in the middle. Kimarai managed to escape this prison barely by jumping down the hole and landing on a small ledge which saved him from certain death, he was taken to safety by Mason who was an Elf he had adopted off the streets of Oren and raised as if he was one of his own dwarf sons. Once in a safe location Kimarai declared that his sons would take over New Dawn and rule it as he once had. Now under the control of Mason, Drakon and Kaskaro, New Dawn took on a different goal which was to build a paradise where all races could live in peace as long as they agreed to follow the Valkyrian religion, this paradise would come to be known as Valkyru. Drakon and Kaskaro realised that funding this paradise was not going to be easy and decided lead the Order like a mafia where they began brewing illegal alcohols, selling narcotics, robbing people and offering ‘protective services’. This didn’t really last long and eventually Mason was sent off to find his real family and take leadership of New Dawn with him. He eventually came across Damien and Siyyl Sezarius who claimed to be the children of an Elf called Nyaja, Mason knew he had heard this name before and realised that these must have been his family and told them of New Dawn, they decided to continue it along side him and eventually found themselves allied with a group called the Vindicators of Solace. Siyyl took it upon herself to join this group of mercenaries and very quickly rose through the ranks until eventually she found herself commanding a large squadron within the group which she used to betray them and claim their land and belongings while leaving nobody alive who did not agree to join New Dawn. Many years passed where New Dawn acted as protectors of the realm and actually formed an alliance with Oren, this is how they came to meet Sirius Fletcher who they recruited and eventually promoted to the rank of Commander of the Order. The 4 of them plus their followers made their way to Fenn where they set up a secret base just outside the walls of the Princedom, they disguised the base as an inn but had a secret tunnel system below that gave them access to Fenn without needing to use the main gates, they had planned to expand the tunnels to spread across the whole world so that they could transport important supplies without being attacked by bandits and also sneak up on criminals without being noticed. This however did not come to be. However they did form an alliance with Fenn and Siyyl found herself as a noble of the Princedom and took the Great Prince Tundrak as her love interest. Not much happened during this time and New Dawn just spent their time building up an armoury and funds while also keeping criminals out of Fenn, eventually though Sirius Fletcher broke the alliance between New Dawn and Fenn and started a war between them. The war ended with Fenn being the victor and only Mason and Siyyl survived. Siyyl chose to remain with Fenn while Mason went off and reformed New Dawn under a new name, the Knights of the Crimson Blade, their purpose was to uphold peace in the world by helping to stop riots, remove corrupt nobles quickly and quietly, track down criminals who were in lands that were not under the authority of the kingdom they committed crimes in and to help fight in wars where the righteous side were outnumbered or lacked properly trained soldiers. The last time they were seen was during the rebellion in Fenn against the current ruling family after Siyyl called upon them for help in order to stop them from losing to the rebels. Tenets 1: Respect all races no matter your race’s allegiance 2: Respect all religions unless they actively put the public at risk 3: Do not kill anyone unless there is no alternative way to bring them to justice 4: Do not question orders from your superiors 5: If a fellow knight is committing crimes you are in your rights to bring them to justice 6: Do not act on personal grudges 7: Use all methods at your disposal to route out corruption and track down criminals Hierarchy Knight Commander – Kimarai Silvervein Application Form Character Name: Race: Gender: Age: Weapon Of Choice: Minecraft Username: Player Age: Discord Name:
  6. INFJ so Advocate, I help people and everything I do is for the benefit of others
  7. If I was to donate $500 to the server what I be everyone’s favourite person?

    1. HurferDurfer1


      Ya dude aether are really popular

    2. nordicg_d


      far from it

    3. FlemishSupremacy


      you wouldn’t get anymore popular but atleast you get to /spit on people

  8. You have to go back to 1.13.2, once all the server plugins are updated i’m sure the server will be moved onto 1.14.3
  9. I would like to congratulate Knox on being one of the longest existing members of LOTC

    1. Hiebe
    2. ToxicApple1


      Hiebe you’d know ?

  10. I would like permission to have a new race added into the server called the Skraven who are a group of rat-like creatures who were forced underground by followers of the Valkyrian religion and have now chose to reside in the birth place of this religion to spite them. They would be led by me as my character Xivala Sharptooth who would be their Den Mother (They live in small underground villages that they call Dens and the Den Mother lives in the biggest Den and kind of rules over them) They work like spiders in a way where males of the Skraven would try to win the heart of the Den Mother in order to be the father to the next litter of Skraven and then they would be eaten by the Den Mother to feed the many Skrakin that she is now carrying (Children of the Skraven are called Skrakin) When they leave their Dens they are partly blind due to living underground so long and they spend most of their time stealing food to stop the Den Mother from going crazy and murdering all of them and also they spend their time building more Dens so that the current ones don't get overcrowded. Female Skraven are the most respected in the Skraven community and tend to be more civilized than the male Skraven who only want to fight and produce offspring. Female Skraven run shops and taverns and look alot less ugly than the males, they also run anything to do with politics due to their more civilized nature and desire to expand rather than destroy all living things. Slavery is a big part of Skraven culture, female Skraven will often sell their husbands and Skrakin into slavery rather than look after them themselves, they see it as they have more important things to worry about than looking after uncivilized rats. Slaves will often fight in the pits, join the army or work gathering resources for the Dens. I haven't really got much backstory to them as i am still working on it and also trying to decide how they fit into Lore and everything.
  11. So i was kicked so more VIPs could join, last time i checked it is against Mojang's rules to make people pay for privelleges on a server

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    2. ShameJax


      Actually you weren't kicked for that. As the VIP plugin works by bypassing the slot max.

    3. craotor
    4. ToxicApple1


      You are allowed to charge players to access your server

      So long as the fee is the same for all players, you are allowed to charge for access to your server. You are not allowed to split your playerbase into paying, and non-paying users, nor can you restrict gameplay elements to different tiers of player.

      Basically, if you’re charging for access to your server, you are selling a “ticket” and there can only be one type of ticket, regardless of how much people are willing to spend.


  13. So i tried to make an ARG for the community to take part in but it didn't work

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