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  1. Original: War costs carry a 25 mina base cost per player. Update: War costs no longer carry a 25 mina base cost per player. It's been decreased to 0 minas. The prices are now only based on where your army travels. Rational: N/A, per polls & discussion --- Original: Armies start wherever in your territory Update: Attacking army must start from a core tile Defender can start from anywhere Allies of either attacker or defender must travel from a core tile Rational: N/A, per polls & discussion
  2. Thank you for posting this, Anna. I appreciate all the work that you do on the team, as well as the others who crafted this PSA. The journey is long and difficult, but our community will only continue to grow and become a friendlier environment for all.
  3. First warclaim that gets posted gets fees waived for both sides! Offer expires in 10 minutes 

    1. UnusualBrit


      I will be warclaiming the admin team 

    2. annabanana1014


      i wish someone did this. give me war fr LOL

    3. _RoyalCrafter_


      shit missed my chance

  4. Not yet, admittedly. We haven't had an admin meeting in a hot minute to discuss the results of this thread, mostly due to time conflicts and a couple admins coming down with an illness. We hope to have an admin meeting next week/weekend.
  5. "It is over." remarked Lorenz Gavaudin
  6. The filter we require is only for hate speech and sexual language. If you want to swear by all means, I don't get offended. Just don't be prejudiced or sexual in nature.
  7. btw idk if u guys noticced but im an aether vip now!

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    2. Crevel



      @Crevel's ears just perked


      Waiting for the post any day now. Feel free to give me a mention as one of your most avid supporters.

    3. Enlightenment
    4. ScreamingDingo


      @itdontmattabe careful if u get kicked off it gets ripped from you! 

  8. It's case-by-case, I know people get around filters. But if you have it enabled and provide proof of such like so: That should work enough to show you did everything in your power to moderate the community. If you just have it off and turn it on last second, we'll know
  9. If a player is caught to be saying naughty words from this point onwards in an official discord, both the discord server owner & the player in question will be held accountable. edit: There are obviously exceptions if a server owner has done everything in their power to prevent this. Sometimes filters can be bypassed, and we understand that.
  10. Hi everyone, In accordance with crafting a safer community, Moderation & Administration have decided to institute some requirements for Discords that are directly affiliated with LotC. As such, all directly-affiliated Discords must verify the following settings in their configurations: “Direct affiliation” in this instance is: A discord advertised by players or staff on either the LotC forums or Discord. A discord that serves as a realm’s main Discord. Some realms use an official Discord that is not advertised in either our Discord or forums, but nonetheless are required to implement these settings. Private groups and friend Discords are not subject to these requirements at this time, so long as they are not publicly advertised on our official platforms. Thank you for helping us create a safer community. - itdontmatta
  11. Lorenz would smile and nod, glad to receive an invitation from his friends.
  12. hrmm.. 1985?

    1. M1919


      good song by bowling for soup

    2. kazoo
  13. @squakhawk hmmm 1984 hmmmmmmm i am evil big bro hmmm piano falls on your head hmmm

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    2. LatzMomo


      does that make it better that it's two admins involved in downplaying community concerns or something?

    3. Llir


      @itdontmatta you better watch out my dad owns a piano shop

    4. The60th


      @Lliryou better watch out my dad owns a piano factory

      (Its 3 [4 {techs are shadow admins}] now @LatzMomo)

  14. Just had a great conversation with Telanir on how I can move forward in regard to the recent Your View. I would like to reaffirm my alignment with the mission statement, and I apologize for my poor attitude & recent sh*tposts on the forums.


    Since my proposal of CRP becoming our default combat system in February 2022, it has been my goal to consistently make substantial improvements to our Roleplay Standards, and that will always be my goal.


    If you have ideas or words of advice for how we can improve our quality of Roleplay, I'd love to VC with you.

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    2. Xarkly


      Congratulations Alex 🥳


      I wish you and the rest of the team over at Tythus LTD the best as you move forward this exciting change. Give my best to @GMROand the kids!




    3. itdontmatta


      @tasty_cheesecake I’m trying to get to 1000 LinkedIn connections

    4. Smmer


      R u gonna also fix ur attitude in dms? as head of HR across a span of groups, i’d like to know that you’re abiding by our office behavioral guidelines. If you need training I will gladly schedule a meeting to discuss in length how you can behave better and proper inside of the work place. 

  15. genuinely sorry about the mines ive been adapting to a new city + job and sometimes mineman shit starts to feel like work
  16. I'm just gonna jump in here real quick. Respectfully, I'm not celebrating the fact that only 17% of the poll-answers are in approval of the moderation team. I don't understand how it is dismissive. I am actively trying to make changes in my leadership philosophy as I solicit feedback from my team & the playerbase as a whole. If there is an outcry, I haven't seen or heard it up until last night when I posted the poll. I realize that my tendency to be passive aggressive and point out hypocrisies on the forums can make people feel like I'm unapproachable. If people feel that the moderation team or server rules are going in a direction that is unhealthy for the longevity of our server — please reach out to me. Recently, other admins have been sending me some feedback that people have sent them, and it's very difficult for me to understand it without context or having a discussion with the player who is concerned. I'm free for the next couple of days and I'll be out of town Friday-Sunday. If anyone wants to VC and provide me with constructive feedback feel free to reach out to me on discord.
  17. guys STOP with the memes PLEASE IM BEGGING 

    1. Pancho
    2. SethWolf


      Got Milk? 🐄

    3. Llir


      no memes in genreal

  18. it’s not twitter anymore lil bro
  19. I asked Benleft to open a thread to have a discussion about the aforementioned report. Please post your thoughts and I will be talking to admins at our next meeting regarding stuff that people bring up. Though, any potential changes will not be retroactive, so I will not be reversing my verdict on the report.
  20. I think it's weird people are flaming Spoopy for something a.) he didn't have control over and b.) something that really doesn't affect anything.
  21. Check out my latest responses to the two posts. Hope some of that clears it up and if not lmk

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    2. warlord of filth

      warlord of filth

      in ten years of playing on the server I think I’ve pvp’d maybe three times @Borin

    3. lemonke


      Take your meds old man

    4. Borin


      @warlord of filth ur a special bloke :)

  22. It says at the top 1 block = 1 meter. You're not going to walk away from a 5 meter fall with no injury. If someone tries to, call a mod. ---- PvP / MRP - Mods shouldn't have been editing posts to say MRP instead of the former. I've spoken to them. Also, the plugin that changes your text in-game has been removed. Fairly certain these were done jokingly. I realize it's not appropriate and I've asked them to not do that. In regards to the name change, I think it's more beneficial to recognize mechanical combat (pvp) as an avenue in which RP can be facilitated, which is why I accepted the change "MRP" from another admin.
  23. LotC can be a healthy hobby, just need to learn self-moderation and not to take it too seriously. Glad to see another’s success in the school and the real world though. Good on you.
  24. Hi everyone! We’re looking for fresh faces (and maybe some old ones too) to join the Moderation Team. As a moderator, you get the opportunity to play a role in maintaining the integrity of the server and the ability to affect meaningful change in our community. If you are passionate about both keeping the server safe and upholding the server rules, we invite you to join the team and help us continue to see our server thrive. To apply, visit our application subforum and fill out the form for moderation. We’re looking forward to onboarding some new moderators. Thanks, Alex
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