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  1. Original: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/151252-✗-daemon-lyes-architect-of-dreams/ LM and Final said to repost with some changes. Lyes (Lie-Es) Architect of Dreams http://hoon.deviantart.com/art/Deity-of-Morning-Mist-11715121 While there being no records of the existence of Lyes, or any of her Patrons, it is not uncommon for her and these patrons to reveal themselves and interact directly with mortals.This is, however, only the case within her realm, The Nebula. The reason why she has never been mentioned throughout history is because, she and her patrons can only interact with mortals within their dreams. Therefore, the mortals in question think the figure (Which may be Lyes) in their dreams is just that, a figure within a dream. Lyes, dreams and The Nebula exist in harmony, for the dreams of mortal’s power The Nebula, and The Nebula is what powers Lyes, while Lyes is what causes dreams to form into what mortals know them as. That is, if dreams cease to be formed by Lyes and her Patrons, then The Nebula would slowly deteriorate into nothing, and would cause Lyes to fade away. Without Lyes, dreams would have no setting. Dreams would simply be, in a sense, nothing, for Lyes is the one with the power to turn a thought into what mortal’s know as dreams. Lyes is the architect of dreams, and The Nebula is her blueprint do to with as she wishes. Lyes is a curious being, though also a childish one. She often creates games or scenarios in the form of a dream to which she brings along an individual, or multiple sleeping minds into. Additionally, upon using a thought to create a dream for a person, she may keep the blueprint for it and bring other minds into that setting at a later date, should the concept be of interest to her. Reason for this is due to her wanting to see if others could possibly resolve the situation in its entirety, or to simply study mortals further, for Lyes cannot examine mortals unless they’re in The Nebula. However, her goal is for this not to always be the case. As more dreams occur, her power grows, and with power, she hopes to find a way to break free from her own realm she is bound by. Her goals after breaking free? Who knows, for not even she knows for certain what lies beyond her own realm. The Nebula is a realm which consists of many sub-worlds which represent the dreams of mortals. Due to the nature of dreams being only temporary, each bubble is such, and only lasts as long as the dream does, except for one. The Far Glade. The Far Glade can be considered a permanent bubble of The Nebula, in which creations not tied to the dreams of mortals can be created. This sub-realm however can only be fully utilised by Aureus and Lyes herself. Aureus is explained in more depth later on. From time to time, whether it be simply Lyes wanting to spectate without being involved herself, or she simply acts childish and doesn’t wish to host a dream, she allows her Patrons to host dreams. Each Patron of Lyes can host a dream, though each has a unique part of Lyes’ power that other Patrons do not. Afterall, since hosting dreams power The Nebula, which power Lyes, allowing Patrons to host the dreams is efficient and rather effortless for the Daemon. Those who are brought into dreams not of their own, odd effects can occur. At times, injuries and wounds that are created upon oneself may retain upon waking from the dream. This also includes the chance of death in reality if the person dies within the dream. Not only this, but some may find that items that they acquire from within, they might also retain upon awakening. It is important to note that, Lyes controls The Nebula in its entirety, which includes any sub worlds of her Patrons. Lyes can also be harmed by others while in her realm. She can change the setting or change any structure to her wishes at an instant. However, something Lyes cannot do is forcibly wake you up, which would you result leaving The Nebula. Lyes’ visible form, if ever shown, while it can be of any race, is always female. Patrons Aureus The Creator http://fma.wikia.com/wiki/Truth The first patron of Lyes, having impressed her with the complexity of his own dreams, and the ingenuity he presented when tackling some of the dreams that Lyes herself created to test him while he was a mortal. Lyes proceeded to present herself to Aureus in a dream as he reached an old age and offered him the opportunity to be a Patron to her and live eternally. He accepted which resulted in his consciousness residing within the Nebula. As far as other mortals were aware, Aureus died peacefully in his sleep. This process occurs in a similar manner to each of her Patrons. Lyes presented him with his own world to do with as he please. Aureus named it, the Far Glade, and was given the power to bring dormant sleeping mortals (Not dreaming) into the Far Glade. Within the Far Glade, Aureus can control the world to his will, and can inhabit any object or turn his form into any variety of creature. Just as Lyes can, Aureus can be injured if attacked within the Far Glade. However, it should still be noted that Aureus controls the world, and on top of that, Lyes can control it also and intervene in any manner deemed necessary to protect her Patron. Ectorius The Bane http://www.deviantart.com/art/Shadow-Figure-Concept-597912177 A rather psychotic man during his time as a mortal, though this trait proved useful for Lyes. While not being an unjust evil man, it was rare for him to pity or feel remorse towards other mortals. Upon becoming her Patron, Lyes allowed him to host nightmares and the corrupted dreams induced by shades and other dark sources. Due to his lack of compassion, Ectorius never felt a shred of guilt in regards to the nightmares he hosts. Idalia The Servant A humble servant during her mortal life, and to any other observer, there would have been nothing special about her. However, this is exactly what Lyes found special about her. Her willingness to serve and do what was required would prove useful to assist Lyes in hosting ordinary dreams, along with working hand in hand with Unwin Unwin The Inquisitor Somewhat of a trickster that assists Lyes in a more direct manner.His mortal life consisted of being a well known scholar, his thirst for knowledge being almost unmatched during his time. Lyes saw this potential and he too was offered to become a Patron. Instead of hosting dreams himself, he forces himself into other dreams and attempts to learn information about specific mortals or groups. Reason being is that Lyes can only gain information on mortals while they dream, and so information is limited. Unwin attempts to tap into the subconscious of a given mortal in an attempt to learn more for Lyes. OOC: The original lore was made to assist Finalhazard (AwakenMyLove) and hopefully, the rest of the ET. This legitimises a central hub to exist for events known as The Nebula, and other sub worlds of Patrons. Additionally, this could allow players to give ET ideas in the form of ‘Dreams or Nightmares’, and allows for the option of keeping injuries, and items, which can go towards character development. It also creates a new and intractable deity which controls an area of LotC which hasn’t really been touched yet. It allows the ET to create ideas with more freedom, as it occurs within a ‘Dream World’, so many more possibilities open up. However, players who are brought into The Nebula are limited to abilities that they know in the normal world. If anyone writes another Patron for Lyes, the name has to start with an O. Not negotiable. Clarifications: This does not affect how normal dreams occur. The only time where dreams can cause odd effects upon an individual, is when Lyes or a Patron creates a new scenario or recreates a dream from a past blueprint. Lyes should only be played under LM supervision. Reasons being for if she gets injured within her realm. Depending on the severity, appropriate course of action would be required.
  2. Never forget 501's struggle.






