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  1. Minecraft Name: VaelKnightfall Roleplay Name: Aurehk Frostbeard. Roleplay Age: 226 Timezone: GMT -4 (PYT) Role within the Frostbeards ( Son/Relative to whom? Send me a PM If you need help!): Apprentice Enchanter, Son of Rhewen. Teamspeak/Skype: aub9209
  2. Your Name? Aurehk Frostbeard Your profession (minin'/smithin'/enchantin')? Minin', goin' inteh Enchantin'! Place of Inhabitant? Frostbeard Hall ((Skype?)) aub9209 Brathmordakin bless ol' Skippeh!
  3. MC Name: Vaelpy RP Name: Vaelan Tercalion Age: 26 as of this application. Race: Race of Men. Northener. Gender: As male as can be. Skills: Trained in arms such as swords, axes, daggers and bows. Not a bad marksman. Has learnt basic architecture after traveling the realm and has knowledge of equipment care. Can read, write and is fond of travel. Description of Self: Sporting dark-blonde hair, shoulder-length with a sharp face. Scar over left eye, caused by a dagger in battle. He is broad-shouldered, athletically muscled and slender, despite his warrior nature. He looks younger than his five-and-twenty years. As of this writing, he is High Justice in the Council of Kal'halla under Jarl Lucius Murmillo. Reason for Joining: Many moons have shed light upon Vaelan's life and he has seen corruption, carnage, savagery and murder in the Holy Empire. This has caused him to migrate to Urguan where soon enough he entered into King Thorin's service. In his travels, he has seen all those things that cause strife and bloodshed usurping tenets such as purity of heart and compassion. Urged by his father's example as a Knight in Aegis, he has been interested in the Red Cross for years. Finally, he has learned the skill in arms and the sharpness of mind necessary to emulate the Order's tenets to the fullest. If approved, he would swear his vows to the Order and Yemekar with a happy heart as he has worshipped this Deity in all his time in Kal'halla. Recruited by Vladimir Tovalin
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