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  1. I miss you brother.

  2. SirSnowMan

    [Denied]Z3R05T4R's Gm Application

    Z3R05T4R would make a fine addition to the GM team. +1
  3. Vekaro is strong. Strong like bull.

  4. Nice fight everyone

  5. SirSnowMan

    [Actor] Snowman's Et Application

    -The 20+ event scenario has been completely changed and updated-
  6. Wow there is a lot of ban appeals just sitting there...

  7. SirSnowMan

    [Actor] Snowman's Et Application

    Minecraft name: SirSnowMan Skype ID: PM me for it Time zone: EST Have you ever been banned or received a strike? If so, link the report: I was banned once for a day, no report was made. Feel free to talk to me in TeamSpeak and I can explain more. Do you hold any other staff positions? Nope What MMORPG/video games do you play? Minecraft (on lotc) is the main video game I spend the most time on. I have played other games like the Elder Scrolls,CK2, Wow, really anything that’s fun and has a good story I’m into. What are your characters? Are you willing to sacrifice any to become a Event member? I currently play two characters. Marrav, a quiet mercenary who belongs to the Free Folk. Then Ailred Ruthern, former Lord Marshal of Oren who founded the Decterum Order until one day he went missing after battle. If accepted I would have no problem sacrificing my characters. What race/group do you think your events would best cater to? My events could work out for really any race or group. I don’t think I would be limited as an ET member to only provide quality events towards one nation or group of players. If accepted and I have to organize a large event, I have ties with the nation leaders of Oren, the Uruks, and the Dwarves. What do you believe are key factors for a successful event? Planning and Organization Professional attitude Unique Ideas that agree with the server lore Good experience and or a reward Letting Dynamic Rp happen Listening to new ideas, being open to changes Knowing how long an event should last, don’t overdo it and don’t cheat it Having fun with those in the event When was the last time you saw a event? About ten days ago What strengths could you contribute to the Event Team? Are you knowledgeable in lore or great at organizing? Tell us! Well, I actually have a good understanding on our server’s lore, I can organize events quickly if needed, and I can Rp any race and provide enjoyable Rp to any nation or group. I’m a team player and don’t mind working with others, and I also listen to ideas and feedback other players may have. As a regular player I have been apart of and led successful groups, and I would be able to provide those strengths and tactics as a member of the ET to create and be apart of organized events/Rp. Why do you want to be part of the ET? I want to be an ET member to create new Rp experiences and get people excited when they stumble into an event. I want to create adventures, tales that player’s characters will talk about on their travels. I’ve been interested in becoming a staff member for a while now, and the ET seems like a great place for me to be a more dedicated member of this community. Long story short, I want to help organize fun events while having fun myself. I mean, thats why we are all here right, to have some fun. Create three distinct RP scenarios/events that you would organize. 1) For 1-3 Walking down a road near Vekaro, an older gentleman covered in mud is seen practically battling a horse, trying to pull the stallion along with a lead. The horse seems untrained, bucking and pulling the old man onto his knees and adding more mud and filth to his already dirty cloths. Fed up, the cranky farmer drops the rope tied around the horses neck onto the ground, cursing and spitting in annoyance. “I’ve h’ed it w’et y’ah! I should ‘ave sold y’ah to d’em Orcs fer a snack!” he says, kicking the ground and sending a spray of mud at the horses side. Unfazed, the horse snorts almost in greeting as a lone traveler approaches the scene. Turning around, the farmer looks the traveler up and down quickly before speaking. “Ah! Lad, m’in help’en me with this ‘ere horse? Me place ‘es right around the corner. ‘Elp me with d’is ‘ere horse an I’ll make sure y’e me kindl’eh rewarded!”. If agreed, the traveler would go to grab the lead to the horse, finding little difficulty with walking the animal down the road. Almost amazed, the farmer would praise the traveler, rambling on how much of a pain the horse is and how the traveler has a way with animals. Continuing down the road, the farmer would begin speaking of humourous tales, maybe even making up a few farfetched stories of his accomplishments in battle, and the time he onced helped two cows give birth at the same time. Finally at the old man’s small farm, he has you wait outside as he walks into his home to get the reward he promised. Coming out, he tosses the traveler a small pouch containing 100 minas. Noticing how light the bag is, the traveler either responds rudely or with a polite thanks. Feeling a bit ashamed, the farmer clears his throat before speaking. “W’ull, I was gonna tr’ad the horse fer a new plow, b’et I can make do. Y’e keep the wild l’il thing, I don’t think I cud lead ‘em to the stables ef I had to.” 2) For a group of 5-10 Urguan citizens and travelers report to a Legion Commander that a group of five marauders have made their camp a whiles way behind the High Elven city, stashing their loot and keeping a dwarven soldier as a captive. Outraged, the Legionnaires would get a group of ten strong, equipped in armor and ready to fight. Marching out of the city, the band would make their way towards the area that had been describe to them, trying to be as quiet as possible when laughter is heard in the rocky fields. Creeping behind stones, the Legionnaires gaze over the scene. A few tents are propped up, and a fire lazily cooks in the center of the camp. Four humans in chainmail (in Rp chainmal, in Mc iron) armor are scattered around the camp doing various activities, while a large green-skinned Orc holds a Dwarven man upside down by the ankle, shouting at him and twirling him around. Making last minute preparations, the the Dwarven commander lets out a battle cry, leading his group on a surprise attack into the camp. At this point, the two groups would either begin to PvP or Rp fight, depending on what the Dwarven group wants to do. If quick enough, the Dwarven Legionnaires would save their friend and continue the fight, killing or making the occupants of the camp flee. When the combat is over, the Dwarven soldiers would explore around the camp, finding loot and all forms of stolen goods the marauders had stolen. 3) For a group of 20+ An Orenian galley returns ashore to the coast of the Fringe, the crew exhausted as the damaged sail flaps weekly in the wind. The ships captain soon returns after a whiles way journey to Kaldonia. Once in the capitol, the ships captain visits the Imperial Marshal, explaining the reason for his quick return. The captain speeks quick and to the point. He explains how out of a exploration fleet containing two ramming galleys, one Carrack, and a heavily armed warship his small galley was the only surviving ship out of the fleet. When questioned, the Captain would explain how one large, magnificent yet fearful warship like none he has ever seen came upon the fleet quicker than anyone could imagine, ramming into ship after ship, firing ballistas and ablaze arrows onto the decks and killing crew members before they could blink. Within minutes, the massive black-sailed ship had sent both a galley and the Carrack to the bottom of the Ocean, while the main Orenian warship sat damaged in the almost calm waters, the crew preparing their arms as the black-sailed ship pulls up to board. Catching his breathe, the captain states how his small galley was obviously not properly equipped to help defend their ally, and for the sake of his crew he made the decision to retreat out of the deadly waters as quick as possible, rescuing a few crew members scattered in the waters on their way. The young captain would then propose an idea. Rally the most experienced sailors and prepare the biggest and fastest warship, bring justice to the black-sailed demon of the sea. OOC: So, this would take a bit of planning. We would need two large warships, one for the ET side and one for Oren. The ET and those that wish to help could begin building these ships from scratch, or we can have two warships from one of the past maps copied and pasted. Players would be told to go to the docks, and they would get to the warship about to battle in the sea via a teleport block. Once there, crew members would begin Rping and soon fight the advancing black-sailed warship. The boats would be placed next to each other from the start, and soon they would have at it in Rp naval warfare and some PvP. GMs would be needed for this of course, for both copying, pasting, and some of the prior setting up + moderation during the event and fighting. A few ET members and GMs would be in vanish and alter the ships for damages as the event went along. How long do you plan to stay in the ET? If accepted I plan to be apart of the ET for as long as I’m on the server. Tell me what you want from the ET The tools to help create some fun events for the player base of Lord of the Craft.
  8. I hate the Mountain