  3. NJBB is brutal. It was at this moment, Reza knew, she would become an edgy assassin.





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      Unbaed I swear to god, dont make there be another lava eruption near your tower!

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      6x has a savage family

  4. Listen to this my children. Let the greatness and purity overflow you.




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  5. Aaaa this music is just so.. happy!




  6. FM's for the love of my eyes, change this man's text font.





  7. Disclaimer: It's a bit of a read. Introduction My idea was to have a follow up and conclusion to the harvester event that occurred in early-mid Vailor (Event is explained in ‘Context of Lore’) as background lore for this idea. Obviously, I’m no LM. I did have difficulties writing some of this up over the fact that, I don’t know what the Lore Team already has planned. I don’t know if using the harvester event as a base is even viable anymore, nor do I know what I’m allowed to do regarding the limits of Aengudaemonic powers. I understand that the Lore Team do a lot regarding a map change so, while I have written lore as ‘how’ this could work, the main point of this post is to offer up the map style while additionally offering possible lore behind it. So be sure to check the OOC Pitch below. I have also heard rumors that the next map is already in production. Whether this is true or not, I'd still like to propose the idea. OOC Pitch Name Ideas Context of Lore Lore The Vision (Beginning) Transition Event Idea Special thanks to Katari guy, Phil person and that Pie thing for ideas and assistance.
  8. 8 FT carts at Felsen (Not including Docks). No wonder I can't find RP!! What human place is the most populated?

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      For most people its a school day right now, early in the morning. Thats why nobodies on. Later in the night (EST night) people will be on in Felsen.

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      Most people are in school. 

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      Places in Lorraine have a decent amount of RP later at night

  9. RIP rogue ET/GM

  10. Server is alive

  11. Why does the Sutica FT sign always disappear? -.-

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      joined oren probably moved its cart?

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      Did not join Oren. We left the war which we didn't want to be in since the start.


      But to answer your question, it was removed because the Caliphate feels like we betrayed them, even though they've been/are seeking/wanting peace and independence as well. #Ironic

  12. What're the Racial Curses of Kha and Halfling? Is being a kitty counted as a curse...?

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      mitto you're fuckin savage 

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      Kha's get bombarded with furry jokes. Halflings get punted often. That's their curses

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      halflings from aegis/asulon can live a lot longer than halflings from the newer lands because less inbreeding

  13. It was an ooops (I can't break it now..)

  14. Any orc land owners around? I require to speak with one!

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      It's not about owning land. T'is regarding perms for a few things.

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      Still, message DPM about that.

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  15. Can we get a resource island mine reset plox?

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      Once you get past the top it isn't too bad.

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      If you follow the long tunnels far enough, and go down, there is tons of ore

  16. Hello

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      It's me. I was wondering if after all this time you'd like to meet 

  17. Let's just replace Void magic with Avatar magic

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      Avatar is **** though.

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      "Let's just replace Void magic with Elemental Shamanism." -this post.

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      literally elemental shamanism

  18. Can someone fill me in on what happened to dragons on LotC? (Lore wise)

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      Anyhow.. 501 plz no.. these skins aaaaaaaaaaaa

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  20. Forums look quite nice now. Seems to run smoother. Although, the snow might get bit annoying after a while. Any way to turn that off?

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  21. Star Wars is amazing. That's all that needs to be said.

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      IMO LOTR/Hobbit > Star Wars

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      The Hobbit was flat out gross. It was just a money milker.

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      True twas mainly for money, I liked the 1st one, the 3rd one I didn't like as much.

      It was all battles... But I still like the series, and the books

  22. This server needs a Zelda Chickens plugin. Attack a chicken and get swarmed. 


    Might be good idea for April Fools plugin

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      Omar Grimmer'Lak

      & also make a plugin where someone does /diamond and it gives them like 10 stacks of diamond blocks :)

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      I fully support this idea.