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  1. Looking at my profile you sneaky bastard. :P

  2. CraftPrime

    Maxu's Lore Keeper Application

    A great RPer, and organizer at times. +1
  3. CraftPrime

    [Denied] [Both] Mittosaurus' Application

    This man has grown. I witnessed his rise from the beginning as a spekky little oak tree to a majestic Elder Wood. However because he turned into Elder wood, he has become chubby and FAYT. -1. (As displayed below, Tree Species Results may vary) BUT... Even so, he has shown amazing grace in times of adversity. Were Mitt given the choice of being rich and being rich, he would rather jump over a bridge. Yes, he is indeed a man worthy of such a role. He's the type of person who would go up to a polar bear and give him an RKO just for THINKING it could break the rules. For this valour, I give him +2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hc1xftZiqCE (Based on a true story)
  4. CraftPrime

    [Denied]Theflyingpen's Gm App

    Pen's cool. I've seen how powerful his RP can get, and how it can lead to many places. +1
  5. CraftPrime

    Maxu's At App.

    The guy said "thinking out loud" in his post. #+1000000 In all seriousness, the guy seems legit. I've heard tales from companions of how hard he's worked. This leads me to believe that he's capable for the job and that his role play is of the suitable amount to accept him.
  6. CraftPrime

    [Adventure] The Order Of Seekers

    OOC Minecraft Name: CraftPrime Timezone: GMT +-0 Skype: craftprime Anything You'd like us to know?: Not anything important or necessary. IC Name: Tenzo Rolodhen Age: 28 Race: Wood Elf Gender: Male Alignments: None so far. Skills: I can cook food adequately and fish like it's second nature. I am all right with a sword, but I am still young and inexperienced, and wish to grow through adventure. I am also capable of close-combat and have some tad survival skills. Anything You'd like use to know?: None.
  7. CraftPrime

    [Actor/builder] Mitt's Magic Et App!

    Ew, this guy actually created an ET app. The guy has no skill, whatsoever, I mean he's a milk drinker for crying out loud. I know him IRL and he's like the edgiest guy you could ever imagine. If this app ever gets confirmed,, it basically confirms the "loominarti's" existence, I mean like, brah. Plus, his character is a bee druid. BEES!? Where's the awesomeness and material. I dunno what he was thinking when he wrote this ugly app, like mah gawd. He's a good kid and I'm sure he'll do the Event team proud. +1
  8. CraftPrime

    Rainë Academy - Only Accepting Students

    ::OOC:: MCname: CraftPrime Did You Ever Have A Character With Magic?: No. Are You Aware Of The Rules Of Magic?: Yes. Skype?: I'm sure you already have it. ::IC:: Name: Gareth Arkwright Age: 17 Gender: Male Race: Human What Would you like to learn?: I wish to learn the art of exploration. To be able to discover new things whether they be runic or ancient and to be able to know how to decipher or read them. To have adventures and having the skills that would benefit me when the time comes that I ever go in one. Which Class(es) are you enrolling for?: Hunter Classes, hopefully, but if at all possible, the Scholar as well.
  9. CraftPrime

    The Arcane Vigil

    An old, fragile-looking man slowly wanders past a nearby poster for the new Vigils. He stops and gives it a small look. He crackles and gives off a soft smile. "Eh, I always knew they'd come back... I just hope they take care of it well this time..." The old man looks to the ground and ponders right after he finished reading the application section of the poster. He lets out a brief sigh. "I just only wished they would have done it sooner. My time's run out..." He continues his walk. "Ah well... I'm sure the new folk can handle things from here on..."
  10. CraftPrime

    [Denied]Zer0's Gm App

    This guy is kulz. +1 He knows how to handle his stuff. Is already a part of a LOTC development team and is currently organizing an animation. I think him becoming a GM will prove useful to the rest of the community.
  11. CraftPrime

    The Scions Of The Third Era

    ((OOC)) MC Name: Craftprime Skype: craftprime Timezone: GMT IC Name: Smoke Race: N/A Nation Allegiance: None, as of yet. Age: N/A Can you fight?: Yes, indeed. Do you know magic?: Sadly, no. Would you do work (mining/farming) for the Scions?: Of course. If needed, I could do either.
  12. CraftPrime

    [Actor] Leowarrior14's Et App.

    +1 Clearly one of the hardest working RP'ers in this server. I believe he'll do well in this position just like any other. I'm sure he won't disappoint and/or fail us. However, I'm sure he'll take responsibility IF he ever does. I SUPPART!
  13. CraftPrime

    Dr. Eggnog's Et App [Actor]

    A great delver and a great RPer. He deserves the position because when he sticks to something, he won't let go until the end. +1
  14. CraftPrime

    [Magic] Beardmancy [Completed]

    I approve. +1