  9. Can a staff member tell me what Marcitos123 username you use to sign in with is? He can't log into his forum account to make his appeal.

    1. Birdwhisperer


      I believe it is MarcosOdair.

  10. Can someone unban Marcitos123's forum account

    1. Irish


      you'll need to access an admin somehow, although that's next to impossible

    2. Sky


      I can do that... Why didn't you ask me when you were talking to me on MC? -.-

    3. SirSnowMan
  11. SirSnowMan

    Marcitos123's Ban Appeal

    Snowman: Posting for Marcitos as his forum account is banned. Player Report (If applicable, please provide a link): None Minecraft Name: Marcitos123 Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): Combat Logging Character Witnesses (Name(s)): Sneakyclownz1, Youlovesocks, other people that I do not remeber. Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): I combat logged a couple of times while pvping about 3 months ago. In the end I died and all was good. I was banned IG by a GM I do not remember. I then decided to take a break from LotC and think after my time away from the server I am ready to rejoin. I apologize to those I affected and annoyed. Thank you for looking at my appeal. Screenshots/Vids (Link): None Available
  12. Anyone know how to set up a Redstone Pillar?

    1. FlamboyantNewEra


      3 redstone blocks in pillar formation, do /ss imbue [name] while looking at it. Diamond VIP+.

    2. SirSnowMan
  13. SirSnowMan

    [Denied]Cracker's Gm App

    Cracker is someone who has dedicated countless hours to help increase the quality of our server's community. I believe he would make a excellent addition to the GM team.