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  1. Great read +1 for writing such an in-depth look into our sisterhood. I’m impressed at how well you responded to each question the community had and are working so diligently on this. Contact me if you have any questions I may be able to assist with otherwise I approve. Winter is Coming!
  2. After talking with Vuln I’ve decided to try and put together a Fjariauga discord server.  So if anyone out there was once a frost witch, or currently is one please msg me for a link to our private discord.

  3. I’m back...  Hoping some of my Frositie girls are still around!  Reach out to me!  Or some of Vallel’s Old contacts, either way, I’d love to develop my rp with some treasured memories. 


    1. Lᵤᵥ



    2. ThatWeirdGirl


      Hey! Welcome back. Get with me on discord and we can discuss frostie happenings! TwigTheTwig#4321

  4. Well got my magic implemented and account set up!  Will start getting into rp tonight!  Anyone out their in particular want rp with Vallel or Crystal ? 

    1. BonesOfTheEarth


      Always fun rping with returning players. Hmu later!

  5. I'm back!  Been awhile but finally got me a laptop for my birthday today.  So going to dig in and get caught up on everything I've missed.  Can't wait to see the new world and have some great RP with you all!  



  6. Want to see if the staff would like my professional assistance.

  7. Would you rather :

    1. Privet
    2. Crystal


      Good answer... because sometimes I like to        , but others          .  So its a hard choice. 

    3. Lᵤᵥ
  8. So what are the keys on your keychain too?

    1. Crystal


      For me it is my car, my house, my desk at work, a car I dont' even use anymore, and a few random keys I forgot where they go to. :P  Anyone have interesting ones?

  9. Fiyem fills out the application he was handed and turns it back in to her office.  He will return to walking around town until he hears back from Elwyn.  Rethinking his recent decisions on his career path.

    1. Blocky


      "Ahernan, I will be in contact with you shortly."

  10. Don't Blink, whatever you do just don't blink! */ \*

  11. Inside the mind of every living being resides truth!

    1. Samler


      No! You are not entering my mind to seek out my truths! There is limits on what you can seek!

    2. mitto


      the truth is a conspiracy formulated by the government. repeat after me; ravioli ravioli give me the formuoli

    3. Crystal


      Open the doors to your mind and let me in. I won't bite too hard samlar.

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