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  1. Fiyem fills out the application he was handed and turns it back in to her office.  He will return to walking around town until he hears back from Elwyn.  Rethinking his recent decisions on his career path.

    1. Blocky


      "Ahernan, I will be in contact with you shortly."

  2. Blocky

    [Denied]Overland's Global Moderator Application

    Overland would make an excellent addition to the GM team. He's friendly, dedicated and extremely hard working. I've always seen him accomplish every goal he's set out to achieve and I know if he were a GM he'd do the same again. +1
  3. Blocky

    [Accepted] [Disco Liquid] [Global Moderator]

    Disco would without a doubt make a brilliant GM +1
  4. Would anybody be able to help me with editing a gif? 

    1. Space


      just **** around using this website and it should work http://ezgif.com/resize

    2. Blocky


      Thanks for the help!

  5. Blocky

    [Actor] Smawton's Et Application.

    An exception application! However he never promised me his eternal gratitude. +0.98
  6. Blocky

    [Actor] Smawton's Et Application.

    An exception application! However he never promised me his eternal gratitude. +0.98
  7. Blocky

    [Accepted] Not Another One Of These - A Gm App Story

    +1 Support this application without a doubt. Ski's always been extremely helpful whenever I've required help.
  8. Is anyone able to make an iron pick? I have the iron, I just need someone who can make it for me.

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    2. Blocky


      Thanks, I'll go to the Dwarves.

    3. xxx
    4. Blocky


      Will you? I can give you the iron now and it's less travelling for me.

  9. Does anyone know how to get Nether Quartz?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Blocky


      I'm an adequate miner. Is that high enough?

    3. KarmaDelta


      I think you had to be a veteran or something. Also, watch out for mining cobble there, you need to be a certain level to mine that apparently.

    4. Blocky


      Is there actually anyone whose level is that high in mining?

  10. Are there even any cows left in this game?

  11. I did a Game of Thrones quiz and it told me I'm Joffrey.. how messed up am I?

    1. Ford


      There's no cure for being a ****

    2. Raptorious


      It's a Game of Thrones quote lol.

  12. I just watched Thor 2. I'll never trust a Dark Elf again.

  13. Is anyone selling two sheep? There are actually none of them anywhere!

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    2. Blocky


      Can I farm them?

    3. -♣- Ƙindled -♣-
    4. Blocky


      I'm a strong independent women who don't need no sheep.

  14. Is there like an actual Wool shortage in Anthos?! I saw a sheep today and nearly passed out.

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    2. Blocky


      There's actually still wool out there! Where is your shop!

    3. ToenailTickler


      She steals from the orcs >:C

    4. Kitten


      I have over 30 sheep.

  15. Blocky

    The New Lumi'drim: Elven Guardians

    OOC: MC name: Blocky_the_Block Skype name: Blockytheblock26 Timezone: GMT +0 IC: Of what race are you?: High Elf Of what age are are you?: 164 What combat experience do you have?: Not even less than an Elven week ago to date I was attacked by a ferocious Orc. Luckily after some time spent brawling with the beast, using only my trusted high heels and purse, the guards came to finish off my work. (It was one of the hardest OOC battles I have ever faced. It took 20 minutes of stalling for guards to rescue me). So essentially I have no real combat experience. Do you belong to any other orders or guilds?: No Do you swear on the Mali people to uphold peace and order in the Elven nation?: I swear by Malin, Malinor, the new and the old and all the Mali who reside in its borders that I will uphold the peace within our lands to my last breaking stiletto!