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  1. FlamboyantRage

    Community Meeting

    Hello folks, we’re scheduling a community meeting for the weekend after next. Date is being discussed amongst the administration between the three days (26th-28th). This will be announced by the end of Sunday or beginning of Monday. As with all community meetings, please leave questions down below in the comments that you would like to see answered at the meeting.
  2. FlamboyantRage

    Admin Update Pt. 1

    Holy magic is being voted on at the moment my dude, necromancy is due soon so we’ll be reviewing that soon, dunno what you mean by “magic” and “crafting” though as that’s rather vague. If you mean the magic overhaul, that’s still being worked on but due to people having midterms the voidal one is taking longer than expected. fwitches/azdrazi/soul trees are being reviewed within the next few days (if they aren’t already). Alchemy has been voted on and I think is going to be implemented soon while some of the more niche things are worked on (e.g. homunculi). Lore signing I think I’ve figured out, just need to do a review amongst the team to see if they are fine with the idea (going to try reaching out to the devs to see if they have time to make some edits to the /edit function, should be cool if they do). I’ll likely be making a lore update thread soon to talk about this stuff more in-depth, so stay tuned for that. Though I’m going to be scheduling a community meeting first (expect a thread up in the next few days) as that’s something we haven’t done in a while and is something I would like to see. If you have specifics you want to go over, feel free to hmu over discord my dude.
  3. FlamboyantRage

    Admin Update Pt. 1

    Admin Update Pt. 1 The stuff here is going to be all over the place, but are things I feel need to be talked about. Staff I’d like to thank Cosmetology for her time as AT Director, she did a great job and we will all miss her. With her departure, we now welcome a new AT Director: @Dromui “Hey all, it's Dromui and I'm LotC's new Application Team Director! Most of you may know me better as Drone414 or Skale. I've been a part of the community for several years now and have always dreamed of helping it grow and aid in its continued success. I've had not one, but two stints on the Application Team, the second being this of course. I aim to increase the retention rates of new players on our server through a healthy mix of new user friendly roleplay and highly accessible sources of information geared towards integrating those unfamiliar with LotC into our community. Don't be afraid to reach out to me over the forums or Discord, as we need all the help we can get in making these dreams a reality! We'll likely be seeing an increase in the team's roster soon, so if you've interest in applying now is the time!” – Dromui Administrative Roles Intro This is something that has devolved due to the lack of admins capable of filling the roles. Now that we are getting new admins, we will also be establishing more defined roles. Each admin will have their forum tag as their role, so people can tell who is who from the staff page. What does a role entail? The roles will be specified below, but in general it is something that the admin specializes in and is the go to admin for matters that revolve around their role. This applies when it is something that requires an admin. Dealing with problems that other teams should be handling on a day to day basis makes working on projects more difficult and thus we wish to avoid that. We are aiming to have a proper chain of command this time around, so any messages to an admin that should be dealt with by another team will be redirected. For instance, if you’re upset by a GM verdict, your next stop is GM management. You shouldn’t be going straight to the admins. The Roles Note: Any admin that has teams under their responsibility will be - Handling admin level tasks and duties that are required from their team. Includes assisting the team with proposing major things (e.g. system changes), training new directors and potentially management, forwarding anon staff reports to the relevant team director, providing advice to the team director(s) on matters, et cetera. Forwarding concerns made regarding the team director to the administration. First in line for assuming temporary directorship should a director step down. Includes handling the process behind a new director being chosen. Chairman - Oversees admin operations and handles a number of the “behind the scenes” aspects of the server. Duties include: Overseeing the financial and legal aspects of the server. Overseeing the addition of new admins to the team. Ensuring that the admin team is functioning properly. @Telanir will be filling this role. He has been doing this for years and knows the ins and outs of what this role entails. I can not imagine anyone better suited for this position. Development Admin - This admin is tasked with the responsibilities of overseeing the development aspects of LoTC. This primarily includes the game development team / world development team and systems that integrate into the LoTC athompshere. Duties include: Overseeing the creation of all Maps or expansions to the world. Note: The Dev Admin is not in charge of running everything, but ensuring the WD/LT/ET work together in a beneficial and timely fashion when it comes to the above releases. Monitoring plugins and changes made to the Server as to provide information to the rest of staff of possible upcoming changes (IE Tag Changes). @SeventhCircle will be filling this role. As the WD Director and coder, Seventh has a lot of the experience needed for this and it made perfect sense for him to take the position. Moderation Admin - This admin is tasked with the responsibilities of working with all aspects of LoTC moderation. It is a support role to teams such as the game moderation team, forum moderation team, and application team. Duties include: Ensuring moderation standards are consistent and fair across the board. Managing community guideline strikes and appeals. Note: This is still done by other directors and admins, but the duties of the moderation admin is to ensure that they are done in a timely manner. Ensuring server rule sets are updated and in line with expectations of the administration. @Fireheart will be filling this role. As the GM Director and former AT Director, Fireheart has a lot of the experience needed for this, I could not think of a more suited individual. Content Admin - This admin is tasked with the responsibilities of working with all aspects of LoTC content. This position serves as a supporting role to teams such as the lore moderation team, event team and wiki team. Duties include: Ensuring that content that is created is done so in a manner that is cohesive with the rest of LotC’s content, along with aiming to improve the accessibility of said content. Oversees large scale eventlines and storylines. Oversees lore moderation with the aid of the Moderation Admin. @FlamboyantRage will be filling this role. As the LT Director and stand-in WT Director, Flamboyant is already covering much of what is involved in the role, and it makes sense to have him take up the position. Communications Admin - This admin is tasked with the responsibilities of overseeing communications between the administration and the community. Duties include: Helping coordinate responses to feedback threads aimed at the administration or other teams when required. Coordinating with the Community Managers to ensure the events being done are appropriate for LotC and have administration attendance for things such as community meetings. Consultant Admin - This admin is responsible for assisting the rest of the administration. This role is intentionally meant to have little firm responsibilities, outside of being able to float around and assist admins or areas of staff where help is needed. Both of the positions above are empty for the time being. The Future w/ Admins At the moment, we’re currently working on/looking into: 7.0. This is a given, and you can see the latest post regarding it: Our aim before transferring maps is to have rules and systems completed BEFORE the move. We realize the mess that 6.0 was due to going in unprepared and do not want to make the same mistake twice. Getting one or two new admins to fill in the Communications and Consultant positions. This should be self-explanatory, as we want to ensure that the admin team is capable of handling everything thrown its way with experienced individuals at the helm. Cleaning up staff blacklists. This doesn’t really affect most of the community, but we’re making a better system for them. Cleaning up the LotC discords. We’ll be making a separate post about this later, but essentially we will be making the discords more orderly and try to cut down on the trolls that enter. Community Managers We will be adding in 1-3 new CMs to assist with larger scale community events. I’ve noticed a fair amount of people misunderstanding the purpose of the CM and as such we’re going to reiterate what was originally intended.The purpose of this role is to help bring the community together, whether that be between the admins and players or between multiple different player groups. In the past, LotC hosted a few different creative events (e.g. Creative Cafe) and we aim to bring those days back. The goal of the CMs is to host a community meeting every one to two months, with 2 events occurring each month. So if a community meeting is not held in one month, you can expect two other events to occur within that period. Misc Changes Guest applications are no longer being accepted as part of our push for retention. It is harder to reach out to a member who lacks a forum account and is not in the NPD. In addition, this will make it easier to fix issues with an application as guest apps were unable to be put on pending and could only be accepted/denied.
  4. FlamboyantRage

