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  1. Looking at my profile you sneaky bastard. :P

  2. OOC Minecraft Name: CraftPrime Timezone: GMT +-0 Skype: craftprime Anything You'd like us to know?: Not anything important or necessary. IC Name: Tenzo Rolodhen Age: 28 Race: Wood Elf Gender: Male Alignments: None so far. Skills: I can cook food adequately and fish like it's second nature. I am all right with a sword, but I am still young and inexperienced, and wish to grow through adventure. I am also capable of close-combat and have some tad survival skills. Anything You'd like use to know?: None.
  3. ::OOC:: MCname: CraftPrime Did You Ever Have A Character With Magic?: No. Are You Aware Of The Rules Of Magic?: Yes. Skype?: I'm sure you already have it. ::IC:: Name: Gareth Arkwright Age: 17 Gender: Male Race: Human What Would you like to learn?: I wish to learn the art of exploration. To be able to discover new things whether they be runic or ancient and to be able to know how to decipher or read them. To have adventures and having the skills that would benefit me when the time comes that I ever go in one. Which Class(es) are you enrolling for?: Hunter Classes, hopefully, but if at all possible, the Scholar as well.
  4. An old, fragile-looking man slowly wanders past a nearby poster for the new Vigils. He stops and gives it a small look. He crackles and gives off a soft smile. "Eh, I always knew they'd come back... I just hope they take care of it well this time..." The old man looks to the ground and ponders right after he finished reading the application section of the poster. He lets out a brief sigh. "I just only wished they would have done it sooner. My time's run out..." He continues his walk. "Ah well... I'm sure the new folk can handle things from here on..."
  5. ((OOC)) MC Name: Craftprime Skype: craftprime Timezone: GMT IC Name: Smoke Race: N/A Nation Allegiance: None, as of yet. Age: N/A Can you fight?: Yes, indeed. Do you know magic?: Sadly, no. Would you do work (mining/farming) for the Scions?: Of course. If needed, I could do either.
  6. Awesome idea. It'll keep the Delvers busy for a while.
  7. I agree with the Tomahawk-esque guide being published. It's a versatile tool that many use at the moment, favoring the weapon from the heavy battleaxe.
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