    [Pending]DiscoLiquid's Lore Librarian Application

    Pending. Check your discord for a friend request in the next few hours.
  5. FlamboyantRage

    Should Ratiki replace Hou-Zi

    If anything hou-zi will be removed as opposed to replaced by anything, though I’m waiting to see how @arakrsptec handles their revival
  6. FlamboyantRage

    Admin Promotions

    I'll be doing the announcement this weekend (I'm aiming for Friday/Saturday Sunday) once the new admins get settled in, so sit tight for that
  7. FlamboyantRage

    Admin Promotions

  8. FlamboyantRage

    [Pending]McBurnsy's Wiki Team Application

    Pending. Check your discord for a friend request from me within the next few hours.
  9. FlamboyantRage

    [Pending]Serge4nt_Forge99's Wiki Team Application

  10. FlamboyantRage

    [Pending]Archipelego's Wiki Team Application

  11. FlamboyantRage

    [Pending]LoLzboi's Wiki Team Application

  12. FlamboyantRage

    [Pending]Ducklingator's Wiki Team Application

  13. FlamboyantRage

    [Pending]Lumiin's Lore Librarian Application

    Pending. Check your discord for a friend request in the next few hours.
  14. FlamboyantRage


    And nearly 40% of people do not want it, based on this forum poll. Not to mention the devs have stated multiple times that it is not coming back and I wouldn't force them to bring it. It's not coming back, nice try though. Things that were part of nexus are being worked on, such as food stuff and brewing, they are just being updated for 1.13 as far as I know. That's about as close as we'll get to nexus, as far as I know.
  15. FlamboyantRage


    nexus isn't coming back lmao - official admin response